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Super Smash Bros. Object Shows or SSBOS is a crossover fighting video game.

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Confirmed Characters

These Characters were announced as fighters in the game.

Battle For Object Destination Series

Inanimate Insanity

Characters in Infinity

Characters in Spoiled Lemon

Object Universe

Battle For BFDI

The Power of Two

Other RCs

Object Mayhem

Entity Warfield

Object Trek

Totally Island

Object Overload


Brawl of The Objects

Next Top Thingy

Object Madness

Article Insanity

Challenge To Win

Through the Woods

Object Havoc

Object Explosion

Object Lockdown/Lockout

Battle For Isle Sleep


Battle For the Victory

AXLND"At Xenoland"

Object Invasion


Object Terror

Super Object Turbo

Battle For a Luxury Mansion

Nonexistent Living

Melody Star

Object Challengers

Open Source Objects

Seasonal(Available In Events)

The Race Of Children

The Fight for Magic

Mysterious Object Super Show

Anthropomorphic Insanity

Into The Future


Camp Container Catastrophe

Object Redundancy

Battle For The Cyberverse

Object Competition

Shape Competition

Youtube Battle

Unconfirmed Characters

Characters that have been rumored to join the game, but have not been confirmed as such.

Inanimate Insanity

  • Baseball
  • Taco (In the game as a background character.)
  • "Ghost" Bow (In the game as an ally. Highly unlikely that she appears as a fighter.)

TOATI"The Optical And The Illusions"

  • Skittle

Battle For B.F.D.I

  • Tennis Ball (In the game as a background character.)
  • David (In the game as a background character. Unlikely that he appears as a fighter.)

Recommended Characters

  • Lollipop

Object Overload

  • Toothy
  • Casey
  • Masky
  • Top Hat
  • Melony (In the game as an ally, rumored)

TSFTM"The Struggle For The Million"

  • Tulip
  • Present

Totally Island

  • Key (In the game as a background character. Unlikely that he appears as a fighter.)
  • Dehondregon
  • Star (In the game as a background character.)

Object Redundancy

  • Shrek (deconfirmed)


  • Sand Bag (In the game as a background character. Unlikely that he appears as a fighter.)
  • Mii Brawler
  • Mii Sword Fighter
  • Mii Gunner

ButterBlaziken230’s OCs

ButterBlaziken230’s OCs are planned to appear. Most of them are currently background characters.