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I am Sword, host of Super Dumb Objects.

Season Started: September 30, 2014

Season Ended: November 27, 2014

This series' new name is Super Dumb Objects.


Super Dumb Objects is a competition where 21 objects compete for a mysterious prize. I cannot tell the prize until the season ends.

Still, try to guess what it is.

Hint, it starts with O and ends with S.

The series is not a camp.

20 people (plus 6 debuters) are here and when they do something wrong they get eliminated. Jk.

The season is over, but still, do not edit without my permission.

Season 2: Super Smart Objects

Episode 1: Who drowned Pen?[]

Sword/ Today we are starting the game.

Rocky/ (barfs in excitement)

Sword/ Today I saw an incident happen. Yellow Face dropped a wardrobe in to the water. I heard Pen say ahh randomly. Eraser fished Pen out of the water.

Eraser/ Who drowned Pen!

Flower/ I'll tell you it is either Gelatin or Yellow Face.

Gelatin/ What, no! And how is it me?

Flower/ Cause you were underwater so you may have drowned Pen.

Why is the episode so short?

Yellow Face/ I didn't drown Pen.

Sword/ Wow, that was big! Anyways you readers have to guess who is the person that drowned Pen it's either Flower, Yellow Face or Gelatin. Stay tuned! And you vote and the person with the most votes is out.

Leafy/ I have a question, why is the episode a few seconds?

Balloon/ I have a question, why is the episode so short?

Episode 2: Falling in ditches[]

Sword/ Today we start with the next episode.

Rocky/ (barfs in excitement)

Sword/ Not again.

(In a room of darkness)

Balloon/ (screams)

(elimination area)

Sword/ Welcome to the elimination!

Sword/ But where is Flower?

Flower/ Hahaha! Controlling Yellow Face to kick him out is so much fun!

Sword/ Never mind, but we got 8 votes.

Sword/ It's very obvious that Flower has no votes. Gelatin has 1.

Yellow Face/ Does that mean I got 7? I didn't even do anything!

Sword/ Now go to the COL!

Yellow Face/ The what?

Sword/ The Cavern Of Losers.

Now go to the COL!

(Yellow Face is flung to the COL)

(In The Clubhouse of Awesomeness)

Pencil/ If there is someone you really really hate...

Match/ It's true that Spongy is the one with that fate!

Flower/ That was awful!

Match/ (kicks Flower out of the clubhouse)

(At the scare area)

Pin/ Woody, say the word one.

Woody/ (screams)

Leafy/ Um...

Blocky/ We all know that Woody is a scaredy cat!

Blocky/ (kicks Woody)

(Later, at the road)

Sword/ Contestants, assemble!

Sword/ Challenge is a race! The last 8 people will be up for elimination! Go!

Leafy/ Let's do this!

Firey/ (walks into water)

Sword/ If you die you automatically lose.

Pencil, Pen, Match and Flower/ (fall into a huge ditch)

Sword/ Those 4 are also out!

Flower/ (says the f-word)

Coiny/ Flower seriously drowned Pen? Wow. Also, I'm lucky I am not out the race like that stupid Firey!

Coiny/ (falls into a pit of lava)

Why did I get 9th last place!

Coiny/ Ahhh!

Nickel/ (sees everyone else at the finish line except him and Leafy)

Sword/ Firey, Pencil, Pen, Match, Flower, Coiny, Nickel and Leafy are up for elimination!

Sword/ So vote now!

Eraser/ Why did I get 9th last place?

Episode 3: Swim to win[]

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Dumb Objects! Last time Firey, Pencil, Match, Pen, Coiny, Flower, Nickel and Leafy were up for elimination! So now it is time to see who will go home!

(the elimination area)

Blocky/Before you start the elimination, be sure to kick Woody 5 times!

Leafy/ That's mean.

Sword/ Whatever I don't care! Let's just start the elimination already!

Blocky/ Today we got 6 votes! Firey, Pencil, Match, Pen, Nickel and Leafy got no votes!

Sword/ Shut up! It is my job to host the show and do the elimination!

Sword/ But anyways, we did only get 6 votes. And the same people you said that were safe are safe Blocky!

Sword/ How did you know?

Blocky/ Cause just now I printed a copy of the vote results.

Sword/ WHAT!!

Sword/ (rips Blocky's copy)

Blocky/ Aw man!

Sword/ Anyways Flower is eliminated with 4 votes and Coiny is safe at 2.

Flower/ What!!

Firey/ Well both you and Coiny are bad.

Coiny/ And you are worse!

Firey/ And you are the worst!!

(Flower is flung to the COL)

Sword/ Alright now it is time for the challenge. Swimming!

Pen, Pencil and Match/ My challenge!!

Sword/ The pool is never ending.

Everyone/ What!!!

Sword/ But the first 6 people to drown will be up for elimination. Simple as that. Go!

Firey/ (extinguishes)

Blocky/ (kicks Woody (on purpose) and Snowball (accidentally) )

(the two drown)

Flower/ Even I am in the COL, I still can control my Robot Yellow Face, hahaha!

(wardrobe drops on Blocky and Pen)

(they drown)

Sword/ Wow! Only one more person to...

Robot Yellow Face/ (pushes Sword in the water)

Robot Yellow Face/ That person is Sword!

Sword/ No it isn't. (swims back up)

Sword/ (pushes Robot Yellow Face into water)

Everyone else in the pool/ (gets electricuted)

Sword/ So who is out?

Tennis Ball and Golf Ball/ You idiot! Rocky sank at the start of the challenge!

Sword/ Oh. But hold on, you two are spectating. Come back into the game!

Golf Ball/ We are not even in the game. We didn't sign up!

Sword/ Oh. But that means that Blocky, Woody, Firey, Snowball, Pen and Rocky are up for elimination!

Sword/ So vote while you can!

Eraser/ (does the chicken dance)

Sword/ Oh my god

Episode 4: Tests[]

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Dumb Objects! Today we are gonna see who goes home!

Sword/ Well the Cavern Of Losers.

Nickel/ Um its freaking night time.

Sword/ Never mind, but lets take our time.

(inside Hotel Dumb Objects in fail class)

Firey/ Guys, we are up for elimination.

(awkward silence)

Firey/ Um, guys?

Firey/ (walks into the second room of fail class)

Pen/ Yes! In your face Snowball!

Snowball/ What!!!

Firey/ Um, guys?

(no answer)

Firey/ Guys, are you guys so engrossed on your video game that you don't even hear me?

(in first class)

Coiny/ (overlooking the fail class)

Coiny/ Haha! That Firey sucks so much!

Blocky/ Yeah?

Firey/ But where is Woody and Rocky?

Coiny/ That idiot! He doesn't even know his grammar!

Firey/ Oops, I mean where are Woody and Rocky?

Snowball/ Well Rocky is in the dustbin.

(Blocky, Woody, Rocky, Firey, Snowball and Pen are teleported to the elimination area)

Blocky/ It's still night time!

Sword/ And I don't care.

Sword/ Anyways this time we got a record of 9 votes!

Pen/ That's still not much.

Sword/ Whatever. Anyways Woody and Firey got...

Blocky/ 4 votes each!

Sword/ Hey! Why do you have to interupt! They got 0 votes.

Sword/ Snowball and Pen got one vote each!

Sword/ Blocky and Rocky! You both are in the bottom 2.

Sword/ Rocky, you don't do much and all you do is barf at the start of the episode.

Rocky/ (barfs at Sword)

Sword/ And Blocky, you are mean.

Sword/ And the last person safe is.........

Blocky/ :O

Rocky/ :)

Sword/ Rocky! With 3 votes! Blocky, you got 4 votes.

Blocky/ Aw man!

Sword/ So off with you Blocky!

Blocky/ Well before I go, I just wanna... (gets flung to the COL)

Firey/ No doubt he was gonna say kick Woody.

Sword/ So everyone! Challenge is a test! Go!

Firey/ Let me see which subject it is.

Firey/ (looks)

Firey/ It 's uni-subject!

Leafy/ Hmm.. what is the answer to this question.

Pencil/ Match why are you doing my test?

Match/ Cause mine like burned. (burns Pencil's test paper after putting her head at the pencil)

Pencil/ Oh my gosh Match you really have to watch out.


Sword/ I'll take your results.

Sword/ (takes all the test papers)

Sword/ Ok. You may go to the hotel. Guys, you get a room. Girls, you also get a room.

