Welcome to Super Random Hurts & Heals, with real random characters selected, because the creator was pretty DARN bored and didn't know what to put in. Also because yes. Slogan: "THE RESULT WHEN YOU GET BORED AND CAN'T THINK OF WHAT TO DO"

Im not kidding guys


  1. 2 hours per hurt and heal.
  2. Don't go all whiny when your character does not win.
  3. Nobody VANDALIZE this. This includes adding categories.
  4. Events happen sometimes. Good luck.
  5. Max HP is 50.

Hurts & Heals

NOTE: You can only use Heavy hurts thrice per day. Criticals are once per day.

  • Normal (1)
  • Heavy (3)
  • Critical (5)


  • Mauled with Boulders: 2 damage to everyone!


wip guys
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