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Ice Cream .png|Ice Cream
Ice Cream .png|Ice Cream
Iphone TROTI intro.png
Iphone TROTI intro.png|Upcoming Recommanded Character Called iPhone

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"For free!?" - Eraser and Pen
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Super Smash Bros. Object Shows or SSBOS is a crossover fighting video game.

Confirmed Characters

These Characters were announced as fighters in the game.

Battle For Object Desination Reloaded

Inanimate Insanity

Characters in Infinity

Object Universe

Battle For BFDI

Object Mayhem

Totally Island

Object Overload

Brawl Of The Objects

Article Insanity

Object Exploded

Object Lockdown/Lockout


AXLND"At Xenoland"

Battle For Nintendo Land

Object Invasion


Object Terror

Super Object Turbo

Seasonal(Avabable In Events)

The Race Of Children

Unconfirmed Characters

Characters that are not confirmed to join the game yet.

Inanimate Insanity

  • Baseball
  • Taco (In the game as a background character.)
  • "Ghost" Bow (In the game as an ally. Highly unlikely that she appears as a fighter.)

TOATI"The Opictal And The Illusions"

  • Skittle

Battle For B.F.D.I

  • Tennis Ball (In the game as a background character.)
  • David (In the game as a background character. Unlikely that he appears as a fighter.)

Recomannded Characters

  • Lollipop

Object Overload

  • Toothy
  • Casey
  • Masky
  • Top Hat
  • Melony (In the game as an ally, rumored)

TSFTM"The Stuggle For The Million"

  • Tulip
  • Present

Totally Island

  • Key (In the game as a background character. Unlikely that he appears as a fighter.)
  • Dehondregon
  • Star (In the game as a background character.)


  • Sand Bag (In the game as a background character. Unlikely that he appears as a fighter.)
  • Mii Brawler
  • Mii Sword Fighter
  • Mii Gunner

ButterBlaziken230’s OCs

ButterBlaziken230’s OCs are planned to appear. Most of them are currently background characters.

Assist Trohpies

Assist Tropies are a new feature. They are characters which help you in some way, either by damaging the opponent or collecting (or giving) items. There will be a total of 30 Assist Trophies in the game.

Battle Monster Allies

These allies are usable in the Battle Monster Arena.

Minor Characters

These characters might appear in the background or as audiences in some stages. There is a chance they could appear in the game as fighters.




  • Battlefield
  • Ice Cream's Head
  • Yoyle Mountain
  • HPHPRCC(When You Unlock Match)
  • B.O.T.O. The Videogame Stage
  • Ahi Island
  • Boxing Ring
  • Mars
  • Spider Cave
  • The Hacker's Castle(When You Unlock Shieldy)
  • Mepolis (Meeple City)
  • Musical Party
  • The Battle Arena
  • Forest
  • Mechaship
  • Mansion
  • BOTO's Next Star Stage
  • Invasion Peninsula(When You Unlock Windows 7)
  • Prison Planet
  • Town
  • The Temple
  • Spoiled Lemon Concert Hall
  • Pirate Ship
  • Garbage Dump
  • Clubhouse of Awesomeness
  • Hotel OJ
  • Art Gallery
  • Ice Palace
  • Enchanted Forest
  • Platinum Airlines(When You Unlock Viola)
  • Big Battlefield
  • BFODR Land
  • The Unamed Island Of Shadow(When You Unlock Grimrose)
  • Lake Cabin
  • New Donk City Hall
  • Sand Dooms(DLC Stage)
  • The Fun List Of Mint World(DLC Stage)
  • Candy World(DLC Stage)


  • Final Destination
  • Dream Island
  • Wrigley Field
  • TV World
  • Puff Ball
  • Dice Land

Stage Builder

You can make your own.

  • TBA

What We Know: 16/10/13

At the moment we only have this one photo the stage isn't that great quality considering that this is probably a beta stage just for testing but at the moment from this picture it will have characters from BFDI(A), II(2),OU(OT),OM,OO & BOTO. The characters that are comfirmed are OJ, Blocky, Ice Cream and Woody. That is currently all we know.