Bubble/ Boit weiere?

Sword/ In room 2345 for guys, and 2349 for girls.

Sword/ Okay?

Pen/ Um, okay.

Sword/ Now go to your rooms!


Pen/ Guys, we have to sleep now.

Eraser/ But who wants to do the chicken dance first!

Everyone in the room except Pen, Rocky and Woody/ Me!!

(they do the chicken dance, and Pen, Rocky and Woody fall asleep)

(The next day, all the guys and girls go to the challenge area)

Sword/ I got really mad when marking the papers. You know why? Because 12 people did not write their name.

Sword/ Not only that, the highest mark was 86 only! And, Leafy, Woody, Pencil and Match did not hand in their paper.

Pencil/ Well that sucks because Match burned mine!

Sword/ Whatever. Anyways Gelatin and Pin got the highest mark. 86.

Sword/ But only Leafy, Woody, Pencil and Match are up for elimination!

Sword/ So vote!

Eraser/ (does the chicken dance)

Sword/ Do you have to do that again!

(At night)

Bubble/ (gets popped by Needle)

Episode 5: Bubble Pop[]

Sword/ Hello contestants! I am gonna teleport you all to the challenge area! But first elimination!

(At the elimination area)

Sword/ So girls...

Pencil/ But Woody is not a girl.

Sword/ Which is exactly why he is safe!

Match/ Liar...

Sword/ How did you know?

Match/ Um this chart says that Leafy got 0 votes.

Sword/ (tears paper)

Sword/ Not again!

Sword/ Anyways, Leafy, you got no votes.

Sword/ Pencil, you got one vote.

Sword/ Match and Woody, you are in the final 2.

Match/ What! No way I would lose to Woody!

Sword/ Anyways you got 3 votes while Woody got 5 votes.

Leafy/ Does that meen there are 9 votes total.

Sword/ Yeah. That is more than last episode.

Coiny/ No it isn't you dumbass!

Firey/ I bet you are dumber than him!

(Woody is flung to the COL)

Sword/ Guys today we will have teams.

Sword/ So anyways, Firey, Leafy, Bubble, Eraser, Pencil, Snowball, Pen and Match, you are...

Eraser/ Team Chicken Dance!

Sword/ (sighs) Fine..

Sword/ And Nickel, Teardrop, Coiny, Balloon, Gelatin, Ice Cube, Rocky, Needle and Pin.

Sword/ You are Team Tough.

Bubble/ Boit the oither toeam has moire memboirs! It's noit fair!

Pin/ So what? Life is not fair.

Sword/ The challenge is to kill Bubble. Go!

Bubble/ (starts running away) Oh goish! This isn't gooid!

Pencil and Match/ No, not Bubble! (tries to defend Bubble)

Gelatin/ (throws freezejuice at Match and Pencil)

Gelatin/ That's better.

Pen/ (throws Sword at Gelatin)

Gelatin/ Ow!!

Sword/ Why did you throw me at Gelatin? The challenge is to kill Bubble.

Coiny/ (steals $58 from Sword)

Sword/ The person who kills Bubble gets my 58 dollars.

Sword/ (finds that his $58 are gone)

Sword/ Hey, who stole my money!

Snowball/ (kills Bubble) Huh?

Sword/ So team...

Eraser/ (does the chicken dance)

Sword/ Chicken Dance wins!

Sword/ Eraser, you better not do this again!

Sword/ Vote either Nickel, Teardrop, Coiny, Balloon, Gelatin, Ice Cube, Rocky, Needle or Pin.

Sword/ If you have any ideas for next episode than leave them in the comments.

Match/ Wow, you are a lazy host.

Sword/ Whatever.

Episode 6: A giant toilet[]

Sword/ Before you all do anything stupid, let's start the elimination!

(at the elimination area)

Sword/ Team Tough, welcome to your first elimination

Coiny/ More like my second.

Sword/ Rocky had the most I think.

Gelatin/ Then you have bad memory.

Gelatin/ (falls of his stool)

Sword/ So anyways, the people with no votes, are!

Sword/ Teardrop, Gelatin, Ice Cube, Needle and Pin!

Sword/ So anyways, Rocky and Balloon got 1 vote each.

Sword/ Nickel and Coiny, both are coins, and bad things happen when are close.

Nickel/ At least Coiny is not pessimistic.

Sword/ Whatever, being pessimistic is not good anyway. But still, Nickel, you are safe at 2 votes.

Sword/ And Coiny you are out with 4 votes.

Coiny/ What!

Sword/ That's half of the votes. And my security camera caught you.

Coiny / Um..

Sword/ So you stole my money?

Coiny/ No, I don't even have it.

Sword/ That's cause at night are found that you stole my money. Then I took it back.

Sword/ (shows and shakes the money)

Coiny/ I should have put "Owned by Coiny". (flung to the COL)

Coiny/ Ahhh!

Sword/ Now that he's gone, the challenge is to...

Eraser/ Do the...

Sword/ No way Eraser, not again.

Sword/ (slaps Eraser)

Eraser/ Wait, that's not Needy.

Needle/ (slaps Eraser)

Needle/ Don't call me...

Sword/ (falcon kicks Needle and Eraser)

Sword/ Anyways, it is a talent show!

Sword/ 3 players on each team will participate.

Sword/ So, chose!

(at Team Tough)

Nickel/ We need a team leader.

Gelatin / That has to be you.

Nickel/ Okay.

(Later, at the stage)

Sword/ Team gavilan pollero first. Also the two guest stars are Controlly and Bucket.

Eraser/ Alright! (Does el gavilan pollero(the chicken dance)

Sword/ Way too used to that, so I will give it a 5/10.

Eraser/ Aw!!!

Controlly/ I dunno. I'll spin my wheel.

Wheel/ (hits 8)

Controlly/ (reluctantly) 8/10.

Bucket/ 7/10.

Sword/ Eraser, you got a score of 20/30.

Eraser/ What! Only 2/3 of the total score!!

Sword/ Next!

Bubble/ Oim, Iom going to popp! Uh oh!

Bubble/ (pops)

Bucket and Controlly/ 10/10.

Sword/ What the hell? 3/10!!

Sword/ Bubble you get a score of 23/30.

Sword/ And last for team gavilan pollero, is Pen.

Pen/ Tells 10 funny jokes.


Pen/ And last of all, which country is a nice sauce, Sweden Sour sauce!

The Judges/ (awkward silence)

The Judges/ (very sudden laugh)

The contestants/ (huge laugh)

The judges/ 9/10!

Sword/ Pen, your score is 27/30.

Pen/ Yeah!!

Sword/ Now, Team Tough's turn!

Nickel/ I am first! So, I wiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwiwi...

The judges/ (fall asleep)

Nickel/ wil do a sususussususssususussussususpe r um thing.

The judges/ (wake up)

Bucket and Controlly/ 3/10.

Sword/ 0/10. Next!! Btw Nickel, you get 6/30.

Gelatin/ (takes out a giant toilet)

Gelatin/ (falls into the toilet)

Sword/ (flushes Gelatin)

Gelatin/ What are you doing! Ahh!

The judges/ 10!

Gelatin/ (comes out as a Gelatin with urine)

The judges/ (run away)


Sword/ So, results.

Team Tough: 41/90

Team Chicken Dance: 70/90

Sword/ Tough lose, gavilans win.

Eraser/ Yeah!

Sword/ Viewers, vote.

Episode 7: Tower Defense[]

Sword/ Elimination first!

(at the elimination area)

Sword/ Isn't is funny how your team keeps losing?

Ice Cube/ No!!!

Nickel/ Wow, that was her first word of the season.

Sword/ Whatever. We got 8 votes. That's the same as last time.

Sword/ The person who got the most votes actually made a record of second most votes with 6 votes. The most was Yellow Face with 7 votes. Anyways, as I was saying...

Gelatin/ You talk a lot.

Sword/ Shut up!!

Sword/ Anyways with 0 votes, Teardrop, Gelatin, Ice Cube, Needle and Pin are safe!

Sword/ Btw, before I announce who is eliminated, which is either Balloon, Nickel or Rocky, Team gavilan pollero, you get a new member to make the amount of members even! She is Ruby !

Ruby/ Hi everyone!

Gelatin/ (whispering) I am gonna prank Ruby soon...

