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This is Season 2 of Super Dumb Objects.

Created by Infinityblade2005

Hosted by Sword[1]

Sword's Office is built by InfinityBladeBFDI Productions

Formally going to be Hosted by Pencil

Storyline by Infinityblade2005 and NLG343

Inspired by ??????[2]

Sword's salary every episode:$40.00

Season 1: Super Dumb Objects


(1 day after the finale of Super Dumb Objects)[3]

Tom/ Pencil, for what you have done, you are no longer the host.

Pencil/ (gets arrested for kicking Sword's face and body into the water)

Sword/ (goes to InfinityBladeBFDI Pro.)

Sword/ Tom, Pencil signed up for season two, but she is now arrested. Will she compete?

Tom (InfinityBladeBFDI Pro. Founder)/ Yes, but after two days in prison.

Sword/ Okay.

Episode 1: Cabin Building

Sword/ Welcome to season 2 of Super Dumb Objects! We will make our teams, today.

Sword/ I will chose the teams. 30 contestants makes 3 teams with 10 in each.

Match/ Wait, is Pencil competiting?

Sword/ Yes, because she will let out of prison the following day.

Match/ K.[4]

Sword/ So teams are...

Eraser/ Team chicken...

Sword/ Eraser, stop.[5]

Raging Bulls (Top 10 last season):








Ice Cream

Yellow Face


Matches and Pencils (Ranked 11-20 last season):



Ice Cube







Pencil (currently in jail)

Newbnoobees(Bottom 6 last season and the 4 newbies):







Bow (Newbie)

Sunscreen (Newbie)

Red Circle (Newbie)

Orange Rectangle (Newbie)

Sword/ Start!!

Pen/ Guys, I now I just came back from the ambulance, but we can do this with by Magic House Builder.[6]

Masky/ Sure, try it.


Sword/ Time up! Let's see the cabins.

Sword/ Hmmm...

Sword/ Raging Bulls win, Newbienoobie[7] or whatever the team is called is up for elimination, Matches and Pencils, you are second.

Episode 2: My stupid brick

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Smart Objects!

(at the elimination)

Sword/ Today, Woody and Flower both got 3 votes, so they are both eliminated.

(Woody and Flower are flung to the Bottle of Suckers)

Sword/ The challenge is to destroy my stupid brick. Go.[8]

Pen/ Why would he want to do that?

Gelatin/ I don't know. Let's just do this already.

Pen/ I'll throw it down a waterfall.

Masky/ I know! I will throw into the incinerator.

Pencil/ (just came back)

Match/ (burns the brick)

Sword/ Raging Bulls, you lose, cause Naebnoobies created a machine that destroys, Matches and Pencils are first, Naebnoobies second, so vote now

Episode 3: Noobies never get first

Sword/ Welcome back to the second season of Super Smart Objects!!

(at the elimination)

Sword/ This time, I will do eliminations normally like at the first 10 episodes of season 1.

Sword/ Safe with no votes are, Pen, Masky, Suitcase, Knife, Leafy, Firey and Bubble.

(They all get cupcakes)

Sword/ It is down to the bottom three, Ice Cream, Gelatin, and Yellow Face.

Sword/ Safe with one vote, are Yellow Face...

Yellow Face/ (gets a cupcake)

Sword/ and...

Ice Cream/ :(

Gelatin/ :|

Sword/ Ice Cream.

Ice Cream/ (gets a cupcake) Yes!!

Gelatin/ :O What!!

Sword/ Gelatin, you are eliminated with 6 votes.

Gelatin/ Are you kidding me? Tell me at least two people who voted me.

Sword/ NLG343, ThisHomestuckMakesNoSense, are two examples.[9]

Gelatin/ Still, I can't be eliminated too early! (Flung to the COL)

Sword/ Now, he will not return. The Bottle of Stupid Suckers has trapped him inside.

Pen/ Doesn't Bottle of stupid suckers stand for B-O-S-S? Boss?[10]

Sword/ Um, yeah, how did you notice?

Pen/ I dunno. Lucky guess?

Sword/ The challenge is to get to the top of Super Dumb Objects Hotel.[11]

Sword/ Climb with ladders, make it there.

Sword/ The last person up will lose for their team. Go!!

Eraser/ (boosts ahead of everyone)[12]


Eraser/ First!!

Pen/ Second!!

Snowball/ Third!

Blocky/ Fourth.

Orange Rectangle/ (at the bottom)

Orange Rectangle/ (throws Red Circle to the top)

1. Eraser




5. Red Circle

Orange Rectangle/ (speeds ahead of everyone)

6.Orange Rectangle

Leafy and Ice Cube/ (reach the top)


8.Ice Cube

Sunscreen/ (climbs ahead) So long, Pencil!!

Pencil/ Hey!!



10. Pencil




(The remaining members of Matches and Pencils and Raging Bulls reach the top)

Sword/ And it looks like even with the least members needed to win, Newbnoobies still lost.

Blocky/ Cause noobs never win.

Sword/ True.

Episode 4: Log rolling contest

Sword/ Welcome back to episode 4 of Super smart objects.

(At the elimination area)

Sword/ Safe with no votes, are Balloon, Bow, Orange Rectangle and Red Circle.

Sword/ No prize of course, so anyways, Snowball and Sunscreen are safe with 1 vote.

Sword/ Coiny, Nickel, both are coins, in the bottom three.

Coiny/ I know Nickel will be eliminated.

Sword/ Coiny is safe with 0 and Nickel is eliminated with 10. Wait a minute, Coiny you tampered with the votes!!

Coiny/ Hehe.

Sword/ But actually, Coiny is safe with 2 votes and Nickel is out with 3 votes.

Coiny/ Yes!!

Nickel/ (flung to the COL)

Sword/ The challenge is a log rolling contest.

Masky/ Hmm... Sounds difficult.

(In the bottle of suckers)

Nickel/ This is very hot.

Gelatin/ Just use, the air conditioner.

Nickel/ Oh, right.

(At the challenge area)

Sword/ You must logroll to the end, go!!

(matches and pencils and Newbnoobies are far ahead of Raging bulls)

Pen/ Guys, let's go this side! ow!

Everyone/ Ow!!

Raging Bulls/ (log roll to a sign)

Pen/ Hmm...

Matches and pencils and newbnoobies/ We made it!!

Sword/ But, look at the sign.

MAP (matches and pencils) and NN(Newbnoobies)/ What!! It says wrong way!!

Sword/ Lol, the finish was just like, 10 metres after the start, like, Raging bulls won so easy![13]

Sword/ For being so stupid, both the losing teams are up for elimination.

Episode 5: I can't be eliminated too early!!

Sword/ (teleports everyone to the elimination area)

Radio/ Today, someone, is, goin, out, de game! To, the, bot, tle, de losers! It's, eli, mination time!!!!!!!!

Ice Cream/ That was the most retarded elimination theme ever. Even worse then the Object Mayhem one.[14]

Sword/ Well I mean, you don't have to be rude about.

Sword/ So the votes were all really close, but in the end, Teardrop, Pencil, and Coiny are eliminated with two and three votes on the double elimiantion. (Even though with the tie in votes it is triple)

Pencil/ What!! I can't be eliminated too early!![15]

Teardrop/ ....

Coiny/ Firey, I'll come back to beat you!!

(Teardrop, Pencil, €@!^Β₯(Coiny)[16] are flung to the COL)

Sword/ The challenge is a do not fall challenge. Basically, you have to try not to fall after I randomly break a block. Go!!

Sword/ (clicks a button)

All of the newbnoobies fall off)

Match/ Well that was stupid.

Sword/ (clicks another button)

Match/ (falls) Aah!!

Sword/ (clicks another button)

Pen/ (falls off) Aw crap.

Masky/ (falls) Aahhh!!

Sword/ (clicks another button)

Blocky and Ruby: (fall)

Sword/ (clicks another button)

Bubble/ (pops)

Sword/ (clicks another button)

(Almost all the bulls fall off)

Yellow Face/ I'm the only left!! (Pushes the rest of the matches and pencils off except Needle)

Sword/ (clicks a button)

Needle/ (falls off)

Yellow Face/ Yay![17]

Sword/ And Raging Bulls win again!! Since Newbnoobies obviously did the worst in the challenge, they are up for elimination.