And The Series Symboyl In SSBOSE

Stage Gallery




Party Hat -

Crayon -

Mario -

Tripod (1947) - COMING SOON

Nightshade-COMING SOON

Clover And Shamrock-COMING SOON


1st Party

Main Menu Theme

Battlefield Theme

New Friendly (Not used anymore)

Other Friends

For Glory and Honor

Theme for Harold (variant 1)

Mars Theme

Spider Cave Theme

Meopolis Theme


The Size of the Universe Theme

Inanimate Insanity Extended Theme

Battle Monster Arena Theme

Musical Party Theme



Rock My BFDI (Secret)


3rd Party (Non Object Show or Smash Bros)

Tetris A

Castle Theme (SMB)

SM64 Bob-omb Battle Field

Into The Unknown(Frozen 2)=Only At Ice Palace

Ultimate Battle(Only in Time Mode)


These achievements are obtainable in the game. As of current, there are 43 achievements in the game.

  1. Beginner: Complete the tutorial.
  2. Him With the Heat: Win a round as Firey
  3. Human Action: Run past a BOTO Human once in Town.
  4. Protein Cookies: Fully heal using a cookie.
  5. Seven Seas: Win a round with Popsicley's swashbuckler outfit.
  6. Slippery when Black: Fully cover the platform with mascara from Pear.
  7. Fan With a Blog: Use the blogging ability as Fan.
  8. Swag With a Side of Swag: Win a round with Lightbulb's swag hat.
  9. That's Snot Funny!: Use a pun ability as Cheesy while Slimer makes a slime path.
  10. Orange is the New Back: Win a round with any character wearing an Orange color palette
  11. Weapon-ception: Use the Machine Gun while playing as Gun
  12. 50 Shades of the Game: Play a 8-player game in which all characters have palettes set.
  13. Funny Doings: Use TNT while playing as Blocky.
  14. Shieldception: Use the shield as Shieldy.
  15. What Month is It Again?: Unlock any seasonal character.
  16. A Bit Gruesome: Have Ethan kill someone in one set of bites.
  17. Jumping the Carrrr: Jump over a car in Town with Popsicley's swashbuckler outfit.
  18. No Gags, just Swags: Defeat Cheesy after a pun attack while wearing Lightbulb's swag hat.
  19. I Did It By Accident: Use your Up-Attack on Skirt.
  20. Slip-n-Slide: Use Slimer, Pear and Hot Sauce's abilities at once.
  21. Confettisplosion: Use the bomb and Party Hat's confetti ability at the same time.
  22. Burnt Cake: Have Dinophobia kill Cake in one set of burns.
  23. Mascara Massacre: Use the chainsaw while Pear uses her ability.
  24. Karate and Kung Fu: Have Tiki attack Black Belt.
  25. Snow Place Like Home: Play as Snowball or Snowglobe in Yoyle Mountain.
  26. Orange You Glad I Won?: Defeat a character in an Orange Palate while playing as Cheesy.
  27. Nighty Night: Make all opponents sleep with Xylofone's ability.
  28. Foul Play: Use Megaphone's ability on Puppet.
  29. Right Into The Drink: Use Red Cream Soda and Coffee Cup's abilities at the same time.
  30. Desert Buddies: Use Cactus (NTT) while playing as Cactus (OT).
  31. This Boo is Loose: Haunt 3 or more opponents with Bow.
  32. Captain of the Boat: Have Party Hat's pirate captain hat in the Pirate Ship.
  33. Tooth Waste: Use one of Boy Toothpaste's abilities in the Garbage Dump.
  34. The Old Retro Days: Unlock any retro palette.
  35. Putdown Shot: Put down any character while playing as Syringe.
  36. Their Old Happy Self: Win a round with Cuberty's Season 2 pallet.
  37. It's All Mine: Blow up more than one object with Naval.
  38. Scream and Shout: Stun all opponents with Megaphone.
  39. Freeze!: Win a game with Flaming Diamond's Freezing Diamond Pallete.
  40. A Change of Scenery: Have Every Fighter Use A Palette In One Round
  41. The Shadow of Doom:Win a game with Grimrose's Powered Pallete
  42. In The Shadows:Unlock Any Shadow Fighter.
  43. The Complete Fighter:You've won every unlocked fighters,climbed every mountain,win as every fighter,win at every stage, win everything.Congratulations.

Gallery of Achivements

Easter Eggs

These are easter eggs hidden throughout the game.

  • While choosing a character, if you click between Popsicley and Chocolatey, A Rap by Popsicley and Chocolatey will start to play.
  • If you run past one of the Tripods in Martian Warfare, you will get a message saying "Tripods just wanna have fun!"
  • If you click on Battlefield three times, you can get the "Rock My BFDI" soundtrack.


This is a gallery of palettes you can switch between in the game.




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