Sword/ Anyways, Balloon and Rocky got 1 vote.

Sword/ That means Nickel is eliminated with a total of 6 votes.

Nickel/ What!

Sword/ That's 75% of the votes.

Nickel/ Oh my god!

(Nickel is flung to the COL)

Sword/ So your challenge is to protect your tower.

Pencil/ But we don't even have one.

Sword/ There are right here. At the top of the high towers, there is a chest full of weapons. One tower has a bazooka. The other doesn't. If your tower is destroyed, your team is up for elimination.

Sword/ So ready? You have to run to your tower. Go!

Pen and Eraser/ Easy peasy! (climbs up the tower and grabs the stuff)

Pen/ Guys, get into the tower!

(at team tough's tower)

Balloon/ We have the bazooka!

Pen/ What?

Balloon/ (accidentally pops himself and drops the bazooka)

Pin/ Oh my gosh...

Rocky/ (jumps at team gavilan pollero's tower)

(Stone cracks)

Match/ Guys, Rocky just like, broke a bit of our like...

Gelatin/ (throws freezejuice at Match)

Gelatin/ Lol! (gets hit by a chair)

Pencil/ That's what you get!

Pen/ (puts an explosive at team tough's tower and runs back to the tower)

Pen/ Guys, I have got an explosive set up at their tower. It will destroy the whole tower. But it takes 30 seconds.

Gelatin/ (throws freezejuice at all the members of gavilan pollero)

Gelatin/ They are out! Now, time to explode the...

Explosive/ (explodes)

Sword/ Let's just recover the contestants. (Revives the contestants)

Sword/ Team tough, sorry, but it turns out that team gavilan pollero has exploded your tower. So they win!!

Gelatin/ What?

Sword/ So, rate the members of Team Tough.

Episode 8: Spelling bee[]

Sword/ So contestants, I am going to teleport Team tough to the elimination area!

(at the elimination area)

Sword/ Probably soon going to call you guys Team Weak.

Ice Cube/ No!!

Sword/ Anyways let's start with likes.

Sword/ Balloon and Ice Cube got 0 likes.

Sword/ Gelatin has 1, Needle also has one, and so does Teardrop.

Sword/ Rocky has 2, while Pin wins the prize with 3 likes.

Pin/ What's my prize?

Sword/ Well every day we have two prizes. One is bad and the other is good.

Sword/ And, we got 10 of each contestant's packs. All different of course.

Sword/ So, first, you get an immunity idol.

Pin/ Let me guess, it drains away all my votes,

Sword/ Yes, including your likes.

Pin/ What!

Sword/ Haha! And also, for the bad thing, you have to jump into the toilet, flush yourself, and try to get out.

Pin/ (gets flushed) Aaah!

Sword/ Anyways, Pin, Ice Cube, Balloon and Needle got 0 dislikes.

Sword/ Rocky has one dislike.

Sword/ Gelatin, congrats, you are eliminated with 5 dislikes.

Sword/ Teardrop, you are safe with 3 dislikes.

Gelatin/ But I have free pizza!

Sword/ I think it's a trap.

Gelatin/ Just eat it!

Sword/ (eats it and finds that it is not a trap)

Sword/ Nice! But Gelatin, you still have to go.

Gelatin/ (gets flung to the COL)

Sword/ Now that he is out, we can continue the competition.

Sword/ It is a spelling bee.

Sword/ When I call you you have to spell the word.

Eraser/Let's do the...

Sword/ (slaps Eraser 5 times)

Sword/ First word is attorney. Oh yeah, and you only can spell once. And Eraser, you are first.

Eraser/ A-T-T-T-O-R-N-E-Y.

Sword/ Wrong. Now Balloon, its your turn!

Sword/ Now, spell the word fantastic.

Balloon/ F, um, a, um, n, um t-a-s-t-i-c.

Sword/ Correct.

Sword/ Match spell pencil.

Match/ P-e-n-c-i-l.

Pencil/ Did you purposely ask Match to spell my name?

Sword/ Lol yes.

Pencil/ (slaps Sword)

Sword/ Ice Cube spell no.

Ice Cube/ NO!!!!! No No No! N-O no!

Sword / Correct. So, Pen, spell mastery.

Pen/ M-A-S-T-E-R-Y.

Sword/ Correct. Teardrop, spell extreme.

Teardrop/ .......

Sword/ Well that's an automatic no then.


Since both teams spelled one word wrong, it's a tie.

Sword/ So, you all are on the balance beam.

Gelatin/ Since this freezejuice can go through solid, lets do this.

Flower/ How the hell did you modify that?

Gelatin/ (throws it)

(all the members of both teams fall off except Pin and Pencil.

Pencil/ Ok, you better lose.

Pin/ No way I will lose.

Pin/ (gets hit by freezejuice)

Pin/ (falls off)

Sword/ So, it looks like the winner is Team Gavilan pollero again.

Sword/ And Pin, you seriously used your bad prize already? Anyways I will call you Tack.

Pin/ No way!

Sword/ So vote and also, leave a good comment if Team Tough's name should be team weak.

Episode 9: Gelatin is rich[]

Sword/ Welcome back after the....

Gelatin/ Long break.

Sword/ Gelatin! What are you doing here!

Gelatin/ I rejoin!

Sword/ Do you have enough money to pay me. You have to pay $1000,000,000.

Gelatin/ (gives Sword a suitcase with $1000,000,000)

Sword/ Well, this is kind of unfair, but, fine. You go to Team Weak.

Gelatin/ Fine.

Sword/ By the way we got a record of 10 votes, and Balloon got 50% of them, so he is eliminated.

(Balloon is flung to the COL)

Sword/ The challenge is to try to get $1000.

Gelatin/ How do we do that?

Sword/ I dunno. Maybe build a lemonade stand?

Gelatin/ (steals valuable items from people)

Gelatin (goes to man) How much will you give me for these?

Man/ $1000.

Gelatin/ Yes!

Sword/ That was quick, but Gelatin wins.

Sword/ Vote a member of team gavilan to be eliminated!

Episode 10: Surviving in the wild[]

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Dumb Objects!

Sword/ I am so lazy, but what I can say is Snowball is eliminated with 6 votes out of 10.

Snowball/ Nooooooo!!!!! (gets flung to the COL)

Gelatin/ So what is today's challenge?

Sword/ Wait. (Teleports the contestants to the wild)

Match/ Pencil, lets play spongy cake!

Sword/ There is no time for playing in a place like this!

Sword/ If all your members die, even though death has many varieties in these type of situations.

Sword/ You could get burned, kill yourself, starve to death, die of thirst, killed by a wild animal, etc.

Sword/ So no time to fool around, go!

Match/ Pencil, let's play spongy cake!

Match/ (burns herself and all of her teamates except Firey and Eraser)

Eraser/ I got away!

Firey/ I can survive in water!

Gelatin/ Got to put the fire out. (poors water on the fire and Firey)

Firey/ Aaaaah! (Disintegrates)

Eraser/ Well, this sucks, my team has already almost lost, cause of Match.

Pin/ Well guys we are gonna win!

Gelatin/ We might wanna have some food.

Eraser/ (runs to a place far away)

Eraser/ Uh oh, it's a rhino!

Rhino/ (charges)

Eraser/ Aaah! (Runs to a safe spot at the river)

Sun/ (goes down)

Eraser/ I'm getting thirsty.

Eraser/ (drinks water from the river)

Eraser/ This is so diagusting!

Pin/ Well we can't fall asleep!

Gelatin/ I have an idea!

Sun/ (rises)

Gelatin/ It is morning again!

Pin/ Wow, that was cool!

Ruby/ I can't believe everyone, even Sword forgot me!

Ruby/ I didn't even get burned!!!! (Falls of a cliff and breaks)

Eraser/ I am so hungry now. I dunno what to do.

Sun/ (goes down)

Eraser/ That was fast.

Eraser/ I am lucky I brought a lighter.

Eraser/ (lights the grass on fire)

Eraser/ At least I have some light. (drinks water from a bottle he collected to take the water from the river)

Gelatin/ Damn, these idiots on our team slept.

Pin/ I know, right!

Gelatin/ Hey, where is Ice Cube?

Pin/ I think she may have melted.

Gelatin/ Well Eraser is no where here.

Sun/ (goes up)

Sun/ (goes down)

Sun/ (goes up)

Eraser/ I don't know, put I think Pin and Gelatin are having a picnic.