Episode 6: Bottle Hunt

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Dumb Objects!

(At the elimination)

Sword/ Safe with O votes are everyone except Sunscreen, Red Circle and Snowball.

Sword/ Red Circle is safe with 1 vote.

Sunscreen/ I'm the new Pencil!!

Snowball/ Just shut up

Sword/ Snowball, you are eliminated with 4 votes.

Snowball/ What?

(Snowball is flung to the BOSS)

Sword/ So anyways, the challenge is a bottle hunt.

Sword/ You haVe to find a huge bottle.[18]

Orange Rectangle/ I don't want.

Sword/ And I don't care.

WiiU/ That's my line!!

Match/ I have a map.

Leafy/ No, I do!!

Pin/ I tore it.

Red Circle/ Mine's better.

Eraser/ No, mine is.

Sword/ Will you all just shut up, or I'm sending all of you to the BOSS! Is that clear?

Orange Rectangle/ It's not like you're our teacher.

Eraser/ (quietly laughs)

Sword/ That joke isn't funny at all!!

Orange Rectangle/ But still, we aren't your students.[19]

Sword/ Orange Rectangle, will you please shut up!!

Orange Rectangle/ More like will you shut up.

Everyone/ (laughs)

Sword/ Orange Rectangle, if you don't shut up, I am eliminating you for good.

Orange Rectangle/ (keeps himself quiet)[20]

Sword/ Start.

Orange Rectangle/ Guys, I think the bottle of stupid suckers might be the one.

Red Circle/ Wait, you're right.


Match/ Guys, we need to find a big bottle.

Orange Rectangle/ If I shut up, everyone else will, so, guys, let's keep going.


Ice Cream/ Probably should abandon... (Falls into water)

Yellow Face/ Damn it!!!!!!


Orange Rectangle/ (telports himself and the team to The bottle of stupid suckers)

Sword/ NN win, RB lose, MAP second.

Pen/ What!!

Sword/ And stay tuned for another epic episode of Super Smart Objects!!

Orange Rectangle/ I will now shut up. And now I will shut up. And...

Sword/ Shut up!! Anyways, I will be retiring, so your new host will be Container.

Eraser/ Then I will...

Sword/ (slaps Eraser)

Eraser/...eat my steak

Episode 7: Sword Turns Back On His Decision

Container/ Welcome back to Super Smart Objects.


Container/ So anyways, which team lost the challenge?

Ice Cream/ Well I mean, if you look at the winners of challenges and all that, you will find that we won, MAP second, Newbnoobies last.

Match/ Yeah right, that is like the other way round!

Ice Cream/ Yeah right, and we win more challenges!!

Masky/ Yeah right, you don't even help us this season!![21]

Container/ Will you all just shut up, I got a vote chart sent by Tom.[22]

(At the elimination.)

Container/ I will multiply all the votes by two, because if I do, we will get 10, which we have gotten higher before.

Ice Cream/ Which was 13 in Season 1.

Container/ So still, only Yellow Face and Ice Cream got votes.

Container/ Yellow Face got 2 votes, Ice Cream got 8. (Both were multiplied by two, so elimination record is still 7, season 2 elimination,record is still 6)

Ice Cream/ What? You have to be kidding me.

Container/ The challenge will be to hunt down Tom.

Tom/ I heard that.

Container/ Then, a coin toss.[23]

Container/ Two coins, with all 3 teams. Raging Bulls are heads, MAP are legs, NN are tails.

Ice Cream/ Since when were they 'legs' in coins.

Ice Cream/ (flung to the BOSS)


Coin/ (lands on MAP and RB)

Container/ Newbnoobies lost.


Sword/ (watching the episode live)

Sword/ Tom, this won't do. I think you might have to rehire me.

Tom/ Okay.

Container/ (Phone rings)

Container/ (answers) What is it.

Tom/ You're fired.

Container/ What? Why.

Tom/ You have stupid ideas for challenges. We will rehire Sword.

(The next day)

Sword/ Welcome back guys!

Everyone/ What is it.

Sword/ I have decided to turn back on my decision to retire, because when I was watching, I thought Container was gonna ruin the show.

Sword/ Anyways, I don't see a point in wasting time to do a proper challenge, so Newbnoobies, you are up for vote.

Episode 8: What? Already?

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Smart Objects!!

(At the elimination)

Sword/ My elimination theme this episode will be,

Sword/ Elimination is here, enjoy yourself, no prizes but still, take a nce self... ie.

Sword/ What are your thoughts on the elimination, Newbnoobies?

Balloon/ Good!!

Sunscreen/ Um, i don't know.

Bow/ Omg, that was like so horrible.

Orange Rectangle/ Yeah, it couldn't be any worse.

Red Circle/ It's retarded.

Thoughts on episode elimination theme:






Sword/ Well I mean, I don't care if you say it is retarded, Red Circle.

Sword/ Anyways, I want all of you to know that with zero votes safe are Red Circle, Balloon and Orange Rectangle.

Red Circle, Balloon and Orange Rectangle/ (gets glass thrown at them)[24]

Balloon/ (pops)

Red Circle/ (dodges the glass)

Orange Rectangle/ (breaks the glass)

Sword/ Bow got 1 vote, and Sunscreen got 5.

Sunscreen/ (flung to the COL)[25]

Sword/ Now before I tell you all this, with the suggestion of N, I will take out...

Orange Rectangle/ A contestant.

Sword/ No. Teams, entirely.

Everyone/ What? Already?

Sword/ Yep, no more teams.


Sword/ Now I won't do any challenge. So, I will give a 10 seconds holiday.[26]

Match/ What? Seriously.

Pen/ Yeah, Are you kidding me.

Sword/ So enjoy your stay!

Firey/ Yeah, whatever.

Sword/ Your holiday is over.

Orange Rectangle/ You call that a holiday, really. More like that was a 10 second break.

Sword/ Whatever.

Episode 9: Golden Freddy surprise

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Smart Objects!

(At the stage)

Pen/ What the hell are we doing at this stage.

Sword/ Cause I am gonna announce something, the first individual, challenge!!

Match/ Just like, get on with it already.

Sword/ So the challenge, is.......

Wasup(What's Up)/ (falcon kicks Sword to the bottle of stupud suckers)

Sword/ (lands inside)

Sword/ What?

Wasup/ Wasup everybody!

(at the bottle of stupid suckers)

Sword/ (enters the code to the bottle of stupud suckers)

Sword/(taps 1, 9, 8,7)

Golden Freddy/ (appears in front of Woody)[27]

Woody/ Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!

(The screen goes dark)

Sword/ Guys, the code has been changed, I'm out, enjoy your stay.

Sword/ (runs back to the stage)

Wasup/ So anyways...(flung to the COL)

Sword/ Sorry about that, but anyways let's see our video statics. (This might be spelled wrong)

Sword rehired has host of the show



Sword/ Wait, let me see who disliked it.

Disliked Users:





(See six more)

Sword/ :O

Sword/ Orange Rectangle and Red Circle, did you dislike the video?

Red Circle/ Well, Orange Rectangle asked me to dislike it.

(Challenge area)

Sword/ The challenge is to find a hidden piece of paper that says, You won the challenge. Go!!

Orange Rectangle/ (runs around the place)

Red Circle/ (finds a paper that says, You are dead)

Masky/ Got it!!

Sword/ Chose, wait, Masky, that is the wrong paper.

Masky/ What?


You won the challenge, not.

Masky/ Oh, come on!! Well at least I found one that says it!

Sword/ Who do you want to be up for elimination.

Masky/ Match, Yellow Face, Knife.

Sword/ Readers eliminate a contestant today, and tommorow it will be up if there is at least 10 votes at the time.[28]

Episode 10: Soccer Suckers

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Smart Objects.

(At the elimination)

Sword/ Today we got a season record 10 votes, but not an all time Super (blank) Objects record.

Sword/ With only one vote, Knife get's a box.

Knife/ (gets a box)

Sword/ Yellow Face and Match, you both, got almost the same amount of votes, but safe with 4 is Yellow Face and eliminated with 5 is Match.

