Super Dora is an OC created by TennisBallFan.

She was originally created as a joke but she stuck in her creator's head for so long so she became TBFan's official OC

She is Dora's sister


Super Dora looks like her sister except she has a cape with a "D" on it. Her hair has a curl in it.

Her original design featured a red cape intead of a blue one.


Super Dora is exactly like her sister. She likes eating islands and attempting to kill David. 



Super Dora has a chance to be in BFWB.

In the first round of the BFWB playoff(BFWB's voting system) she got 6 votes along with Brazil, Hawaiiery and Purple Top Hat which ranked her 3rd.

In the second round she got 3 votes along with Green Rocky which ranked her 8th.

In the third round she got 2.5 votes which ranked her 7th.


  • She can speak Spanish and English
    • Her voice is a little bit deeper than Dora's but somewhat high-pitched
  • She is a recommended character in BWFB


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