Pin/ At least I brought some apples. (eats an apple)

Gelatin/ (Eats 2 apples)

Gelatin/ Sorry, I was hungry.

Sword/ You would not have had brought food if this wasn't a fake version of the wild.

Eraser/ I am starving! (Falls into the river and drowns)

Sword/ And Team Tough win! Eraser, you get immunity.

Sword/ Vote for one person in team gavilan to be out.

Episode 11: Ice Cream Challenge[]

Sword/ I have three debuters for this episode.

Sword/ One is Ice Cream, two is Suitcase and last is Masky.

The three debuters/ Hi!!

Sword/ By the way no one gets a prize, because Pen, Ruby and Leafy are tied with 2 likes for 1st.

Pen/ Aw come on!

Sword/ And Pencil is eliminated with a short 4 votes.

Pencil/ (gets flung to the COL)

Sword/ Challenge is to make an ice cream.

Sword/ The three most horrible ice cream makers will be put up for elimination.

Sword/ Start! You get half an our.

Eraser/ This will be a piece of cake!

Match/ Spongy cake! (Burns her ice cream)

Match/ Aw crap!

Leafy/ How do we find out which team looses?

Sword/ Oh, I forgot about that. We are at the merge, so no more teams.

Match/ Wow, that's a relief. (Burns here ice cream cone)

Match/ Not again!

Firey/ I gotta be careful.

Pen/ I think I can win this.

Sword/ When you are done, give it to me.

Masky/ Done!

Sword/ (eats Masky's ice cream)

Sword/ Um, 5/10.

Gelatin/ Mine!

Sword/ (eats it) 5/10.

Pen/ Here!

Sword/ (eats it) 8/10. Next!

Ruby/ Here!

Sword/ 9/10.

Pen/ Damn.

Ice Cream/ Here!

Sword/ Stop saying here! Anyways, 7/10.

Bubble/ Moin!!

Sword/ (eats it) 6/10.

Match/ Here!

Sword/ (vomits) 0/10.

Firey/ Mine's done!

Sword/ 7/10.

Ice Cube/ (gives her ice cream to sword)

Sword/ 3/10.


Sword/ I am still waiting for Leafy.

Leafy/ Here!

Sword/ (eats it)

Sword/ 10/10!!!

Sword/ So anyways, Match, Ice Cube and Suitcase got the lowest score, so they are up for elimination.

Sword/ See you next time!

Episode 12: The Object Collecting Challenge[]

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Dumb Objects! Last time, Match, Ice Cube and Suitcase were up for elimination.

Sword/ Let's start!

(at the elimination)

Sword/ Last time, you three made the most horrible ice cream.

Sword/ Let's show the likes! TV, show them!

TV: Match: 3 Ice Cube: 1 Suitcase: 5

Sword/ Suitcase, your bad prize is a balloon blowing up machine that will try to blow you up.

Sword/ And your good prize is some cash.

Suitcase/ (gets the money) $30? I guess this will do.

Sword/ With the least amount of dislikes, Suicase, with zero.

Suitcase/ Yes!!

Sword/ Match and Ice Cube, both from the same alliance, one of you is going home. With 4 dislikes, safe is............

Match/ :(

Ice Cube/ :[

Sword/ Ice Cube.

Match/ What!!!!

Sword/ Match, you have 5 dislikes.

Match/ (gets flung to the COL)

Sword/ The challenge is to collect objects. Go!!

Ruby/ Does ourself count?

Sword/ No.

Pen/ I know what to do.

Pen/ (takes his old toy box that he used when he was younger)

Pen/ (throws everything, including the box in is item box.

Sword/ So far these are the results on the top 5.

Pen:69 Eraser:23 Gelatin:22 Suitcase:18 Masky:10

Pen/ 5 more!

Pin/ (kicks Pen over) Haha!

Pin's box:14

Eraser/ (puts 14 more in is box)

Eraser/ That was hard to carry.

Pen/ (uses Eraser's garbage)

Pen's box:78

Sword/ Wow, Pen is owning it.

Ice Cream/ Yes! Now at 20!

Gelatin/ (puts 18 in his box)

Sword/ The top 3 are kind of close!

Pen: 78 Gelatin: 40 Eraser: 37

Gelatin/ (puts 20 more)

Gelatin/ (puts another 20)

Gelatin's box: 80

Suitcase/ Finally at 10.

Gelatin's box: 98

Pen's box: 88

Eraser/ Only at 75?

Sword/ The top 5 win. Time is running out!

Gelatin/ (steals all of Ice Cream's objects)

Ice Cream/ Hey!

Sword/ Time is up. The top 5 are.

Gelatin: 118 Pen: 96 Eraser: 79 Masky: 61 Needle: 41

Sword/ These 5 contestants win.

Gelatin/ Yes! first place!

Sword/ Vote now.

Episode 13: The Wardrobe Search[]

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Dumb Objects!

(at the elimination area)

Sword/ Rocky and Leafy, I am sorry to say that you two got 4 votes out of 10.

Leafy/ So what is the tiebreaker.

Sword/ No tiebreaker. Both of you go home.

(Rocky and Leafy are flung)

Sword/ So the thing I want you to do is choose one of the eliminated contestants to be your helper in the challenge which is to find the silver wardrobe I hid.


Sword/ The teams are.

Firey and Leafy

Needle and Coiny

Bubble and Match

Eraser and Snowball

Pen and Blocky

Gelatin and Yellow Face

Ice Cream and Flower

Suitcase and Balloon

Teardrop and Woody (because Sword chose for this one)

Masky and Rocky (Because they were last to team)

Ice Cube and Nickel

Ruby and Pencil

Sword/ As for Pin, she is abandonned. So she is up for elimination.

Pin/ That is so unfair.

Sword/ Well the other option I almost used was disqualify you.

Sword/ Go! By the way the team that wins will be stay another day and the eliminated contestant on that team will rejoin!

Gelatin/ So Yellow Face, being eliminated unfair is bad eh? I'll give the both of us immunity.

Yellow Face/ Alright let's do it!

Ice Cream/ I think I may have heard that flower is mean.

Flower/ Shut up!!!!!

Pen/ Blocky, let's win this.

Blocky/ Yeah!

Yellow Face/ I found a bronze wardrobe!

Sword/ Which is the wrong one.

Gelatin/ And I found a silver one in this cottage.

Sword/ Gelatin wins! So Yellow face, you rejoin.

Yellow Face/ Yay!!!!!!!!!

Sword/ The rest are up for elimination.

Episode 14: Dare de vil[]

Sword/ Welcome back! BTW I have an announcement. Gelatin has the record for the most likes of any contestant in an episode. He got 6 likes, one more than Yellow Face, who had 5.

Gelatin/ Yes! (gets a hand made poop with bad smell and $100)

Gelatin/ This smells so bad...

Sword/ A total of 6 people voted for the annoying chicken to be eliminated.

Masky/ I think that is Eraser.

Sword/ Well, I would have voted for Eraser is I could.

Yellow Face/ Well I still have the record of elimination votes at 7 which I received in episode 2.

Eraser/ (gets flung to the COL)

Sword/ The challenge is to do a dare of my choice.

Suitcase/ I am nervous.

Ice Cream/ I will be fine cause I am almost like a daredevil.

Gelatin/ No reason to brag.

Sword/ Shut up! Anyways, Firey, you are first.

Firey/ Let me guess, it has something to do with water.

Sword/ Yep, poor 2 ml of water on you.

Firey/ (poors 2 ml of water on himself)


Firey/ Phew.

Sword/ That's cheating, so you are out.

Firey/ No fair!!!!

Sword/ Next: Needle

Sword/ I dare you to say Needy 5x.

Needle/ (slaps Sword)

Needle/ I won't do it.

Sword/ You are out too.

Sword/ Next: Bubble

Bubble/ Yeah?

Sword/ Drop 1 knife on yourself.

Bubble/ No! (Pops from the knife)

Sword/ You advanced to stage 2. Next, Pin.

Pin/ What is it?

Sword/ Jump in lava.

Pin/ NooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooOoooooooooooooOooooooo00000000ooooooo!!!!!!!!!!

Sword/ Shut up, you are out. Next, Gelatin.

Sword/ Jump in lava while drinking poison.