Match/ (flung to the COL)

Sword/ Yellow Face and Knife, open your boxes.

Knife/ Mine says soccer.

Yellow Face/ Mine has a fork.

Sword/ Well the challenge is soccer, with one contestant sitting out of the match, that person is gonna be whoever is not picked on a team. (That I will randomize)

Sword/ Team 1, your captain is Pen, and team two, your captain is Orange Rectangle. Red Circle, you will not be in the challenge.

Red Circle/ What!

Sword/ I will let you all chose your positions.


Team 1 formation:

  CB:Leafy    CM:Suitcase               ST:Blocky

GK:Yellow Face CM:Bubble CAM:Masky ST:Knife

  CB:Firey                          ST:Pen

Sword/ Yeah right..., I think this looks sorta bad.[29]

(Team 2 formation was not revealed)

Sword/ The Home team is 1, they start first.

Blocky/ (passes to Pen)

Pen/ (passes to Knife)

Knife/ (kicks a player's leg)

Sword(referee)/ (blows whistle) (holds up a yellow card)

Knife/ No no no no no no no no.[30]

Eraser/ (passes to Orange Rectangle)

Orange Rectangle/ (shoots)

Ball/ (hits the top corner of the net)

Team 1:0

Team 2:1

Blocky/ (high kicks into goalkeeper's hands)

Ruby/ (throws to OR)

Orange Rectangle/ (shoots)

Firey/ Oh my gosh! (Scores own goal)[31]

Team 1:0

Team 2:2

(at the final minute)[32]

Team 1:1 (Blocky 82')

Team 2:8 (Orange Rectangle 2', 28', 62', 71') (Firey 3' (o.g.) (Needle 21') (Eraser 37') (Pin 47')

Sword/ That's a hat trick performed by OR! (Gets slapped)

Blocky/ (kicks)


Overall results:

Team 1:2 (Knife (yellow card) 1') (Blocky 82', 90+2')

Team 2:8 (Orange Rectangle 2', 28', 62', 71') (Firey 3' (o.g.) (Needle 21') (Eraser 37') (Pin 47')

Sword/ Vote one of team1. (I need 10 votes again)

Episode 11: Obstacle Course

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Smart Objects. Today we will do elimination right now.

(At the elimination)

Knife/ Well we all know that some people got no votes.

Sword/ Only Blocky, Bubble and Yellow Face got votes.

Sword/ Blocky, you only got 2 votes.

Sword/ Bubble, you got 1 more vote then someone. It is either Yellow Face or Blocky.

Bubble/ Oh moi goish! I think Oi Am goina be eloiminated!

Sword/ But, lucky for you, you got 1 more vote then Blocky and not Yellow Face.

Yellow Face/ What!!!

(Yellow Face is sent to the BOSS)

Sword/ The challenge is a three part challenge. First, you have to swim. Secondly, you have to eat all the french fries you will be given, and last but not least, jump down, to China town.

Pencil/ You're lying, obviously.

Sword/ Wait, how did you get out?

Pencil/ I dunno, the code was 1-7-0-3.

The other eliminated contestants/ We escaped, too!

Sword/ This nonsense is getting ridiculous.

Snowball/ Shut up!

Sword/ (snaps his fingers twice)

Eliminated contestants/ (dissapear back to the BOSS)

Sword/ The first snap changed the code, and the second, teleported you there.[33]

Sword/ Anyways, let's get serious now, the first part is swimming, the second part is eating french fries, the last but not least, is to complete your test with an A+, and the actual last but not least is the make it past a long maze.

Pencil/ (watching the show in the BOSS) I knew you were gonna lie again.

Sword/ Start!

Blocky/ Come on guys, let's do this!

Blocky's alliance/ (swim past the thing)

Masky/ (inability to swim causes her to drown)

Masky/ (respawns)

Everyone else/ (makes it past)

Blocky/ (does the test) (he had threw his fries into the trash can)

Blocky/ (gets an A-) What!

Pen and Eraser/ (get A+) Yeah!!

Bubble/ (gets popped by the fries)

Blocky/ Well, I am just skipping this.

Blocky/ And I will skip the maze.

Pen/ Good luck, it is pretty long! Eraser, let's just go.

Eraser/ K.

Masky/ (eats the fries)

Ruby/ (successfully does the test)

Sword/ I wonder who is doing the worst now.

Firey/ Ggr, I will just sit on Leafy's back.

Ruby/ (finished the maze) Done!

Blocky/ (comes out from the side of the maze) Not so fast, I reached here ages ago, you big peice of red!

Ruby/ (cries)

Pen/ (finishes the maze) Hey um, where is Eraser?

Eraser/ (finishes the maze)

Eraser/ Yeah?

Firey/ (falls into the water)

Leafy/ Firey?

Knife/ (finishes the test with an A+)

Everyone else(except Firey and Leafy of course)(finish the test with an A+)

Sword/ Muahahahahaha! (Makes the maze twice as big)

Masky/ (walks and walks in the right directions) Hey is it just me, or did the maze just get bigger?

Masky/ (walks out) Yes!!

Orange Rectangle/ (busts through the maze)

Red Circle/ You get back here! (Busts through the maze)

Bow/ (gets through the maze)

Needle/ (gets through the maze)

Pin and Rocky/ (finish the maze)

(Soon, everyone finish except Firey, Leafy, Balloon and Ice Cube)

Sword/ Now whoever finishes the maze right now will be safe from elimination. (doubles the size of the maze again)

Ice Cube/ What!!!!!

Sword/ Muahahahaha! (Slapped)

(in the office)

(Tom is recieving message)

Tom/ Hmm.

(New Messages)

SDOFan215:Hey um, can you replace Sword with Football, Sword is getting annoying.

Reporter52:Replace Sword with Football!

10293948576149CRS:hey um hello sword is getting a little bit annoying i would reccomend you replace him with football

(See 5 more messages)

Tom/ (sees that the 5 more are more complaints of Sword being annoying and should be replaced by football)

Tom/ Right.

(Tom's list of SDO Hosts(just edited)(untidy)

Name Duration of having the job Episode depatured Manner of departure

Gelatin 0 Episodes Pre season 1 Fired

Sword 27 Episodes Episode 27 Retired

Pencil 0 Episodes Pre season 2 Fired

Sword 6 Episodes S2 Episode 6 Retired

Container 1 Episode S2 Episode 7 Fired

Sword 4 Episodes S2 Episode 11 Fired

Football (Just hired)

(at the maze)

Sword/ (phone rings)

Sword/ Oh, hey Tom, what is it!

Tom/ You're fired.

Sword/ What? Why?

Tom/ People started calling you 'annoying', so I will replace you a proffesional popular show host who's career of hosting has started 30 years ago.

Sword/ Let me guess, Football.

Tom/ Yep. He was not fired or replaced on his first season until 6 years with the show's seasons, where he was supposed to replace someone else hosting another competition.

Sword/ Well I mean, I had 3 seasons with a competition hosting it before I was selected to host SDO.

Tom/ So anyways, Sword, you are fired for the first time in your hosting career.

Sword/ Sure, whatever.

(late night)

(Ice Cube, Balloon, Firey and Leafy still cannot make it past the maze)

Sword/ (enters Tom's office to recieve his notice of termination)

(the next day)

Football/ (arrives at Super Smart Objects Challenge area after recently getting fired)

Football/ (gets all information)

Football/ So it looks like the last 4 still cannot finish!

Leafy/ Well I mean, Sword made this thing wider by the second!

Football/ So I heard Sword was fired recently.

Pen/ He deserved to be fired.

Football/ So I have the chart right here.

Masky/ You should tell us your coaching biography.

Football/ Okay. So I was hired to host Battle For Scissor Island.

Blocky/ This is boring.

Football/ Blahblahblahblahblahblah.


Balloon/ I finished the maze!

Football/ And here I am today.

Blocky/ Too long, didn't listen.

Football/ I am Football. Nice to meet you.

I am Football. Host of Super Smart Objects.

Balloon/ Huh? Football? *pop*

Football/ Can't... Take... You... Anywhere...

Pen/ What do you mean?

Blocky/ (slaps Pen) You sound like a girl right now.

