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{{Character|image = <gallery>
{{Character|image = <gallery>
Better Summer Camp Poster.png|2019
Better Summer Camp Poster.png|2019
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<gallery position="center">
[[File:SCPIcon0002.png|thumb|left|Click [[Summer Camp Poster/Gallery|here]] to view the gallery.]]
Summer Camp Poster 2016-2017 Body.png|His Old Asset
Summer Camp Poster.png|SCP's 1st Debut
tumblr_p3yd4uX5Hq1vep684o1_1280.jpg|His New Asset
New Summer Camp Poster.png|SCP's 2nd Debut
Summer Camp Poster Late 2018 Body.png|His Newer Asset
Late Styled Summer Camp Poster.png|SCP's 3rd Debut
Summer Camp Poster 2019 Body.png|His Current Asset
Better Summer Camp Poster.png|SCP's 4th Debut

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Summer Camp Poster is a OC created by Jariel.


SCP appears to be a picture from a Lost Island, without sand, and with hours.


Check at the infobox character.



Click here to view the gallery.

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