Gelatin/ (poors poison into his mouth while jumping in lava)

Gelatin and Bubble/ (recovered)

Sword/ You advance.

Pen/ I am next, rigt?

Sword/ Yep. You must do 100 push ups without getting out of breath.

Pen/ What/ (does it, but soon fails)

Sword/ You are out. Next is Ice Cream.

Ice Cream/ I have to jump in the giant freezer for 1 hour, right?

Sword/ Yep.

(After an hour, Sword opens the giant freezer with the lever)

Sword/ Ice Cream advances.

Sword/ Suitcase, you must jump in poison water.

Suitcase/ Why would I do that?

Sword/ I dunno, but if I am an idiot, I would do it. And Suitcase, you are out.

Sword/ Teardrop, your dare is to speak.

Teardrop/ .....................

(3 hours later)

Teardrop/ Oah!

Sword/ You advance!!!!

Sword/ Masky's turn.

Gelatin/ To fail.

Sword/ Shut up! Anyways, Masky, you have to cut yourself with a scissors.

Masky/ No way!

Sword/ Too bad, cause you're now out!!!

Sword/ Now it is Ice cube's turn, who's dare is to melt.

Ice Cube/ (shakes her head)

Sword/ Next, Ruby.

Sword/ Ruby, jump off a cliff.

Ruby/ Nooo!

Sword/ Too bad. Finally, Yellow Face, jump in dirty water.

Yellow face/ Nooo!!!

Sword/ So anyways, Gelatin, Bubble, Ice Cream and Teardrop advance to stage 2!

Sword/ Gelatin, you have to cut off your eyes)

Gelatin/ (cuts off his eyes)

Gelatin/ (recovers)

Sword/ Next, Bubble, kill Firey.

Bubble/ No.

Sword/ You are out! Ice Cream, eat Russell sprouts.

Ice Cream/ (does it)

Sword/ Teardrop, make a model of superman.

Teardrop/ (does not do it)

Sword/ So only Ice Cream and Gelatin advance to stage 3.


Sword/ Now time for stage 539. Just do a staring contest. I mean, Gelatin and Ice Cream are winning this. Start.


Ice Cream/ (blinks)

Sword/ So that means that Gelatin is the true daredevil.

Gelatin/ Yes!!!!

Sword/ Vote for one of the contestants up for elimination to be eliminated.

Episode 15: Stupid Sword[]

Sword/ Welcome back! Btw I am just gonna say it, Pin, you got 5 votes to be eliminated. So, you lose.

Pin/ What! (Gets flung to the COL)

Sword/ The next challenge is to build a model of me. I will judge.

Needle/ Sword's my no.5 enemy so I have to attack him. (makes a model)

Gelatin/ (throws a few knives at his model)


Sword/ Judging time, Firey you are first.

Firey/ Um, mine burned.

Sword/ That gives you an automatic 0.

Firey/ (walks away with a face ready to attack Sword)

Needle/ I am next!

Sword/ Wow, it looks so good, but for putting Stupid Sword, 8.

Sword/ Next, Bubble.

Bubble/ Here!

Sword/ 7.


Sword/ Ruby,you are the last person here. I will give your model a 9.

Sword/ Pen, Ruby and Gelatin win, cause they got 9/10.

Sword/ Vote one of the stupid contestants to lose.

Needle/ Stupid Sword.

Episode 16: Boiling Ball[]

Sword/ Welcome back to the game everyone!

Sword/ The eliminated contestant is Needle with 4 votes.

Sword/ Btw, someone voted for me to be eliminated.

Needle/ (gets flung to the COL)

Sword/ I have a new debuter, Knife.

Knife/ What's going on guys!

Blocky/ I rejoined the game.

Sword/ Fine. But, money.

Blocky/ (pays Sword all his money)

Sword/ (counts the money)

Sword/ You can come back.

Ice Cream/ Oh look, another unfair rejoin.

Sword/ Whatever.


Sword/ The challenge is bowling.

Sword/ Firey is first.

Firey/ (lights his ball on fire)

Ice Cream/ Holy crap that is like a boiling ball!

Firey/ (knocks 10 pins)

Sword/ Cheating makes it a zero.

Firey/ Aw come on!!!!

Blocky/ My turn!

Blocky/ (knocks 8 pins)

Sword/ Bubble's turn.

Bubble/ (ball falls of the edge)

Blocky/ Ha ha!

Sword/ Yellow Face.

Yellow Face/ (knocks 4 pins)


Sword/ Gelatin is the winner with 9 pins knocked.

Firey/ I knocked 10!

Sword/ With a cheat.

Sword/ Eliminate someone.

Episode 17: I'm Cristiano Ronaldo![]

Sword/ Welcome back to super dumb objects! Teardrop is eliminated with 4 votes and today's challenge is a noice match of soccer. The teams that you will sponsor are Real Madrid and Sociedad.

Teardrop/ (gets flung to the COL)

Sword/ I will set up this.

Real Madrid: Firey Knife Bubble Pen Yellow Face Gelatin (goalkeeper)

Real Sociedad: Ice Cream Masky Suitcase Blocky Ice Cube Ruby

Sword/ Real sociedad will start with the ball.

Suitcase/ (passes the ball to Ice Cream)

Ice Cream/ Blocky, take it! (Passes it to Blocky)

Blocky/ (dribbles the ball, does a tackle on Pen, kicks and misses the goal)

Gelatin/ Our ball! (High kicks the ball)

Yellow Face/ (tries to fall asleep for a minute)

Yellow Face/ (gets woke up by Firey)

Firey/ Knife is in a penalty against Real Sociedad's goal)

Ruby (goalkeeper)/ (focuses)

Knife/ (kicks the ball directly below Ruby and scores a goal)

Knife/ I'm Cristiano Ronaldo!

Blocky/ Shut up.

   1              0

Real Madrid vs Real Sociedad

Blocky/ (sets up a goal for Ice Cream)

Blocky/ (kicks the ball to Ice Cream when she is swinging her legs)

Ice Cream/ (accidently scores a goal)

Sword/ 1-1.

Gelatin/ (high kicks the ball to Knife)

Knife/ (scores his second goal of the match)

Knife/ Yeah!

Ruby/ (passes the ball to Blocky)

Pen/ (runs in and steals the ball from Blocky and scores a goal)


Sword/ The last minute if the 45 minute game is one second done.

Knife/ (dribbles the ball, scores a goal)

Sword/ (blows the whistle)

Sword/ The game ends, with a result of a home win 4-1.

Sword/ The players on the losing team are up for the elimination.

Episode 18:Hide and Seek[]

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Dumb Objects! Last time, it was a football match, and Real madrid won. Yellow Face was voted as player of the match for no absolute reason and Ice Cube got the fling with the same amount of votes as Yellow Face's record, at 7 votes.

Sword/ The challenge is Hide and Seek.

Tosser/ (flings Ice Cube to the COL)

Sword/ I will count. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.


Sword/ 999, 1000!!! So ready or not here I... (finds Firey) found you.

Firey/ Aw come on!!!!!

Sword/ (finds Ruby)

Sword/ Found you.

Sword/ (goes to the hotel, first floor)

Sword/ (finds all the rest except Pen and Gelatin)

Sword/ Found you all.


Pen/ Hey Gelatin, if Sword finds us both then who will win?

Gelatin/ Why not have a game of monopoly to see who wins?

Pen/ Ok.

Gelatin/ Let's play chess first.

Pen/ I will be white, you black.

Gelatin/ Ok.

Pen/ (moves his pawn to let his bishop and queen out)

Gelatin/ (does the same move)

Pen/ (moves his bishop)

Gelatin/ (moves his pawn to let the rook out)

Pen/ Hehehe. (Moves the queen)

Gelatin/ (spoils Pen's plan, by using the pawn to stop the queen)

Pen/ Aw crap!

Pen/ (moves his pawn to let the rook out)

Gelatin/ (uses the pawn to kill Pen's queen)

Gelatin/ You couldn't be any dumber, could you?

Pen/ Aw come on!

Pen/ (takes his rook)

Gelatin/ (brings out his queen)


Gelatin is left with:2 queens, 1 bishop, King, 1 knight' 1 rook, 2 pawns

Pen is left with:King, Knight, 2 pawns

Pen/ Uh oh. (moves his knight)

Gelatin/ (brings the queen down at the corner Pen's king is)

Gelatin/ Pen, you see those two pawns, and that queen)

Pen/ Um, I can't do this, or that.