Football/ Now in hosting, you should look at cameras to see if any contestant is cheating.

Blocky/ Um.

Football/ So I caught Blocky, he, Firey and Leafy are up for elimination.

Episode 12: Arguments

Football/ Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Super Smart Objects, you are watching this show live, on BFDI TV.


Now Next

Super Smart Objects BFDIA 5e

(At the elimination area with the contestants not up for elimination on the bleachers)

Pin/ The new opening scene seems different, eh?


Pin/ Sword's one, 'Welcome back to Super Smart Objects' is so boring.

Football/ That's one of the 5 reasons Sword was fired.

Football/ Today, Blocky, you broke the record for most votes to be eliminated in Super (blank) Objects.

Blocky/ Just tell me how much it is already.

Football/ 9 Votes. 2 more then Yellow Face and Ice Cube's previous record 7.

Football/ Firey, you got 1, Leafy 0.

Blocky/ (flung to the BOSS)

Football/ The challenge is apparently to dive in to guacamole, and then you have to climb to the top of the ladder, you have to push people off, so it is the King Of Ladder!(with guacamole)

Football/ 3,2,1, The challenge has commenced.

(in his house with no job at the moment)

Sword/ (watching the episode)

Sword/ I bet he will be paid 30 every episode instead of my 35.

(Back at the challenge area)

Orange Rectangle/ (jumps to the top)

Orange Rectangle/ (dives into the guacamole)

Pen/ (falls off the ladder)

Masky/ (falls off the ladder)

(At the office)

(Tom is recieving a message from Sword)


SwordHost23:How much is Football getting paid?

Tom/ (replies)



(At the challenge area)

Football/ Orange Rectangle is in the lead, but will he hold it?

Eraser/ (dives into guacamole)

(In the bottle of stupid suckers)

Pencil/ Guys, let's call Sword and get mad at him!

Match/ That is so like, a good idea!

Pencil/ Wait a minute, Sword just got fired, right?

Gelatin/ Sunscreen, so are you going to scoop Ice Cream's Ice cream now?

Sunscreen/ Yep.

Sword/ (phone rings)

Sword/ (answers) Hello.

Pencil/ You trapped us in here so now call Tom to get us out I don't care if you were fired cause I am gonna sue you.

Sword/ How are you gonna sue me, you're not a lawyer.

Pencil/ I filled in a form in 2007 to sign up for your freaking show! Then, I had to fill in another for 2![34]

Sword/ I don't care, ask Gelatin to talk to me.

Gelatin/ Sword, you trapped us here, you get us out.

Sunscreen/ I got some sciency tools from Test Tube.(credit to Nmconnell)I will sabotage the next elimination and it will eliminate the contestant with the LEAST amount of votes.

Sword/ Well Football is now responsible for everything, not me.

Pencil/ Still, it is awful to be in here all the time, especially when we can do other things at home, and we have these stupid fans voting us off first, second, third or whatsoever early so we have to basically sit in here the entire both seasons.

Sword/ Well I mean, you already experienced that before, did you.

Match/ Yes we did, and it was like, so horrible.

Pencil/ Not only that, once Blocky came, we got banana skins all over our bodies.[35]

Flower/ You think that is worse! I've been here and the COL since both seasons literally the entire of the seasons!

Pencil/ We were eliminated when you were still around, so that means you eliminated us, you have to get us out.

Sunscreen/ We are not serving you ice cream until you let us out!

Sword/ Chill out, man. I am not currently hosting this show, so you can't blame me.

Pencil/ Yes we...(is knocked down by Blocky)

Blocky/ Pencil, you are stealing all the screen time.

Sword/ Still you can't...

Blocky/ Just (censored) shut up and just (censored) off you (censored for a very long time)!

Sword/ I need to speak to Pencil and Match.

Pencil/ What is it, moron.

Sword/ Hey, stop with the foul mouths.

Match/ Stop with the like,...(pushed by Blocky)

Pencil/ Still you let us out, are I will call the police.

Sword/ As if, you don't even know the number.

Pencil/ (offs the phone)

(Back at the challenge area)

Football/ OR, tell us who you want to be up for elimination.

OR/ Red Circle, Masky, Pen and Needle.

Episode 13: Is This Who Is The Liar?

Tbh, (To be honest) NLG343, you now need permission to edit the script.(As seriously, you deleted the elimination poll while I was off, I will do another one)

Football/ Welcome to Sewer Smart Objectz or whatever i's called.[36]

(the elimination)

Football/ I will call your name if you are safe, and you will come and take a chocolate chip cookie.

Football/ Pen.

Pen/ (takes his cookie)

Football/ Masky.

Masky/ (takes cookie)

Football/ Needle, Red Circle, one of you is about to be eliminated.

Needle/ πŸ˜’

Red Circle/πŸ‘Ώ

Football/ Let me read the votes on my πŸ“±



Football/ So we are in the hotel now, and we will use the pod to send the eliminated contestant to the BOSS.

Football/ And Red Circle is eliminated.

Red Circle/ (sent to the BOSS)

Football/ (goes to the office to take his πŸ’°)

(After that)

Football/ Now that the rain is done, ο»Ώyou have to run to the finish, then do a test, then do...

Pen/ Wait a minute, these challenges were from Who Is The Liar?

Football/ Just do it.


Masky/ Needle, Pen, Firey up for elimination.

Episode 14: The Death of the NFL (lol JK)

Football/ Everyone, this is Super Smart Objects, so sit down and enjoy.

(elimination area)

Football/ Pen is the first safe and gets a 🏈.


Pencil/ He gets minifootball!

Match/ I have a mini-match.

Match/ Let's play spongy cake.

Snowball/ (annoyed)

(elimination area)

Football/ You are safe, Firey. Take your 🏈.

Football/ Needle is eliminated. Goodbye.

Needle/ (flung)

Football/ The challenge is to... (Phone rings)

Football/ Hello!

Tom/ Meet me in the office.

(phone offs)

Football/ (heads to the office)

(the office)

Tom/ Here, is your notice of termination.οΏ½

Football/ Wait, what? (Looks at Tom's computer)


SDOFan215:Fire Football, he's gonna make the show worse.

Reporter52:Fire Football, I don't know why I asked you for him to replace Sword.

ShoeMaster12:FIRE FOOTBALL THAT *****![37]

Football/ (walks home, name goes to Tom's list, and said as: 'hired episode 11, fired episode 14')

Tom/ Since Container is having success getting paid $50, I will hire him.

(later, at challenge area)

Container/ Welcome back to Super Smart Objects.

Masky/ Um, where's Football.

Container/ He got fired yesterday.

Pen/ Good, because no one wants the show to turn into Total Drama.[38]

Container/ Exactly, challenge, coin toss with 14 coins, this will be random, so if you are not there, you win.

Container/ (tosses all the coins)

(Coins land)

Container/ Masky wins!

Pen/ Are you kidding me? I would fire you if I were Tom.

(phone rings)

Container/ What is it.

Tom/ Your fired, your replacement is Wasup.

(Container walks to the airport, going back to host BattleForCrappyDeads)

Wasup/ So anywas, vot fo On of de up for emilinatoin ontestants which is Bow an Rocky an Firey ar up for I SELECTOD randomlie.

(in the office)

Tom/ I swear, I really want to fire this guy right now, he doesn't even know what he's doing.

Episode 15: Host Switching

(phone rings)

Wasup: *picks up phone* Wewo.

Tom: Your fired. I hate you. Meet me at the office to see other who want you to be terminated.

Wasup: wat?! whi?

Tom: Meet me at the office you frog!

(At the office.)

Wassup: *looks at Tom's computer* Whow.


AleK2043: I like football better. #Ilovefootball

RubyShine2014: Oh my gosh! Wasup is so annoying! Fire him!

Velveteen: Fire that jerk which is Wasup.

SeahawksFan204: FIRE WASUP THAT ****.

Creppa23:This show will be entertaining to me again if you do these

1.Make epsiodes longer.

2.Fire Wasup and bring Football back.

3.Don't hire Container or Wasup ever again.

