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Suitcase, labeled The Pushover, is a female contestant on Inanimate Insanity II. She was placed onto The Grand Slams


Suitcase is a small brown wooden suitcase. She has gold bars on her sides.


Suitcase is a passive, yet submissive individual. She tries her best to avoids conflict and tends to be a huge pushover. Because of this, people may take advantage of her gentle and compassionate demeanor.

Following her peaceful and passive traits, Suitcase is also very kind, gentle, empathetic, and tender towards everyone around her. She has a habit of keeping her feelings to herself and hides them from everyone. Suitcase is especially meek and tends to hide her emotions. This also makes her quiet sometimes, indicating that she only talks when necessary, as in "Rain On Your Charade", she blindly agrees with Nickel's rash statements when asked for affirmation.

Although she tends to be reserved, Suitcase is also quite timid, cowardly, pusillanimous, and easily frightened when alone, and commonly lacks the courage to do things on her own. In "Let 'Er R.I.P.", she is relieved to travel to the Purgatory Mansion with the rest of her alliance but is easily scared off by the mere beginning of Nickel's scary story.

Suitcase is displayed as the kindest character in the show, trying to help others whenever she can and is always giving emotional support to her friends. Unlike her former alliance member, Nickel, Suitcase is greatly trusting of other characters, she also treats everyone in a sweeter and kinder way than him. Suitcase befriends and deeply trusts Balloon, and goes to great lengths to include him in challenges, despite him being constantly ostracized by the rest of the Grand Slams.

Suitcase often feels pressured by other people, and will often follow orders despite not agreeing with them, such as stealing the battery in "Theft and Battery" or fetching a bucket underwater in "Kick the Bucket". These pressures are seen to build up stress inside Suitcase and cause hallucinations that torment her. When consolidated by Baseball or Knife when stressed, she shows off an extremely contemptuous and disdainful side, and she speaks rather insolently. However, when given the right motivation, Suitcase will stand up for herself and others for what she thinks is right, in spite of any repercussions.

Fan Fiction

Battle For Smash Ultimate

She is a playable character in it. She represents one of the multiple Inanimate Insanity characters.


Name Birthdate Nationality Origin Ethnicity Religion User
Sadie Tang N/A New Zealander New Zealand Filipino N/A speedyartanime
Shirley Masterson May 26, 2004 American Boston, MA Japanese, and Australian N/A NLG343
Sia Brooklyn June 14, 1996 American Bentonville, Arkansas British Athiest Chikako


April 28, 1997 Australian Adelaide, Australia Southern Asian and Māori Catholic KittyFan2004
Savanna Lastname June 26, 2000 Australian Whiteville, Australia N/A A Cars Life ScribbledEggs
Casey Leigh January 28, 2001 Australian Katherine, Australia Indigenous Australian, Irish, and German-Jewish N/A Opinduver
N/A August 5, 2003 Australian Melbourne, Victoria, Australia Australian Baptist U4Again
Sammi Ling December 20, 1996 Canadian Toronto, Ontario, Canada French-Canadian and Chinese Agnostic Kenny
Sydney Carabeo December 3, 1997 American Honolulu, Hawaii Filipino N/A Ze Tossere
Siobhan Verwey August 26, 1996 South African Durban, South Africa Irish, Indian and Dutch N/A Garagarahebi
Fely Irvine January 9, 1989 Filipino-Australian Davao City, Philippines Filipino and Scottish N/A ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Shana Muniz January 9, 1995 American Portland, Oregon Hispanic and Polish N/A LightbulbTheCanadian
Seina Kobe March 14 2006 United States New York N/A N/A ZanyWays217
Sadie Caseit August 16, 1999 Australian Perth, Australia Filipino and English N/A Hanjax70
Existsnot aka Suitcase January 12, 2000 Northeast United States Lansdale, PA 19446 English and Korean Catholic Existsnot
Suit Case July 12, 1977 British London, UK English Jackjackiii
Suitcase July 6th, 1998 American Florida, United States English N/A


  • Suitcase is in an alliance with both Nickel and Baseball.
  • Suitcase is best friends with Balloon.
  • Suitcase got the least amount of votes in one elimination, which is 48 votes.
  • Suitcase is the first female to join an alliance in Inanimate Insanity II.
  • Suitcase is also the only female in her alliance, and the second female in the entire series to be in one, the first being Taco.
  • Suitcase is the only female contestant on Grand Slams to be voiced by a male.
  • Suitcase is similar to Ice Cube from BFDI for many reasons:
    • Ice Cube and Suitcase have both wanted to join an alliance.
    • Both of the two are push-overs.
    • They are both females.
    • They are armless.
    • They have competed in the second season of their respective series.
    • Suitcase is the only rejoinder in the second season of Inanimate Insanity. Despite being eliminated seventh, she is still competing in the game.


Names in other languages

  • Valixhe - Albanian
  • 手提箱 - Chinese
  • Va-li - Vietnamese
  • Valigia - Italian
  • Matkalaukku - Finnish
  • Valise - French
  • Maleta - Spanish
  • Βαλίτσα - Greek
  • スーツケース - Japanese
  • Koffer - German
  • Hebrew - מזוודה
  • Ukrainian - чемодан
  • Filipino - maleta
  • Romanian-Valiza
  • Mala - Brazilian
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