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Super Smash Bros. Time Travel Full Version is a remake the original SSBOSTT

Starter Fighters

Via Story Mode

Ancient Egypt (The Riddle of the Pyramids in Finland)

"We're starting from 2000 BC!

Pirate Seas

Wild West

Far Future (Past the Present in Finland)

Dark Ages

Big Wave Beach

Arabian Nights

Ancient Japan

Prehistoric Ages

Indian Ages

Neon Mixtape Tour (Radical 80's in Finland)

Roaring 20's

Frostbite Caves (Ice Age in Finland)

Cambrian Explosion

Space Odessy

Lost City of Gold


Kung Fu World

Jurrasic Marsh (Dinosaur Age in Finland)

Disco Nights (Disco Club in Finland)

Mordern Day (Present Day in Finland)

Steam Ages/Steakpunk Ages

Historical March

Rockin' 50's

Old Toon World (Animated 30's in Finland)

Ancient Greece

Viking Shores

Roman Ages

90's Raves

Renaissance Age

Celtic Ireland

Ancient Mexico

Black Death (The Plague of Doom in Finland)

French Revolution


Work Corp. Inc

Fallen Technology

Starter Schools

Hippe Times

Chaotic Castle

Sky City (Air Kingdom in Finland)

Parrallel Universe

Terminator Unleashed

The Rook's Race

Sunset Island

Retro 90's

Sweet World