Bubbles10: #Imiss🏈

RogerGoodall: Hello, Tom. I would like for you a notice about a further termination. You see, Football is giving money from his hosting to the teams of the NFL[39]for salary. If he isn't present to hosting (current status), I am sorry to announce that the NFL will be destroyed. So if you hire back Football. I would highly avoid the termination.

Tom/ I will bring Football back.

(The next day)

Tom/ You are all at the stage.

Firey/ Why?

Tom/ I will announce this:

Tom/ Wasup was fired because I got so many requests to fire him. Also, in case you were wondering who is his replacement, Sword is now a performer and actor, so I can't hire him, Container will not be hired for obvious reasons, Pencil and Gelatin are in the BOSS, and the boss of the show that Football was hosting denied every single request for Football to be rehired by me. Even though most of the requests I got were to rehire Football.

Masky/ So who will have the job?

Tom/ Well after doing some host research, I will hand the job to Helmet.[40]

(the next day)

Helmet/ I have arrived. Nice to meet all of you. So I will start the elimination.


Helmet/ Rocky got the most votes, he is eliminated.

Rocky/ (flung)

Helmet/ The challenge is to make a model of me, and not Sword.[41]


Helmet/ The people up for the elimination are Pen, Masky and Ruby.

Pen/ I hope I am not eliminated even though I am on a losing run.

Episode 16: Holly Day 2

Helmet/ Super Smart Objects is the event tonight. After this, we will look at some easter eggs in II 4.

(EliminTion area)

Pen/ I hate it when you make it night.

Ruby/ Am I gonna be eliminated!

Masky/ It's obvious that I'm the first safe!

Helmet/ Shut up, let's continue.

Helmet/ Ruby, you are safe, and Pen and Masky are tied in votes.

Pen/ So what is the tiebreaker.

Helmet/ Um, according to the rules, there are no tiebreakers.[42]

Pen/ Wait what?

Masky/ Wa?

Eraser/ You look so surprised and frustrated.

Helmet/ Masky and Pen are eliminated.

Pen/ What! No seriously, I can't be out too... (Flung to the BOSS)

Masky/ (Flung to the BOSS)


Helmet/ So after being perfect for so long, Raging bulls just lost it's captain and the other 1st/2nd placed contestant, leaving them woth only one more member than in Matches and Pencils.

(Challenge Area)

Helmet/ I will be nice like Sword and give a nice day off. Christmas special is not long after this, so, the eliminated are released.

(Not long after)

(The clubhouse of awesomeness board game room)

Pencil/ So, who calls UNO?

Bubble, Ruby and Match/ UNO!

Pencil/ Okay, so this will be a little um, tournament or something.

Match/ The good thing is that they like, give days off which is like, the only like, way we can like, get screentime.

Pencil/ Ok, I'll add it to Match's πŸ‘ list.[43]

Pencil/ Still, yeah because once you are eliminated you get no screen time.

Ice Cube/ Waa?

Match/ Hey um, Pencil, please don't put Red.

Pencil/ You are gonna trick me. I know you, I'm smarter than you think I am...(slapped by Match)

Pencil/ UNO LAST CARD, UNO![44]

Match/ Aw come on.

Book/ Hi guys!

(Outside the Clubhouse)

Orange Rectangle and Red Circle/ (climbing the ladder)

Blocky/ (puts the Knife recovery center on a tree and puts lava were Balloon is)

Blocky/ (kills Knife)

Knife/ (recovers and kills Balloon)

Orange Rectangle/ (storms into the clubhouse)

The alliance/ Aaaah!

Pencil/ (kicks Orange Rectangle off)

Orange Rectangle/ (falls on Red Circle which knocks him off)

Red Circle/ Dude, what the ****! You are so seriously messed up.

Orange Rectangle/ Well you are in the way, and I made it up there L3G17.[45]

Red Circle/ Whatever, just throw me to the top.

Orange Rectangle/ Well, you will stay here, and I am gonna off all the electricity right up there.[46]

OR/ (jumps on top and offs the electricity)

Ruby/ Uh, why did it suddenly become so hot and dark?

Pencil/ A power outage? It can't be! I even checked the electricity this morning.

Match/'However you like, would be like, able to like, do it.

Orange Rectangle/ (jumps off the clubhouse)

Pencil/ Just go outside were it is cold and nice. It's snowing.

Match/ OMG that is like so awesome!

(They exit the clubhouse to the snow)


Pen/ You guys got your overcoats?

Snowball/ Yeah.

Pencil/ Oh wait, jackets, okaybrbrbrbrjsjs overcoats.

Eraser/ Whatever.

Blocky/ Just play quick before Pencil's alliance steals all the screen time. (Slapped by Pencil)

Orange Rectangle/ So just jump on the others, I mean, we are the only shape battle contestants here.

Red Circle/ Just shut up!

Pencil/ (building a snowman) Do you have a carrot?

Blocky/ Hahaha! I'm gonna record this cause it's hilarious.

Pencil/ Shut up moron!

Blocky/ More like you shut up. So like I said, shut the (Censor) up!

Pencil/ (to her alliance) Whatever guys, just forget those morons.

Snowball/ We're not morons so just shut up!

Pencil/ Yeah yeah, whatever.

Helmet/ Break is done, everyone up for elimination.


Tom/ I might keep this guy for years.

Episode 17: Annoying Tales

Helmet/ Hi everyone, I am your host, Helmet, and this is Super Smart Objects.

(Elimination area)

Helmet/ To be honest, Tom, Sword, and I have lately being extremely annoyed by 2 people with the same amount of votes.

Helmet/ Btw, last time, we made a mistake. Pen was not supposed to be eliminated because by the time we put the episode up, apparently Masky recieved a third vote.

Pen/ (took out of the BOSS)

Pen/ Hey um, hi! (Slapped by Orange Rectangle)

Pen/ Hey, you know, Gelatin said to me he cheated last season for fun and he won't do it next season.

Pen/ So anyways...(slapped by OR)

Orange Rectangle/ Don't you dare steal all the screen time.

Helmet/ So anyways I have brought all the eliminated contestants out. Cause you all will be in groups that you chose. Go!

Pencil/ Alliance! This is perfect!

Helmet/ Tell a pre BFDI short tale about you and your group before BFDI.

Helmet/ So for group 1 we have the FreeSmarters.

(The groups)

The FreeSmarters



Ice Cube




Your face is as ugly as a piece of mud






Orange Rectangle

Red Circle


Some group





(Everyone else alone)

The Challenge

Helmet/ The freesmarters first. Start.

Pencil/ Ok, there was this one time about 7 years ago where we came across this guy which, I can't even tell his name. He is Container's brother, but seriously, when we met him, our conversation with him was literally the most awkward moment of our life.

Match/ Yeah like seriously.

Pencil/ He kept saying 'what is your name' and 'where do you come from' and Book, tell the others.

Book/ When we asked 'do you have a dog' he said 'No, I don't have a fish. Like, what the ****

Pencil/ Yeah, plus, he is a container, and is name is so awkward we can't tell. Plus, the conversation was 6 hours straight, but once he told us his name, we literally fainted, it's that awkward.

Book/ Then we said 'do you even live' and his response was, 'No, I don't eat $#17.

Pencil/ Yeah, and then we asked Container, who said 'he is a little bit like a robot in terms off stupidity.'

Book/ So anyways, the name is.....(faints)

Pencil/ Yeah, it's like we can't even tell his name.

Pencil/ That's it.

Helmet/ Oh ok, and btw, Book, why are you here, you are not even in the show! But never mind.

(You are as ugly as a piece of mud)[47]

Helmet/ Your group name is weird, I have to say.

Pencil/ But it really is not as weird as the guy we were talking about.

Blocky/ Ok, so 5 years ago, there was this funny time, where Ruby was crying, and I chased the tea...

Helmet/ Stop, I've heard enough of it. I'm not even continuing. You guys are up for elimination. The freesmarters win, but Pencil and Match, you have to go back now, while everyone else eliminated also.


Sword(Mistake easter egg)/ Knife, Pen and Eraser are up for elimination.

Pen/ Seriously, not again!

Helmet/ And by the way, Ice Cube and Orange Rectangle are eliminated. And Pencil rejoins the game.

Pencil/ Yeah!

