This is a Survivor-themed BFDI.

Elimination Order/Vote History

Snowball:7-1-2(Teardrop-1 Flower-2) Tribe:Grapyna

Spongy:8-2(Match-2) Tribe:Cherrons

Match:2-1-1-1-1-1(Blocky-1 Pencil-1 Pen-1 Firey-1 Bubble-1) Tribe:Cherrons

Blocky:7-1(Bubble-1) Tribe:Cherrons

Woody(Tiebreaker loser):1-1-1-1-2(Firey-1(Tiebreaker winner) Pen-1(Tiebreaker winner) Eraser-1(Tiebreaker winner) Pin-2(Immunity Idol) Tribe:Cherrons

Episode 1:Trought the Jungle

The episode starts with all 20 contestants going from the object city to Goiky,the host announces that there are going to be 2 tribes named Grapyna(Grapes in serbian) and Cherrons(Cherries in serbian).The challenge was to travel trought the woods of the jungle.The allaince gets caught by natives,Firey falls into water and barely escapes,Leafy gets beaten up by a bear,the guys' allaince(P,E,B and S) fall off a cliff and alot of more things happen.

At the Tribal Council,Snowball,TD and Flower are revealed to have votes,TD was safe one vote,when it was all down to Flower and SB,Flower was safe at 2 votes and SB was revealed to be eliminated.

"Snowball,the tribe has spoken,it's time for you to go" The host said.

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