Stupid Mash Pros is a Smash game containing object show characters. It used to be an "epic-er" version of Super Smash Bros. Most of the BFDI's specials come from BFDI The Fighters, due to Mr. Yokai not watching BFB at all. This is WIP!





  • Cake at Stake
  • Inanimate Insanity Infinity
  • Animania

Special Set

  • Balloony
    • Pop (Normal) - Balloony pops himself for some HP. The pop suprisingly launches enemies.
    • Inflate (Side) - Balloony inflates his head, pushing back opponent. If used in air, it's used upwards and pushes Balloony up by a bit. Can be used three times if in mid-air.
    • Balloon Trippy (Up) - Balloony inflates his head to maximum size, allowing him to fly up. If hit, he will immediatedly be popped and stunned until he hits the ground.
    • Head Bounce (Down) - Balloony inflates his head and is sent flying into the air. If used in air, he will land with a BANG.
    • Earth Shaker (Final) - Balloony smashes his thumb into the ground, causing an earthquake which damages all enemies on ground for ten seconds.
  • Book
    • Shield Bash (Normal) - Book bashes a shield in front of her. Holding down can resist SOME damage from the front.
    • Ball Throw (Side) - Book aims a ball at an opponent and throws it for maximum damage.
    • Burn Blast (Up) - Book creates a fire bomb under her feet. It then explodes, launching her upwards. If used on the ground, the fire bomb will cause a fire pillar to appear.
    • Tree Caster (Down) - Book creates a controllable circle. Once the special button is let go of or if the player uses it for 5 seconds, Book will cast a tree from below, launching contestants.
    • Star of Disaster (Final) - Book goes crazy and immediatedly converts into a more dangerous state, upgrading her moves.
  • Ichi
    • Shadow Sting (Normal) - Works as a melee and ranged attack. Melee stings the opponent for half of their damage and ranged shoots a shadowy blade.
    • Void Boomerang (Side) - Ichi throws three void boomerangs while lunging forward.
    • Rift Warp (Up) - Ichi creates a rift and warps to the desired location, reappearing with a BANG.
    • Shade Drill (Down) - Ichi's hands become a drill. He then burrows to the desired location. After a few seconds or letting go of the attack button, he comes back with a shadow projectile thrown upwards. In mid-air, Ichi slams down, ignoring pass-through platforms. Can't be used on pass-through platforms. However, you can't fall off while burrowing.
    • Beast of DOOM! (Final) - Ichi turns into a shadowy beast and pounces random contestants for high damage.
  • Rektangle (TSRITW made this one)
    • Square Fist (Normal) - Thrust your fist forward. Does LARGE KNOCKBACK but hard to land a hit.
    • Damage Station (Side) - Throw a damage station which damages all enemies near it for five seconds.
    • Geometry Dash (Up) - Jump on a Yellow Pad/Ring to boost yourself upwards, damaging enemies on the way up.
    • Raining Tacos (Down) - Rains down tacos which heal allies but hurt enemies.
    • Demonic (Final) - Grab an enemy and start doing massive damage attacks to it, ending with a colossal meteor fist strike. If he doesn't grab anything, he'll just explode with fury, damaging all enemies.
  • Joseph Howard (TSRITW also made this one, but only Normal, Side, and Up. The rest were made by me)
    • Badge Throw (Normal) - Teleport in the desired location and throw a badge in any angle.
    • Tree Grow (Side) - Grow a defensive tree using the "wisdom" from GreenTree. The tree fights back by tripping enemies who punch it, and meteor smashing them who punch it in MID-AIR.
    • Slot Roller (Up) - Joseph opens his mouth for three random effects. The effects are: More ATK but less DEF, more DEF but less SPD, and more SPD but less ATK. Can't be used for 1 minute after that. Effects last for 20 seconds. [Originally was called Darkness, Death and Fear. TSRITW said this: "Starts a slot roll. If Darkness, the stage cannot be seen. If Death, everyone dies. If Fear, all speed is multiplied by 6."]
    • Stardust Bomb (Down) - Joseph Howard spits a Stardust Bomb which explodes into Lunar Waves.


  • Earth Shaker is based off of Earth Lover, but instead of crushing the opponent for maximum damage, it creates an earthquake.
  • Lots of Book's specials are based off of the TWOWian classes on this.
  • Book's Tree Cast is a reference to (insert golden sun character from SSF)'s down special.
  • Book's final smash, Star of Disaster, is a reference to MFanthom's (I give credit to him) Possessed Book, and Miracle Star, the ripoff of TAWOG.
  • If one looks closely, they would realize that the normal specials are based off of the normal color Links. (Green, Red, Blue, Purple)
  • Book's up special was originally going to be Solar Twist until Mr. Yokai thought of the normal color Links.
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