Knife/ Why?

Helmet/ Did I not mention that the winner of this challenge rejoins the game.

Knife/ Yeah, yeah, whatever.

Episode 18: Merry X-mas!

Helmet/ Welcome back to the show! This is the Christmas special!


Pencil/ It's christmas!

Helmet/ That's right, and Pencil, you are not up for elimination.

Helmet/ So Knife, Pen, and Eraser, two of you are tied with the least votes, while the other has more. Eraser, you are one of the two. You are safe.

Eraser/ Yeah!

Helmet/ The other member of the tie is....

Pen/ 😧


Helmet/ Pen.

Pen/ Yes!

Knife/ What?

Knife/ (flung)

Helmet/ Since it's christmas, you can have a wonderful holiday with the eliminated!


(The clubhouse of awesomeness, yeah, again, since this alliance don't normaly get screentime, I will grant them sonme screentimeπŸ˜ƒ.

Pencil/ Ok, so the person who did that could be none other then Orange Rectangle or Red Circle, so, the robo-all of us will guard the door.

(Outside the clubhouse)

Pen/ (calls Blocky on the phone)

Blocky/ (answers) Pen, what is it. Can't you see I am trying to ******* fix this machine!

Pen/ Um, sure. (Rings of)

Eraser/ Wow, this stupid to it's finest.

(Meanwhile in the clubhouse)

Pencil/ What do you know about Blocky? I'll start, a murderer.

Bubble/ A moeanoie.

Match/ A prankster/bully.

Book/ Um, a um, foul mouthed.

Blocky/ (calls Pencil on the phone)

Pencil/ (answers) Hello.

Blocky/ **** this. (Offs the phone)

Orange Rectangle/ (drinks his bottle of whiskey)

Firey/ I wish we were back in the older days so I can forget about meeting Coiny in stupid college!

Coiny/ (slaps Firey)

Suitcase/ Um, I never actually got screen time the entire of the season!

Blocky/ (calls everyone on the phone saying the same thing, which was **** you.)

(At the clubhouse)

Pencil/ Parties are parties, right?

Orange Rectangle/ (storms inside, destroying all the robots) You are a rubbish talker.

Pencil/ (kicks OR out the clubhouse)

(In Blocky's workshop)

A chap/ So how much will these chairs cost?

Blocky/ $65 each thank you.

A chap/ (pays the money)

Blocky/ Wait, this isn't the amount is it? (Counts) Oh, **** me, it's ******* enough.

Blocky/ We will deliver the chairs the following day.

Helmet/ Ok, the christmas tree is done!

Blocky/ Pen, the next two days, you have to deliver the chairs[48]

Helmet/ I'm signing out.

Episode 19: Masters of Disguise

Football: Ladies and Gentlemen, Welcome to Super Smart Objects, I'm you host, Football[49]

Object TV: 9:00 AM Saturday, November 15th

Now: Super Smart Objects Episode 16

Next: 10:30 AM

Object Show News Live: Inanimate Insanity II News

Later: 11:00 AM

Inanimate Insanity II Episode 4

Suitcase: Wait, where was Helmet?

Football: Fortunaly, I was Helmet!

Pen: Really? But Tom said...

Football: We gave a deal with Tom. Actully, he is the Boss! And your pretty sure why Helmet is a football heleet?

Pen: So he is giving us a white lie?

Football: Well, in my sake no.

Tom: *on the computer Football is holding* I just made him another deal for...

Pen: The Rejoin?

Tom: No. SCYTHE TIME! This way.

(Eliminated Contestants teleport to the stage)

Nickel: Why do you have your sycthe with you?

Tom: Now, this is important. I have a lot of scythes. This teleports people to the BOSS. The ones recruited are, Flower, Nickel, Teardrop and Blocky.

(All except the four get teleported to the BOSS)

Tom: Congrats.

(Flower, Nickel, Teardrop and Blocky gets flung to the challenge grounds)

Football: All right, The person that was the host last episode and the episodes 17 and 15 was Helmet. He is a fencing helmet. And he wants me to put you all in elimination this episode, due to the fact no one was UFE. All the eliminated contestants will vote. As formerly eliminated contestants, Flower, Nickel, Teardrop and Blocky will vote. Woody, you're in last place. I'll be nice and let you vote first.

Woody: *votes for Balloon* Eh...

Football: Balloon, that's one vote. Flower.

Flower: *votes for Ice Cube*

Ice Cube: Wha?

Flower: That's what you get for not calling me beautiful!

Football: Ice Cube, that's one vote. 1 vote Balloon, 1 vote Ice Cube.

Gelatin: I vote for Ruby, I think we need some treasure.

Ruby: No, but that because you... you... want to... *cries*

Football: 1 vote Ruby.

Nickel: Balloon, he is a jerk in II.

Coiny: I vote Firey that B*****d.

Teardrop: *votes for Balloon*

Episode 20: Confirmed Rules Of Season 3: Super Strong Objects

Helmet/ Welcome back to Super Smart Objects, also, yeah, you might notice something.

Football/ Helmet, that was my line!

Helmet/ Well, Tom asked me to think about a challenge.

Football/ And you are a fencing helmet.

Pencil/ It's not like I don't know why we are at the stage with Tom, Helmet, and Football.

Tom/ Yeah, my deal with NLG343, Football, and Helmet, was perfect!

Football/ The thing that you guys will probably say after this, is Alpha Q. Get it readers? Comment if you do.

Football/ The Scythe Time thing, is a...

Tom/ Jet.

Football/ Orange.

Helmet/ Kite.

Tom/ Extravaganza. Aka, j.o.k.e.

Pencil/ Wait, seriously, the episode title was also a joke?

Tom/ Obviously, also the : instead of / in the transcript, was also a joke.

(Flower, Teardrop, Blocky and Nickel flung)

Football/ Yeah, the places.

Tom/ Also, I will announce the official rules of Season Three.

Pencil/ Hurry up.

Tom/ Okay. Season Three's name is Super Strong Objects.

Pen/ And?

Tom/ No teams, or tiebreakers in the season.

Eraser/ Oh, crap.

Tom/ When you are eliminated, there is absolutely no way to rejoin until the 25th episode, which will be the only rejoin of the season.

Pencil/ That's a really big problem for me.

Tom/ There is absolutely no way to get out, unless you have the Strong Object ECP Card. It will teleport it's owner out of it. No one but the staff will have it.

Pencil/ This is not good for me. Not good at all. Also, out of what?

Tom/ The New and Improved, Cavern Of Losers.

Tom/ And the final thing, no debuts like this season. Absolutely no debuts.

Tom/ Know, before I go back, I will say this. Also, Football, go back to your competition.

Tom/ Helmet, if you fail to come up with a satisfying challenge, you will be dismissed tommorow, and I will have absoulutely no one to replace you, so in case I am not satisfied, I will have to do more research on hosts, and I will make requests, and if that fails, I might have to find some other people that are not so understudied as hosts, to replace you, Helmet. And if that still doesn't work, even after what might be a few months, years, decades, or even centuries or quite possibly a millenium, even though we might need new owners, (i mean by that when I die someone will take over my account) I will have to host this show myself, is that clear, Helmet?

Helmet/ Yes, boss.

Pen/ I would like to tell you the rules of Season 3 are unfair. It's so unfair! More rejoins like season 1 is better,[50]

Helmet/ Yeah right, unfair rejoins.

Tom/ Look, here's the thing. This is like the FA Cup or whatever in terms of it's style, meaning it's a knockout competition in which you cannot come back once eliminated.

Pencil/ Well, you watch soccer literally all the time.

Tom/ But, I will add 2 more rejoins for next season and 1 more this season. But you have to accept the deal that season 4 has no rejoins, even though some of you will not be here.

Pencil/ Yeah right, its not like I don't know that next season is full BFDI.

Tom/ I mean 10 contestants, which are from BFDI.[51]

Pencil/ Well season 1 was 'sorta' like a BFDI competition.

Tom/ So anyways, Helmet, get to work, and I will do some host research now.

Tom/ (walks back to his office)

Helmet/ So anyways, the challenge is to um, guys, choose.

Pencil/ Kill you.

Pen/ Eat you.

