This Game Based The Games,Plants vs.Zombies 2 And Super Smash Bros. Object Shows.

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Returning With All Characters And The Time Is On!


"The objects have opened up a mysterious portal which hurled them through time! Now, it's an extreme battle of the ages! Why fight crime when you can just fight time? Also, some objects are lost in these ages and need to be freed! Will you save the lost objects?"

Stage Fighters

Normal Fighters Starters 

New Characters

Ancient Egypt

"Fighters infest one of Earth's earliest civilizations! Tackle mummified monsters and more under the scorching sun of Egypt, circa 2500 BC!"

New Characters(Additional Stages)

Pirate Seas (Age of Discovery)

"The year is 1679, the golden age of pirate piracy! Keep your booty close, and your fighters closer, as the pirates take to the sea to plunder your treasures!"

New Characters(Additional Stages)

Wild West (American Frontier)

"Head down the dusty trail for a showdown with the outlaw cowboys of yesteryear! Gather up your fighters for the big Gold Rush of 1850!"

New Characters(Additional Stages)

Far Future (The 2030's)

"In the year 2323, the future will have robot extraction down to a science! Can the fighters of the future save you from the day of tomorrow?

New Characters(Additional Stages)

Dark Ages (Medieval Ages)

"Bring out your objects to the year 948! Recruit fighters in the dark of knight and get medieval on peasants from the days of yore!“

Part 2

Big Wave Beach (Part 1) (1960's)

"Take a trip back to the '60s and hang the ten on the ocean waves! Tides are changing and those riled-up fighters make it not-so-safe to go back in the water!”

Arabian Nights

"Someone takes over the sandy nights in the circa 3001 BC! The Arabian people got a secret wish from the genie of the lamp. Fighters will charm and take over the sand!"

Ancient Japan (Part 1)

"Fight with your ninja power in the year 1329, where those are ninja skills are to make an impression out here. Are you ready to fight the smashing time?"

The Stone Age

"Stone and nature do make a good mix in the circa 9000 BC! Explore and conquer the jungle!"

Native America

"You have arrived at U.S. in 1513! Join the battle at the tribal USA!"

Neon Mixtape Tour (Side A) (1980's)

"Stock up on hairspray and rewind to the 1980s! With synthesized music and voraciously radical fighters, this heinous party will, like, totally tax you to the MAX!"

Roaring 20's

"In the year of 1920, our fighters have discovered no color and charleston dancers! Are you willing to take on fighters from the black 'n white 20's?"

Big Wave Beach(Part 2)

"It's oh so hotter! Object fighters are ready to conquer the ocean! Make a splash and fight those swimming people!"

Frostbite Caves (Part 1) (Ice Age)

"Explore the frozen waste of prehistory and chill out with the coolest fighters ever. Beware the winds or your fighters will be frozen objects."

Part 2

Cambrian Explosion

"Welcome all to 451 million years ago, where animals started their early days! Snails, fish, bugs and more!"

Moon Mission (Apollo Moon Landing)

"In 1969, a man has made his journey to the moon! Fight space warriors and conquer the moon!"

Ancient Japan (Part 2)

Lost City of Gold

"Discover the vanished city of gold, where sun is plentiful and misplaced fighters all around! Use golden capsule for extra prizes, for these treasure-seekers are no idol threat!'

Part 2


"We are about to go deep in the ocean in the citra 360 BC! Splash your opponents and call in waves, and get splashin'! WARNING: This may be wet."

Neon Mixtape Tour (Side B)

"Back at the '80s, it gets more musical! Vaporwaverisre attacking your objects! Will you use speakers to damage and block their ears and defeat them?"

Kung Fu World

"Martial arts were such a hit in 221 BC! Travel to ancient China and take on kung-fu masters!"

Jurassic Marsh (Dinosaur Age)

"The ground thunders under the terrifying feet of terrible lizards! Dinosaurs prowl the past, provoking prehistoric fighters into a frenzy of ancient antipathy!"

