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Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Picture, also known as Soops is a OC created by Bokurei and is also probably the best contestant in Battle for Legit Name. He is nicer than Bubble Wand and Leafy. He is also the longest word ever created (lie). He is how to say it.


He is a very long, massive and big word. Everyone loves me (you do right?) and if they don't, THEY DIE.


He is currently competing in AVDOS.

Info on him[]

He was put on Team Bumpsav isn't active. In 2A, he is seen talking with Book

But got eliminated in Super Paper Objects 64, getting 6th place. He's the highest ranking out of the three who competed (Detah and Saucepan Man)

Gallery of Beautiness[]

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