Helmet/ No. Guys, think of a good one.

(Later, most of the ideas were bad)

Firey/ I know, survive in lava!

Pencil/ What?

Blocky/ (slaps Pencil) Stop stealing all the screen time! (flung to the BOSS)

Helmet/ No way, that is just unfair.

(Several hours later)

Helmet/ So Pencil wins, because everyone was not watching where they are going, which is like a rule for 5 year olds.

Eraser/ Well, you are 10 times older than that, right?

Helmet/ Super Happy Union Turtle, Union Pen!

Helmet/ A.k.a, SHUT UP!

Helmet/ Everyone is up for elimination except Pencil, so guys, eliminate someone now.

Episode 21 part 1

Tom/ This competition was a bit vandalized by two vandalizers, but I have blocked them, and will protect every page from them. (Maybe)

(Eliminatiaon area)

Helmet/ Pin is eli....(phone rings)

Helmet/ I know, I am dismissed, right!

Tom/ Tru enough, your challenge is not satisfying at all, and sadly, my requests failed, so I am gonna find more people.

(to be continued, next episode.)

Episode 21 part 2


Tom/ So, a week ago, you guys were complaining about no host.

Pencil/ Yeah whatever.

Pen/ (in the girls sitting area) Whatever, just hurry up.

Tom/ Pen, do you know which area you are sitting at?

Pen/ Um.

The boys/ Hahahahahahahahahaha!

Pen/ (quickly goes to the boys sitting area)

Tom/ Well, I finally can announce who is your host.

Eraser/ Hurry up, before I think it is you.

Tom/ Anyways, Pin is eliminated.

Pin/ What! That's cra...(flung) Aah!

Tom/ Okay, so you know how 75000 people that watch this competition aren't able to vote, right?

Everyone/ Yeah.

Tom/ About 70000 of them asked me to rehire someone you guys might know.

Pen/ Hmmm.

Tom/ My message list is nearly full, so I will do a second one.

Pen/ But how many comments are in your message wall?

Tom/ 998223, just so you know[52]

Tom/ And anyways, by popular demand, the...

Pencil/ Show us some of it.

Tom/ (sighs) Fine.

Message Wall

Creepa23:You should rehire Sword, I will kill myself if you don't.

Davew24qaanser23:Football has always been by idol before, but once Sword started hosting, he has got me.

Vevee34:Hire Sword now or else you will not be part if my faves you *****!

Back to the episode

Tom/ Sword will arrive tommorow.

(The next day)

Sword/ I am back everyone! I heard about 70000 people wanted me to come back, didn't know I had that many fans!πŸ’΄πŸŸπŸŸ

Sword/ Anyways, Pin just got eliminated, so now, we can start the challenge!

(challenge area after 5 days)

Sword/ In case you were wondering, Tom 'cancelled' the season two times, but he changed his mind both times.

Sword/ *phone rings* Hello.

Rodger Goodell/ Hello Sword, depart form SSO. Football is going to host. If he is not hosting then he can't donate to the NFL.

Sword/ He is hosting, he just hasn't donated yet.

Football/ Hey Sword! I will... donate me sallary....before getting towork.

Sword/ *offs phone*

Sword/ Well, I guess it is time to do a challenge, but a happy new year to all of you!

Sword/ For the new year challenge, I will...

Orange Rectangle/ Suck my...[53]

Sword/ Β‘Callate![54]

Orange Rectangle/ (flung to de BOSS)

Sword/ De ja vu.[55]

Pen/ Wait, are you sure. I don't think that happened before?

Gelatin/ Then you have bad memory. (falls off his stool) Aah! (Flung to the BOSS)[56]

Sword/ So anywas, you hav tu erm, er, yah.

Sword/ So anyways, you bave to put um, um, radios on the top of that 600 foot ladder.

Pencil/ What kind of ladder would be so big.

Sword/ The one in previous challenges.


Sword/ Now it looks like even though Pen finished first, three people aren't climbing they are U-F-E.

Firey/ What?

Episode 22: Hor-i-bbel Ni-uows

Sword/ Welcome back to the stage!

Pencil/ Why are we here?

Sword/ Because I want to tell you all that Tom is planning to cancel this, which is bad, because the price for this season is extremely valuable.[57]

Pen/ Um.

Sword/ The challenge is a relaxing day off. Yep, no challenge.

(Elimination area)

Sword/ I cannot leave dis episode without an elimination. This time, the person with the least amount of votes had 1 vote less than someone else, who had one vote less than the person eliminated.

Sword/ So anyways, the results were, Firey, with one, and...

Firey/ (gets a πŸŽƒ)

Leafy/ :|

Ruby/ ;(

Sword/ Leafy at two, Ruby eliminated with 3.

Ruby/ (flung) Aah!

Sword/ Enjoy your holiday!

(house of Dieninge)

Ruby/ Uh, why are we here?

Sword/ Because you are not on holiday! Muahahahahahaha!

Sword/ Anyways, this house is a haunted house, I am in my office watching, so anyways, this is FNAF, because animatronics will come to stuff you all in a suit, and you all must avoid them. If they see you, game over, go!

(Ruby is flung to the BOSS along with the other eliminated contestants)

Pencil/ How scary could this place be?

Pen/ I don't know. After all, this is not a pizza place.

Bonnie/ (walks right past Pencil and Pen)

Pen/ Uh oh?

Pencil/ Don't make noises!

Bonnie/ (starts chasing Pen and Pencil)

The Kitchen

Eraser/ A haunted house? Haha. There is literally nothing that can scare me.

Chica/ (animatronic scream and stuffs Eraser into suit)

Sword(in his office)/ And that's game over fir Eraser!

Show Stage

Leafy/ Hey, um Firey?

Firey/ Stop it stranger. (They both are jumpscared and stuffed by Freddy)

Freddy/ (laughs)

Main Hall

Pen/ I think we lost him.

Pencil/ How sure are you?

Bonnie/ (jumpscares and stuffs Pencil and Pen in a suit)

Sword/ This is getting intense!

De Secret Wasupy room

Bubble/ Uh.

Suitcase/ This is scary, at least we have a balloon!

Balloon/ Um, okay.

Wasup/ FAAAAA-TANG!!!!!ddchuydjncd::;4;!?($'fgf![58]

  • Bubble, Balloon, Suitcase stuffed into suit*

Sword/ And de winner, is Bow!

Bow/ Yay! *pulls Pen's pants down*[59]

Pen/ Stop it!

Bow/ Okay, I definitely, do not want Pen still in de game. I will like, um, chose him, Bubble, Firey!

Sword/ So that's who is going to be up for the vote.

Episode 23: This Is Not Cancelled

Sword/ Welcome back!

(Elimination area)

Sword/ Welcome Bubble, Firey and Pen. So today, even though we went on a long hiatus, we still got 10 votes.

Sword/ Firey is the first safe with only one vote. (Firey gets a doll)

Firey/ Isn't this too childish? (Burns it)

Sword/ Pen, I assume you know you are eliminated with 5 votes.

Pen/ What? (Bubble's doll pops her)

Sword/ Bye. (Pen is flung)

Sword/ So the challenge is a paintballing contest. Go.

(All the Matches and Pencils (only 2) kill the rest of the teams)

Sword/ Seriously. Well Newbnoobies died off first, so they will be UFE.

Episode 24: Temporary Changes

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Smart Objects.

(Elimination area)

Sword/ Today we got 5 votes. If you are safe, you get this car.

Sword/ With 4 votes, Bow is eliminated.

Balloon/ Phew.

Bow/ What? (Flung)

Sword/ Now, for real no more teams. We now have points. Today's challenge is a quiz. If you answer wrong, you lose 2 points. If you answer correct, earn 2 points. Everyone starts with 20 points. First question, what bird was discovered in the island of Mauritus and what is it's status?

Eraser/ Um, dodo, extinct.[60]

Sword/ Correct!


Sword/ It's really close, so what is (12 x 2) divided by (2 x 2), minus 3 plus (8 divided by one)

Suitcase/ Um,


Sword/ You numbskulls! It's obviously 11. All of you are UFE![61]

Episode 25: A Talented, Arrogant Brat

Sword/ As you can see we have already started elimination.