Gelatin/ And Pen, you, are in checkmate.

Pen/ No! I lose!

Sword/ (goes to Gelatin and Pen's room)

Gelatin/ I need to use the toilet.

Sword/ Found you Pen!

Gelatin/ (gets out of the toilet) I win!!!

Sword/ Vote someone to be eliminated.

Episode 19: Sword is overly-nice[]

Sword/ Welcome back guys! Blocky is eliminated with six votes by the way.

(Blocky is flung to the COl)

Masky/ You know, Gelatin, it's not very fair if you win every dongle challenge since your unfair rejoin.

Sword/ Today, (11/19/14) is my birthday by the way.

Suitcase/ How old are you?

Sword/ 11.

Pen/ Liar.

Sword/ Fine. I uh, am 23 today, so as it is my birthday, I will give you all a day off.

Sword/ Btw, in case you were wondering, this is my job, to host this show.

Sword/ The eliminated contestants may come out now, but at the end of the episode, they have to go back home.

Sword/ Anyways, I don't know why, but for some reason InfinityBladeBFDI Pro. did not know who to hire as the host, so I randomly was picked.

Pen/ How much money have you made.

Sword/ Well Gelatin and Blocky paid me loads of money, but my salary from the company is a total of $280 only.

Sword/ Have fun.

Ruby, Match, Bubble, Pencil and Ice Cube/ (go into their house)

Eraser, Pen, Snowball and Blocky/ (go to their house to play UNO power grab)

Eraser/ Take 7 cards!

(inside Match's house!

Pencil/ We should make a chess tournament with us in it.

Match/ Omg, that is like, totally awesome.

(at Eraser's house)

Pen/ (gets the 4 towers)

Pen/ Yes!

Eraser/ Guys, still play for second place.

(In Washington, D.C)

Gelatin/ I am gonna rock at this video game)

Sword/ Btw, this show is set mainly in California.

(inside the house)

(Ruby is vsing Pencil)

Pencil/ Ruby, you sure about that?

Ruby/ Yep.

Pencil/ (brings her rook over)

Pencil/ Checkmate.

Ruby/ What!

Match/ You lost. So now be vs Bubble.

Bubble/ Okaiy!!

(in the other house)

Eraser/ Yes! I have no more cards!

Blocky/ Cmon Snowball, let's just continue this game already.

Snowball/ Surely you will won already!!

Pen/ Broken english.

(at Washington)

Gelatin/ (kills username Impostidiot3429 in the game)

Gelatin/ Yes!!

Coiny/ (looks over the countryside)

Coiny/ Best day off, ever.

(at the torturing area)

Torture man/ Knife, you are an object, so you can leave.

Knife/ Yes!!!

(Not long after)

Masky and the others with no screen time beforehand (other than Icy)/ (look over the countryside with Coiny)

Coiny/ I like this, Sword is overly nice.

Bubble/ I don't have a brain, so I'll just move here. (Makes a move)

Match/ (gasps) No! You checkmated me!

Icy/ How about me!

Match/ You can't play, but wanna play like, Minecraft afterwards?

Icy/ Yes.

Pencil/ So the final match, me vs Bubble.

Bubble/ You noiw Oim de oinly uone here dat is noit eliminoited.

Pencil/ Whatever, start.

(at the other house)

Blocky/ I win!

Snowball/ Ggggrrr.

(Not too long after)

Pencil/ Checkmate. I win.

Match/ And Pencil, wins the 2014 Pencil's alliance tournament!

Sword/ Hey girls, luckily, now every once in a while I will give a day off!

Match/ Let's count how many titles we have for the tournaments.

Titles: Pencil: 23 Match: 20 Bubble: 4 Ruby: 2 Icy: 1

Pencil/ Well that's it.

Match/ Now let's play some like, Minecraft!

Pencil/ Okey dokey!

(In Eraser's house)

Pen/ I lost all my cards, yes!!

Eraser/ Boom! I place second!

Snowball/ Not again!!!!

(In Washington, D.C)

Game/ GelaT0N wins, last man standing and most kills and terminations at 9 players.

Gelatin/ Yes!!!

Sword/ Time is up.

The eliminated comtestants/ (get flung to the COl)

The remaining contestants/ (teleported to Hotel Dumb Objects)

Sword/ Have a nice night! :D

Disclaimer: It is quite apparent based on Sword's character page that he was lying about his age and birthday.

Episode 20: Ice and Fire[]

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Dumb Objects! Today's challenge is ice and fire!!

Masky/ What!

Sword/ That's right, there will be 5 runners, 5 catchers.






Ice Cream


Yellow Face





Sword/ Catchers, count to 15.


Gelatin/ I see Yellow Face! Ice Cream, come with me, you three go to the other side to ambush him.

Gelatin and Ice Cream/ (run after Yellow Face)

Yellow Face/ (gets in one side of a house but gets ambushed.

Knife/ Ice!!!

Yellow Face/ Aw!!!

Gelatin/ Get Ruby!

Gelatin/ (gets freezejuice and throws it at Ruby) Ice!!

Gelatin/ (unfreezes Ruby)

Gelatin/ Guys, stop Masky!

Masky/ Fire! (To Yellow Face)

Gelatin/ (catches Masky) Ice!

Bubble/ (catches Yellow Face) Oice!

Gelatin/ Well we almost got them all.

Sword/ You have another 30 minutes.

Knife/ Ice! (To Suitcase)

Gelatin/ Guys, we have to find Pen!

(in the Empire State)

Pen/ My teleporter worked!

(back in California)

Sword/ Btw, if you have any teleporters,..

All the contestants except Pen/ Which we don't.

Sword/ You can use them twice.

Pen/ This might take a while for them.

Gelatin/ Hmm, I don't know where to find him.


Gelatin/ 1 more minute! Holy crap, how do we win now?

Ice Cream/ I know! (uses her detector)

Ice Cream/ I know.


Detector 5.0

Person: Pen (SDO contestant)

Location: Empire State

Teleport to: Gelatin (SDO contestant)

Gelatin/ Ice!!!

Pen/ What!

Sword/ The viewers will not vote, the eliminated contestants will and one will rejoin.

Flower/ Current in last always rejoins! Vote for me or I'll strech you!!

Woody/ (freaks out)

Coiny/ My elimination was due to a stupid money stealing! Vote for me and I'll kick Firey's ass!!

Nickel/ My elimination was because of an honest mistake.

Balloon/ I got eliminated cause of Gelatin!!

Snowball/ I deserve to win, not the losers!!!

Pencil/ I got eliminated for hitting Gelatin with a chair! What so bad about that?

Match/ Making Sword vomit isn't a good reason to eliminate someone. Vote for me.

Rocky/ (barfs)

Leafy/ I got eliminated for no reason. So vote for me.

Eraser/ Gavilans, vote for me!

Pin/ I am not a daredevil, ok! That's a bad reason to be out. And why didn't I use my immunity to keep me safe?

Needle/ Stupid Sword.

Teardrop/ .......

Ice Cube/ Aaah!!!

Blocky/ I got eliminated twice! What's up with that?

Sword/ Vote one of them to rejoin.

Episode 21: Hardcore Balls[]

Sword/ Welcome back to SDO! Someone will rejoin today!

(At the elimination area)

Sword/ Vote someone to be out.

Flower/ Yellow Face, cause, Sword broke my robot one.

Woody/ (taps Ruby's button)

Coiny/ Firey! (Taps Firey's button)

Firey/ Too bad, cause I'm not up for elimination!

Nickel, Balloon, Snowball/ (taps Ruby's button)

Ruby/ (hallucinates)

Pencil and Match/ (tap Yellow Face's button)

Rocky/ (barfs on Ruby's button)

Eraser and Pin/ (tap Ruby's button)

Pin/ We need some treasure.

Leafy/ True I guess. (Taps Ruby's button)

Needle/ (hits Sword's button)

Sword/ That won't count.

Teardrop and Icy/ (taps Ruby's button)

Pen/ Not like Icy knows why.

Blocky/ (taps Ruby's button)

Sword/ Ruby, you are eliminated.

Ruby/ (gets flung to the COL)

Sword/ Only Flower, Balloon, Eraser, Leafy and Teardrop got votes.

Every eliminated contestant except those 5/ (flung back to the COL)

Sword/ Balloon and Eraser got only one vote.

