Super Duper Mega Object Show is made by Mr. Yokai. It'sc urrently giong to have LOTS of contestants. Yeh...


  1. Loser over the Wall
  2. Caramel Dancing
  3. A Better Episode than That
  4. Win Win in the Streets
  5. Challenge Time
  6. One Dab to Solve it All
  7. Break until you Bend
  8. Guy's Basics in Noscoping and Dabbing
  9. The Abovegame
  10. Grrlies VS the Forces of Cuberty
  11. This Episode is All About Time
  12. Lpud Horse
  13. Super Mega Giga Savage Fair (SMGSF) (their's a hidden thing... yep, SMG64)
  14. OW the HEDGE
  15. TFFM and SDMOS finally Crossover (including II, BFDI, TROC, OO, and OM)
    • This is not confirmed since Mr. Yokai doesn't know how Saranctha would react.


  1. Loser over the Wall is based off of
  2. Caramel Dancing is basically a "retyping" of Caramelldansen.
  3. A Better Episode than That is a reference to A Better Name than That.
  4. Win Win in the Streets has an unnoticeable reference, being the "Wan Wan in the Streets, Awoo Awoo in the Sheets".
  5. Challenge Time is based off of Adventure Time. Also kinda based off of the show with the same name as it.
  6. One Dab to Solve it All is basically a reference to "One ___ to solve it all".
  7. Break until you Bend is a reference to Bend until you Break.
  8. Guy's Basics in Noscoping and Dabbing is a clear reference to BBiEaL.
  9. The Abovegame is basically a reference to Undertale. Above is the opposite of Under and Game is probably the opposite of Tale.
  10. Grrlies vs the Forces of Cuberty is based off of Star VS the Forces of Evil and Cuberty.
  11. This Episode is All About Time is a possible reference to PvZ 2's slogan "It's About Time" and a true reference to "This Episode is All About Basketball".
  12. Lpud Horse is based off of The Adventures of Lymn Lpud.
  13. Super Mega Giga Savage Fair has no references, but if you abbreviate Savage Fair into SF, you can also unababreviate it to Sixty-Four, which makes SMG64.
  14. OW the HEDGE is based off of Over the Hedge and the Ow the Edge parody of it.
  15. TFFM and SDMOS finally Crossover (incuding II, BFDI, TROC, OO, OM) is a reference to BFDI and II finally Cross Over.

Episode 15 references

  • Cuberty gets mad at Grrlies, being a reference to how Grrlies wants It's Clock.
  • When Copycat says "Hello darkness my ol' friend", he's referencing to the Sound of Silence, which later became a meme.
  • When Sandwich says "Welcome to Sandwich's Basics in Going through Dimensions! That's me!", he references to the intro screen of BBiEaL.
  • Binoculars going limp when Toys Everywhere says "Gamey's coming!" is a reference to how all toys basically go limp (or atleast, get back to their original spots) when they hear that Andy's coming or something like that.
  • Antenna riding Moonstone saying that Moonstone's got it and they just need to get to the field of destruction (the impact zone) is a reference to both of the Brothers in Arms songs, the first being created by DAGames and the other being created by Dire Straits.
  • Parasol swiftly "swimming" fast and making flowers bloom with her tears after Fanny, Bubble Wrap, Trophy, Handstander, Clock, and Gun "accidentally" hurting her is a refernece to Super Princess Peach, where the Gloom Vibe basically makes Peach go faster and the tears growing plants... wut?
  • Treble Clef saying that Minecraft sucks when meeting both Calculators is a reference to Mr. Yokai's likes on Terraria more then Minecraft. It's also a possible reference to how much Minecraft characters on this wiki.


In total, their is 32 newbies, and 22 returners, making 54 contestants for now.


  1. Parasol
  2. Bottle Stopper
  3. Grrlies
  4. Antenna
  5. Sandwich
  6. Copycat
  7. Treble Clef
  8. Cybot
  9. Toys Everywhere
  10. Binoculars
  11. AnimationsEpic Icon
  12. Pastel Tube
  13. Seed Packet
  14. Icicle Launcher
  15. Martial Gun
  16. Vacuum
  17. Blader
  18. Moonstone
  19. Bushy
  20. Happy Juice
  21. 1st Prize
  22. Aurum
  23. Void
  24. Narcissus
  25. Nightshade
  26. Ball Cactus
  27. Rose
  28. Elsword Head
  29. Ozzy
  30. Feuerball
  31. Frisbee
  32. Mallet


  1. Molecule
  2. Random
  3. i-Pad
  4. Spirit
  5. Stormy
  6. Gemini
  7. Furnace
  8. Scratch Taco
  9. Dynamite
  10. Black
  11. Mappy (as Map)
  12. TLC
  13. ( :D )
  14. Peanut
  15. Brick
  16. Shuriken
  17. Fried Bacon Bowtie
  18. Trap
  19. Sign
  20. Jawbreaker
  21. Subwoofer
  22. Dorky Picture


  • Icicle Launcher and Martial Gun are actually apart of Sound Sheet's friends.
  • Cybot is basically the Growtopia one.
  • Binoculars is actually the toy binoculars in Toy Story 1.
  • Codey's Sister was originally gonna join as Ripoff.
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