Sword/ Today, two people will be eliminated cause they got the same amount of votes, which was the most votes.

Sword/ (pulls off his cap) That is...........................ErΓ‘ser le Penchiol!

(Pencil and Eraser R flung to the BOSS)

Sword/ Today we have a singing contest! If you get a score lower than 15, how much lower is how much points you lose. So if you get 10, since 15 minus 10 is 5, you lose 5 points. You start with 15 points. Prepare now!


Sword/ Ok, so our guests are Helmet and Gelatin!

Leafy/ What?

Suitcase/ Isn't he out of the game?

Sword/ As a guest. Okay, Balloon start!

Balloon/ Um, (in a tune) the seagulls...(pop)

Sword/ 4, 4 talent. Haha!

Leafy/ Not funny.

Helmet/ Zero, obviously.

Gelatin/ It's not that bad. 6 out of 10.

Balloon score:10/30

Sword/ Balloon minus 5 points.

Sword/ Next, Firey.

Firey/ Um, uh, Twinkletwikle little star, how I wonder what you are. Like a diamond...

Sword/ Enough! 3 out of 10.

Helmet/ 5, for effort :D

Gelatin/ 6, I mean, for effort.

Firey score:14/30

Sword/ Firey minus 1 point

Firey/ What?

Sword/ Now Leafy!

Leafy/ How many times must a (sings the rest of a song in Sword's childhood, Blowin' in the wind)[62]

Sword/ Bravo. 7.

Helmet/ Woo! A female Bob Dylan

Leafy/ Shut up

Helmet/ Whatever, you get a 5, cause Bob's voice is better.

Gelatin/ 8.

Leafy's score:20/30








Sword/ Vote either Firey, Balloon, or Suitcase.

Episode 26: An All Cut Rectangle

Sword/ Today we will see the votes.

Firey/ Tell it already.

Sword/ Balloon is eliminated with 3 votes.


Sword/ Bubble and Suitcase are UFE.

Orange Rectangle/ (gossiping to himself) Haha, I cut most of the episode![63]

Episode 27: Sword discovers OR

Sword/ Apparently last episode OR cut out the episode.

Sword/ Anyways, I will get rid of the "NO TIEBREAKERS" thing[64]. Because this season is ending so fast, I will have a tiebreaker since the two both got the same amount of votes. So no one is eliminated, and today's challenge is to try to see howar you can g on this endless monkey bar.[65]

Leafy/ Um, no it's not it says this monkey bar is only 300 meters long.

Sword/ Whatever, you get 1 chance. Go. Firey first.

Firey/ Since this bar is fireproof[66], I can start! (Moves past 5 bars, then falls) Aah! (Is soaked and dead)

Sword/ Oh yeah, you will fall into the water if you fail. (Leafy fails after 7 bars)

Bubble/ (popped by bar)

Sword/ Now all Suitcase needs to do to earn immunity is to get past 7 bars.

Suitcase/ (fails)

Leafy/ Can't you tell she's armless[67]

Sword/ So either Firey, Bubble or Suitcase will be eliminated.

Episode 28: Twigin' Runner

Sword/ Today is the grand finale of the series. Suitcase was eliminated with 3 votes...

Suitcase/ What?

Sword/ And several fans have chose to declare "Bubble" as the Twigin' Runner!

Firey/ Um, what's that?

Sword/ That's the winner! So ironically, Bubble is the super smart object, although she's incredily dumb in reality. (Bubble:Yoylecake!) See you next time!


  1. ↑ Sometimes others host,
  2. ↑ Obviously someone inspired me, but it isn't nessecary to know, right?
  3. ↑ By one day I mean 16 hours.
  4. ↑ Ok.
  5. ↑ This is a reference to Eraser's last season 'chicken dance', which got him eliminated.
  6. ↑ It costs $156.50.
  7. ↑ This is when I started to forget whatcthe team was called, I didn't bother chekcing.
  8. ↑ This made viewers write a list of things which would make Sword fire if all done.
  9. ↑ Yeah, whatever.
  10. ↑ Not unique at all.
  11. ↑ Where everyone stays at the moment.
  12. ↑ You might be wondering why first isn't Pen, if you check the episode, Eraser is not supposed to not be first, the announcer threw balloons at him.
  13. ↑ Not unique, right?
  14. ↑ This is when Sword starts recieving criticism.
  15. ↑ She did rejoin eventually.
  16. ↑ Not surpising that they are symbols.
  17. ↑ !
  18. ↑ See dat V?
  19. ↑ This is one of the humorous things which got him eliminated.
  20. ↑ He soon talks again.
  21. ↑ The use of 'yeah right' is useful for female characters, so why not put them there?
  22. ↑ The majority of these characters say these two words:Shut up
  23. ↑ One of Container's favorite challenges.
  24. ↑ Sword is quite the danger, not surpising eh?
  25. ↑ Mistake there.
  26. ↑ More like a break.
  27. ↑ I am a fan of this game.
  28. ↑ This is one people got annoyed with the majority of 'at least 10 votes'.
  29. ↑ I think it looks bad, because if there is someone who can't be a goalkeeper, it will be Yellow Face.
  30. ↑ I probably should have mad him sent off after, but who cares.
  31. ↑ To be honest, this happened before, when the ball was shot and a defender was like 'oh my gosh' and then comes an own goal
  32. ↑ I decided not to show boring minutes, or even highlights.
  33. ↑ Sword is a magician.
  34. ↑ You can see it in another fanfic
  35. ↑ He threw the bananas at them.
  36. ↑ Football was a bit tired this time.
  37. ↑ A lot of swearing in this fan fic, with the bad ones being censored.
  38. ↑ Total Drama is obviously what inspried Jacknjellify.
  39. ↑ Obviously National Football League.
  40. ↑ A little bit like Man Utd Manager History in terms of termination.
  41. ↑ Reference to season 1 again.
  42. ↑ Certainly tiebreakers are not unfair in stuff like Survivor.
  43. ↑ Oh my matchstick, you are like, so like, ******* weird
  44. ↑ Upplemost Not One.
  45. ↑ Legit.
  46. ↑ Like a mechanic, whatever that has to do with the topic.
  47. ↑ Not surprising for a name of a team in which the leader is Blocky.
  48. ↑ As you can see, he never delivered the chairs.
  49. ↑ NLG343's first full episode.
  50. ↑ I used this to replace NLG343's edit because it was going against my plans.
  51. ↑ All hail Firey!
  52. ↑ In reality he only has 997210.
  53. ↑ You knew what it was gonna be.
  54. ↑ Shut Up! (Sp.)
  55. ↑ Already seen. (Fr.)
  56. ↑ Another reference.
  57. ↑ It's not at all, it's a console.
  58. ↑ He'd be clueless.
  59. ↑ Got NLG 4 Backup!
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  61. ↑ Objects are dumb.
  62. ↑ Sword's time:1960's
  63. ↑ Gosssssssssip
  64. ↑ that was annoying.
  65. ↑ You'd not think that that can be passed.
  66. ↑ It's a very strong bar.
  67. ↑ Haha, Sword's an idiot.

Contestants gallery


Raging Bulls





Matches and Pencils (all out)



Bubble-1st place (Super smart object)

Firey-2nd place

Suitcase-3rd place

Leafy-4th Place

Balloon-5th Place

Eraser-6th Place

Pencil-7th Place

Bow-8th Place

Pen-9th Place

Ruby-10th Place

Pin-11th Place

Knife-12th Place

Orange Rectangle-13th Place(NN)

Ice Cube-14th Place(MAP)

Masky-15th Place(RB)

Rocky-16th Place(MAP)

Needle-17th Place(MAP)

Red Circle-18th Place(NN)

Blocky-19th Place(MAP)

Yellow Face-20th Place(RB)

Match-21st Place (MAP)

Sunscreen-22nd Place (NN)

Ice Cream-23rd Place (RB)

SNOWBALL-24th Place (NN)

Coiny-25th Place (NN)

Teardrop-26th Place (MAP

Nickel-27th Place (NN)

Gelatin-28th Place (RB)

Flower-29th Place (NN)

Woody-30th Place (Last) (NN)