"This is my home page. The OSC will be invaded by Sunscreen! XD"

You have searched up Battle For Isle Sleep's challenge-taking alliance girl, who has become a trickster!

Coverage in BFIS

She formed an alliance like Pencil's, but a different kind that sets up lemonade stands, coughed dust in dodgeball, made beds and did a friendship talk as a poem.

Coverage in BFS

She invited Beachball into her alliance after realizing she and Bugspray weren't enough. She ripped the challenges, growling in the one with the cave; when Bugspray was eliminated she added Lemonade to the alliance, and when she was eliminated, Camera joined the alliance... when Camera was eliminated they didn't bother adding any more members.

Coverage in BFAS

She loved the wondrous underground Neon! Then, for the competition she joined Team Miami, and she is now friends with Mallet, since Bugspray was overly harsh and eliminated.

Coverage in BFSL

Bluesarethebest will have to answer this.


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