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"...if you know what I mean!" - TB
This is a joke article, created to make fun of a certain subject. Please know that it is not supposed to be taken seriously.


Super Ultra Omega Evil Nightmare Flower, or abbreviated to SUOENF, is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


She has a very detailed appearance. She looks like Flower, but all grey. She has 4 large arms, and two legs. Her eyes are bright red and she has red horns. At the back of her is a spiky tail, similar to that of a devil. On one of her petals, there is a small scar.


Super Ultra Omega Evil Nightmare Flower is very very evil! She is the evilest person on the wiki! She kills everyone because she is a big fat meanie! Because she is so horrible, she made Sprinkle and -1 cry because she didn’t let them have cookies! Super Ultra Omega Evil Nightmare Flower is a disgrace and is way more eviler than regular Flower. She has no friends and lives alone in a cave!


  • She was originally going to have “With Four Arms” at the end of her name. The idea was scrapped.
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