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Super Smash Bros. Object Shows: World Tour is a game based around Super Smash Bros. Object Shows.


"Our favourite objects are back, and this time they're fighting around the world! With help from objects from other countries, this may be the biggest battle in the world! Will you join the battle, around the globe? This ain't no battle. It's a true battle, around Earth!"



World Characters





  1. World Museum (First Stage)
  2. Dock
  3. Airport
  4. The United States
  5. Canada
  6. Russia
  7. United Kingdom (Northern Ireland, England, Wales, Scotland)
  8. China
  9. Japan
  10. Norway
  11. Saudi Arabia
  12. South Korea
  13. North Korea
  14. Kenya
  15. Ireland
  16. Hong Kong
  17. Egypt
  18. Botswana
  19. France
  20. Spain
  21. Mexico
  22. Singapore
  23. Australia
  24. Brazil
  25. Germany
  26. Iraq
  27. Jamaica
  28. Barbados
  29. India
  30. Estonia
  31. Morocco
  32. Kenya
  33. South Africa
  34. Guyana
  35. Philippines
  36. Antarctica
  37. Luxembourg
  38. Argentina
  39. Samoa
  40. Paraguay
  41. Thailand
  42. The United Arab Emirates
  43. Puerto Rico
  44. Monaco
  45. Kazakhstan
  46. Rwanda
  47. Azerbaijan
  48. Papua New Guinea
  49. Turkey
  50. Nepal
  51. Switzerland
  52. Aruba
  53. Bahamas
  54. Austria
  55. Croatia
  56. Cyprus
  57. Armenia
  58. Vietnam
  59. Myanmar
  60. Indonesia
  61. Bolivia
  62. The Netherlands
  63. Denmark
  64. Iceland
  65. Norway
  66. Sweden
  67. Finland
  68. Lithuania
  69. Malta
  70. Somalia
  71. Uzbekistan
  72. Albania
  73. Venezuela
  74. Poland

Cross Stages


  • Huis Ten Bosch (The Netherlands)
  • Yokohama Chinatown (China, Hong Kong)
  • German Village (Germany)
  • Tokyo (Japan)
  • Samuel Cocking Garden (United Kingdom)
  • Cat Island (Japan)
  • Biwa Lake (Japan)


  • Stockholm
  • Ikea
  • Skansen
  • Gamla Stan
  • Vala Museum

United States

  • San Francisco (California)
  • Grand Canyon (Arizona)
  • Disneyland (Florida)
  • Chicago (Illinois)
  • Giant Forest of Sequoia National Park (California)
  • New York City (New York)
  • Boston (Massachusetts)
  • Las Vegas (Nevada)


  • Dublin Zoo
  • Ashbourne Shopping Centre
  • Newgrange
  • Guinness Storehouse
  • The Giant's Causeway
  • Ring of Kerry
  • Blarney Stone
  • An Post

United Kingdom

  • London (England)
  • Stonehenge (England)
  • Belfast (Northern Ireland)
  • Cardiff (Wales)
  • Fort William (Scotland)
  • Salisbury (England)


  • Main Menu Theme
  • Character Selection
  • World Museum Theme
  • Dock Theme
  • Country Themes
  • World Character Unlocked


Stage One, Running and Jumping

You are summoned in a white room with many obstacles. Text will appear saying "You are now in the tutorial. First, the basics of movement. Use the joysticks to run. Press joysticks to jump. Press joysticks twice to double jump. Hold down to duck." You are then sent to an obstacle course, where you have to avoid many obstacles with the said gimmicks.

Stage Two, Fighting

You are summoned again, this time in the same room, but with the obstacles removed and a punching bag. Text will appear saying "Now, time for the fighting basics. Swipe with the left joystick to punch. Swipe with the right joystick to kick. Press A, X, or Y to use your abilities." You must use these gimmicks to destroy the punching bag.

Stage 3, Both (Final)

You are summoned in the same room, but with a test dummy. Text will pop up saying "Now, the final stage. Remember all the gimmicks, and fight this test dummy. You use the same gimmicks from before to destroy the test dummy.


  1. Come Into This World: Complete the tutorial.
  2. I'm On Fire!: Win a round as Firey.
  3. Between The Buns: Unlock Hot Dog (USA).
  4. Things Just Got Fatter: Unlock Fast Food (USA)
  5. Jolly Old Chap: Unlock Top Hat (UK)
  6. J-Pop: Play a round with all players as Tune in Japan.
  7. YokoChi: Unlock Yokohama Chinatown (Japan).
  8. We're Not Duplicates: Unlock any Partly World costume
  9. Okeihan: Unlock Biwa Lake (Japan) that is unlocked by one of the characters in Japan.
  10. UK in Asia: Unlock Samuel Cocking Garden (Japan).
  11. Doitsu: Unlock German Village
  12. Ireland is Where The Plants Are: Play as any plant character in Ireland.
  13. Freeze!:Unlock Freezing Diamond(GL)




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