Eraser/ What! (He and Balloon are flung)

Sword/ Flower, second eliminated does not usually rejoin. And to prove it, you only got 2 votes.

Flower/ What! I will strech the 9 people who didn't vote me!!!

(Flower is flung to the COL)

Sword/ Leafy and Teardrop are left.

  Leafy: 1

Teardrop: 1

Leafy/ :(

Teardrop/ :|

  Leafy: 1234

Teardrop: 123

Sword/ Leafy rejoins.

Leafy/ Yes!

Teardrop/ (flung to the COL)

Sword/ With Leafy back, you are the final 10 again.

Sword/ The challenge is to find BLUE BALLS. Can be aquamarine, turquoise, cyan etc. Just not red or maroon balls.

Sword/ Go!!

Pen/ Here!

Sword/ Pen/ Congrats, you finished.

Suitcase/ (brings in a maroon ball)

Sword/ Sorry, I didn't ask for this.

Ice Cream/ (brings out a cyan ball)

Sword/ You finished.

Firey/ (brings a blue ball)

Sword/ The status is:

Status: Firey: Done Knife: Not done Bubble: Not done Yellow Face: Not done Gelatin: Not done Pen: Done Ice Cream: Done Suitcase: Not done Masky: Not done Leafy: Not done

Knife/ Here!

Sword/ A football? no!

Knife/ How about this blue bouncy ball?

Sword/Hmm, acceptable.

Knife/ Yes!

Masky and Suitcase/ (gives Sword blue balls)

Sword/ I am now waiting for Bubble, Yellow Face, Gelatin and Leafy.

Gelatin/ Not anymore! (Hands in Sword a blue ball)

Sword/ So that means that Bubble, Yellow Face and Leafy are up for elimination.

Episode 22: Holly Day[]

Sword/ Welcome back, today, I will do the elimination right away, Yellow Face got only 1 vote, Leafy got 2, and Bubble is eliminated with the common amount of 5 votes.

Bubble/ (flung)

Sword/ (brings all the eliminated contestants out)

Sword/ Today is another holiday!!

Everyone/ Yay!!

(at Eraser's house)

Blocky/ Let's make a UNO power grab tournament!

Pen/ Okay.

(At Pencil's hous)

Pencil/ Chess time. Me vs Match.

Match/ Okay. I am white.

(Moves her pawn)

Pencil/ (moves her pawn to let her queen come out)

Match/ (moves another pawn, giving Pencil space to checkmate Match)

Pencil/ (moves her queen) Checkmate.

Match/ What!

(Back at Eraser's house)

Pen/ First place, yeah!!

Eraser/ Now, battle for second.

BPES UNo power grab tournament November 2014 1. Pen

TBA Blocky

TBA Snowball

TBA Eraser

Eraser/ Okay, let's do this.

Gelatin/ Knife, join my MC world, we are gonna do a parkour race.

Knife/ Okay.

Gelatin/ Go!!!

Knife/ Winning, winning, ah shit!!

(At Pencil's house)

(Ruby beats Bubble in a chess match)

Pencil/ Me vs Ruby now.

(At Eraser's house)

Blocky/ UNO last card, uno game!!

Eraser/ What!!

Pen/ Now, only Eraser and Snowball.

(At Pencil's house)

Ruby/ Alright your turn.

Pencil/ I can't, it's checkmate, you won!

Ruby/ Yay!!

Coiny/ (looking down the countryside)

Coiny/ This is nice, Sword is now one of me best friends!

Sword/ (in the observatory) As if. He stole my money.

(In Eraser's house)

Eraser/ Yes!

Snowball/ Gggr.

BPES UNO power grab tournament Nov 2014 1.Pen Promotion to UNO Power |

        Grab object champions  |




(At Washington)

Knife/ I win!

Gelatin/ What.

Sword/ (flings all the eliminated contestants back to the COL)

Sword/ That's it.

Episode 23: Five Night's at Swordy's 2[]

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Dumb Objects!

(At the elimination area)

Sword/ Today you all vote who you want to be eliminated. And you get swap tokens.

Firey/ I vote Gelatin.

Gelatin/ What!

Knife/ Ice Cream!

Leafy/ Gelatin.

Masky/ Gelatin.

Gelatin/ Ice Cream.

Pen/ Gelatin.

Ice Cream/ Pen.

Suitcase/ Gelatin.

Sword/ Gelatin is eliminated.

Gelatin/ No! I use the swap token to swap my votes with Yellow Face.

Yellow Face/ And I will swap it with Ice Cream!

Ice Cream/ And I will swap back to you.

Sword/ Yellow Face, you have no more swap tokens, so you are eliminated again.

(Yellow Face is flung to the COL)

Sword/ The challenge is five nights at freddy.'s 2. you all get different rooms while me and

Knife/ Me!

Sword/ Me and Knife will walk around and if you are caught, game over.

Sword/ The first 4 to lose will put up for vote.

Sword/ Go!

(Sword set the time to night forever until he presses the day button)

Knife/ Walks to house no. 7 (Ice Cream is in it)

Ice Cream/ Um.

Knife/ (rushes to the office in house no. 7)

Knife/ (goes through the right air vent)

Ice Cream/ (winds up her music box)

Knife/ (jumpscares Ice Cream)

(in the fail room)

Ice Cream/ Aw crap.

(In house no. 1) (Firey is in)

Knife/ (walks to the main hall)

Sword/ (goes to the left air vent)

Firey/ Hmmm.

Sword/ (jump scares Firey)

Firey/ Aah!

Knife/ (goes to house no. 3) (where leafy is)

Sword/ (goes to house no. 5) (gelatin is in it)


Knife/ (jumpscares Leafy)

Gelatin/ (puts on the mask before Sword gets inside the room)

Sword/ (goes to House no. 4) (masky is in it)


(In house no. 8)

Knife/ (jumpscares Suitcase)

Suitcase/ Aaah!

Sword/ Wow, Gelatin was 7 seconds close to being attacked by the marionette.

Gelatin/ Phew.

Sword/ Vote for either Firey, Leafy, Ice Cream or Suitcase to be kicked off the show next episode!

Episode 24: 'Pushovers'[]

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Dumb Objects!

(At the elimination area)

Sword/ Leafy and Firey got no votes.

Leafy and Firey/ (get shoes)

Ice Cream/ Seriously? For the first time ever you gave prizes, and they were shoes?

Sword/ Well prizes are not actually needed this season, so I just did it for fun.

Sword/ Ice Cream is eliminated with 6 votes while Suitcase got 1.

Sword/ Ice Cream, your total time of competiting is 13 episodes.

(Ice Cream is flung to the COL)

Sword/ Eliminate someone again. (Through the confessionals)

(In the confessionals)

Suitcase/ Um, Firey.


Sword/ Firey, you are eliminated.

Firey/ What! Can I use my swap token?

Firey/ On Leafy!

Leafy/ Oh, you wanna play, on you.

Sword/ (Falcon kicks Leafy and Firey to the COL)

Sword/ I'm tired of these idiots.

Sword/ That leaves us with the final 5, Pen, Suitcase, Knife, Masky and Gelatin.

Sword/ The challenge is to drop someone off the balance beam.

Sword/ First two off, loses, go!

Masky/ (kicks Suitcase amd Knife off)

Sword/ Aw come on, really. Restart!!

Pen/ (pushes Knife and Suitcase off)

Sword/ Again!


Sword/ Again!!

Knife/ (falls on top of suitcase and they both fall)

Sword/ Fine. Knife and Suitcase are up for elimination.

Episode 25: Recap[]

Sword/ Welcome back to the show. I am too lazy right now, so, Knife got eliminated with 5 votes.

Sword/ Btw, everything was done off screen. The challenge was a knock off, it was sudden death, and Suitcase fell off, and she is now eliminated. But I'll do a recap.

Sword/ In episode 1, someone drowned Pen, and it was presumed to be Flower, Yellow Face., or the gelatin.

Sword/ In episode 2, 7 people voted for Yellow Face, eliminating him. The challenge was a race, some people fell in a ditch, Flower even sweared, Eraser almost lost but made it.

Sword/ In episode 3, Flower was voted off. I am so tired, and have small memory, so I will skip to episode 20.