Disco Nights (70's)

"Our heroes are fighting under the disco ball! Get up! Get funky!"

Modern Day (2000's, 2010's, Present)

"The end is the beginning! Return to moments before you left in a contemporary contest stocked with fighters of every egregious era!"

Steampunk Ages

"Here, everything's powered by cogs and steam in the year 1980! Steamers, trains, cogs and gears are confirmed to the working ones. Get crankin' and go steamy mode!"

World War II

"These countries are fighting and fighting and fighting some more back in 1939! Attack with the most massive fighters in the world to keep it going!"

Rockin' 50's

"These objects can go as rockers in the team in the 1950's! Milkshakes and Sweet Candy Bar (or a sundae if you can't get enough) poutine (yes, that was made in the 50's no questions" on the motorcycle of rushing party! And who can forget the slapstick cartoons?"

Old Toon World (Early Animation)

"Welcome all to the year 1908! Here, rubberhose cartoons have begun to spread! Fight with the tooniest, silliest, most lovable fighters ever!"

Ancient Greece

"In the 12th to 9th century, the gods have lightning on their side! Attack with the most energetic objects ever!"

Viking Ages

"Welcome to the citra 793 AD, where the vikings always came to fight! Helmets, ships, warriors galore!"

90's Raves

"Time for an awesome party in the 1990's! Hold up some glowsticks, and play some trance!"

The Renaissance Age

"Look at all that beautiful art! Some of those pictures can get a bit aggressive! So, be careful..."

Celtic Ireland

"Our heroes fight in the circa 500 BC! Here, the lucky country o' Ireland used to be called Éire! Can you attack with the objects of Celtic Ireland?

Ancient Mexico (Mayans)

"Ah yes! 250 BC! The citra where Mexico was in its old days of mayans and glory!"

The Black Plague

"If you're under the weather, this surely won't help at all! Either sickly or curing, objects attack in 1347, where the plague was worse than what the virus would have been!"

The French Revolution

"Allo allo! The revolution of France! The French battle is ON! Haw haw haw!"

Fallen Technology (2050's)

"Objects can succeed the survivors after the Far Future. The monsters and creatures here are so scary. Beware of the monsters! Fight back!"

Starter School (Early Schools)

"It's oh so educational in this 40's style school! Cause food fights in the cafeteria!"

Hippie Times (Also 60's)

"Welcome to the groovy 1960's, maaaaaaan! Peace, love and fightin' are what we're all about in this year!"

Gothic Ages (Old Gothic)

"Welcome to 350 AD, where those goths were doing pretty good...I guess.

Sky City

"Welcome to 1961, where flying was such a hit! Jetpack men are attacking! Fly up and fight back!"

Parallel Authority

"We have no idea when this is... 1990s maybe? No matter what the era, Our heroes are fighting in a totally different dimension, where things get uncontrollably weird!"

Year 2029 A.D. (Terminator Franchises)

"3 billion human lives ended on August 29th, 1997. The survivors of the nuclear fire called the war Judgment Day. They lived only to face a new nightmare, the war against the Machines..."

Good Guys


Rook's Race (Medieval BOTO)

"Hundreds of years before the modern BOTO, a race between Rook and Pawn has rumbled! However, the depths aren't all that friendly..."

Sunset Island (The Hardest One) (Early Beach Trips)

"Take the early sunset during the beach,In 1890's ,the vacations the sunset!"

Completing Hard Mode

This is the to get a new world,To get the world, You will play Story Mode and You go hard worlds

Mount Olympus

'"The days of the shocking thunder on 202 BC. Don't blow them away!"

Contains Lost World fighters

Coins-50 or 100


Usage-Boost In Description,Boosting All Fighters

Tickets-50 or 70

Assist Trophies

All The Assist Trophies return most all,They Were 59 Assist Tropies In The Game