Sword/ In episode 20, the challenge was ice and fire. Everyone was found quick except Pen, who was hiding in the empire state for whatever reason. Ice Cream teleported Pen to Gelatin, which caused him to be up for vote. Eliminated contestants were going to rejoin.

Sword/ In episode 21, Leafy rejoined, and most of the contestants voted Ruby off the show. This episode was to collect blue balls. In the end Yellow Face, Leafy and Bubble were up for the vote.

Sword/ (goes out of breath)

Sword/ In episode 22, I gave a day off because Bubble was eliminated.

Sword/ In episode 23, Yellow Face was eliminated by the contestants due to swap tokens.

Sword/ I'll stop here.

Episode 26: Race[]

Sword/ Welcome back to Super Dumb Objects!

Sword/ Today is the last episode before the finale! Btw, season two will be called, Super Smart Objects! Which is opposite of dumb objects! Anyways, today, the challenge is a race. The last person to get to the finishing line is eliminated, which means that he/she will be placed 3rd. Go!!

Gelatin/ (runs ahead of Pen and Masky)

Masky/ (sighs) I'm gonna lose. But let's not give up!!


Sword/ I still see Pen and Masky, but I don't see Gelatin.

Gelatin/ (still running ahead)

Pen/ (goes out of Sword's sight)

Masky/ (sighs) This isn't gonna go well.

Pen/ C'mon, we have to beat Gelatin.

Gelatin/ (reaches Checkpoint 3)

Pen and Masky/ (reach checkpoint 1)

Gelatin/ (running quick) I am gonna win this challenge, it's almost the finale, no more dhances. At all. (reaches Checkpoint 4)

Pen/ (reaches checkpoint 2)

Masky/ (falls into a hole and then quickly climbs out and reaches point 2)

Pen/ (trips on a rock, then gets up)

Gelatin/ (reaches checkpoint 6)

Gelatin/ Almost half done, so gonna win this. (Falls asleep)

Pen and Masky/ (reaches checkpoint 3)

Pen/ (overtakes Masky by far)


Gelatin/ (wakes up and realizes that Pen and Masky are just behind him)

Gelatin/ No!! (Zooms past Checkpoint 7)

Gelatin/ Almost at 8, going to win!! (Passes point 8)

Pen/ (passes point 7)

Masky/ (passes point 7)

Gelatin/ (passes point 9)

Gelatin/ (passes point 10)

Gelatin/ Well 9 was short.

Sword/ Wow, Gelatin is owning it.

Pen/ (passes point 8)

Masky/ (passes point 8)

Gelatin/ (passes point 10)

(Not long after)

Pen:Point 10

Masky:just reached point 10

Gelatin:point 14 (final)

Gelatin/ I'm tired, I'll sleep.


Gelatin/ (wakes up and realizes Masky and Pen are right behind him)

Gelatin/ What? (Falls into a ditch)

Masky and Pen/ (cross the finish line)

Gelatin/ (gets out of the ditch)

Gelatin/ What? (Crosses the finish line)

Sword/ Gelatin, sorry, but you lose.

Gelatin/ No! (says the f-word) I'll pay you my money to eliminate Masky!

Sword/ No. Gelatin, no. Not this time.

Gelatin/ Why?

Sword/ Because you're not giving anyone else a chance to win.

Gelatin/ But...

Sword/ No buts. No more.

Gelatin/ (gets flung to the COL) No!!!!!

Sword/ Well we have our final two, Pen, and Masky. Stay tuned!!

Episode 27: The Finale[]

Sword/ (teleports the eliminated contestants to the benches)

Sword/ Welcome to the finale of Super Dumb Objects!!

Sword/ The final 2 contestants are Pen and Masky.

Sword/ So the challenge is to race to an underground, far away, bakery.

Pencil/ What!! Out of all things they can do it would be to race to a stupid Bakery?

Sword/ I mean, the prize is there.

Match/ It better not be like, Oat meal raisin.

Sword/ Don't worry, it's cake.

Pencil/ What flavor.

MePhone4/ Egg flavor. (gets slapped by Pencil)

Sword/ Ice Cream.

Match/ Wow.....

Sword/ But it is only for show winners.

Pencil/ What! I won Battle for the Di...

Sword/ Well too bad you got there too late.

Owen/ But I won the first ever animated competition, Total Drama Island!

Sword/ (falcon kicks Owen to Canada)


Firey/ I think I heard that OJ went to the bakery after winning II.

OJ/ You bet!!

Sword/ Anyways, Pen vs Masky to decide who wins, go!

Masky/ Wait a minute, how do we even get there.

Sword/ I dunno. Figure that out yourself.

Gamey/ That's my line!

Pencil/ Um, Pen already started.

Masky/ Aah!

Pen/ (goes on a super long roller coaster that leads to the Object Champions Bakery)

OJ/ Pen, I'll meet you there.

Pen/ Okay. (The ride starts)

Masky/ Hmm, I heard it is in Goiky, where there is like an underground gondola that leads to it.

Ice Cream/ What the hell, are you talking about?

Masky/ I'll get there with a boat. (starts sailing)

Sword/ Eliminated contestants, whoever supports Pen come here, for Masky, go there and you can observe them.

(at the coaster)

Sword/ Help yourself!! (Teleports every eliminated contestant and himself to the bakery)

Sword/ You can't buy anything. Well, Pencil can, Firey can, OJ can, Leafy can.

OJ/ I'm already here.

Masky's ending[]

Masky/ (gets into the elevator)

Masky/ Hmm, bottom floor I believe.

Masky/ (goes down the elevator)

(at the roller coaster)

Pen/ (falls off the coaster)

Masky/ (rushes to the bakery)

Masky/ I win!!

Sword/ Your prize is oatmeal raisin cookies!

Masky/ What!

Match/ Liar liar pants on fire.

Sword/ And that is it!! But where is Pen.

OJ/ Pen fell off the coaster. He is injured.

Sword/ (takes Pen to hospital)

Pen's ending[]

Pen/ (falls off the coaster and lands in the bakery)

Sword/ Oh no, he is injured.

Masky/ (arrives) Ok, I lost.

Sword/ (takes Pen to hospital)

After both the endings[]

Sword/ That is the end. Season 2 is coming soon!

Pencil/ (kicks Sword into water)


Masky - 1st/2nd Place

Pen - 1st/2nd Place

Gelatin - 3rd Place

Suitcase - 4th Place

Knife - 5th Place

Leafy - 6th Place

Firey - 7th Place

Ice Cream - 8th Place

Yellow Face - 9th Place

Bubble - 10th Place

Ruby - 11th Place

Blocky - 12nd Place

Ice Cube - 13th Place

Teardrop - 14th Place

Needle - 15th Place

Pin - 16th Place

Eraser - 17th Place

Rocky - 18th Place

Match - 19th Place

Pencil - 20th Place

Snowball - 21st Place

Balloon - 22nd Place

Nickel - 23rd Place

Coiny - 24th Place

Woody - 25th Place

Flower - 26th Place


  • The fanfic's name was originally Who Is The Liar!
  • Sword was randomly picked to be the host.
  • When the fanfic was turned into a competition, Episode 9's script was going to be almost the exact same one in Episode 19, except with an extra, inappropriate scene, which was why it was not up.
  • InfinityBladeBFDI Pro. fired Gelatin and replaced him as Sword right before the show started, and made him a contestant.
  • The creator of the fanfic used to be a infinity blade player, which was his favorite game before Minecraft.
  • Sword got the most screen time as he is there usually at the start and end of the episode.
  • Pencil was originally going to be in the final two with a male contestant.
  • The actual reason the fanfic was made is because the creator saw NLG343's The Mafia.
  • Sword's favorite game is Five Nights at Freddy's.
  • Sword's job was originally to be a chef at a pizzaria.
  *However he got fired when he almost poisoned a customer.
  • When Sword was in Middle School, he used a ton of illegal drugs alot more then anyone else in his class.
  • Gelatin was fired from being the host because he tampered with the 'Amount of Followers'.
  • Sword used to be a concert pianist when he was a teen.
  • Sword had many different ambitions which changed overtime, but none of them were to host a competition.
  • The reason Sword's favorite game is five nights at freddy's is because at the pizzeria he used to work at is just like Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, as at midnight to dawn the chefs would search the pizzeria, and once they find a customer, except that instead of killing them, they would lock him/her in a room until dawn.
  • Flower has not competited for the longest in the season.