Stupid Mash Pros. Object Shows WORLDWIDE is the continuation of Stupid Mash Pros. It has lots of new things you can't think of, and even NEW DESIGNS! Unfortunaly lots of characters will probably not return. CREDIT TO EVERYBODY!


Reminder; Hammock is not in PAP, but it's a CharlotteTheJigglyPuff contestants.

Fun Fact: Bubble used to be a fighter until Mr. Yokai implemented the Red & Blue Bubble, where Bubble was replaced with Leafy.

Unlockable Characters


Clash Run

This mode is similar to Smash Run. Only difference is how difficult it is.


Italics is tough enemies. Note: The Bold is just a special guest enemy who appears very rarely and gives out a GIGANTIC ALL STAR.


Did you realize that Red Bubble and Blue Bubble are here? Well, this is a reference to SSB4 Smash Run Bubbles. Except the only difference is the Red Bubbles in this game aren't weak to ice and the Blue Bubbles aren't weak to fire. BUT! Red Bubbles are weak to STRONG attacks, while Blue Bubbles are weak to NO-DAMAGE attacks.

The Bulborbs in this game are easier to tackle. To make up, Bulblord was added, which basically have the same stats as the one in SSB4, but have different attacks. And the Bob-ombs in this game are no longer pickups. They are now kinda weaker variants of the Bumpety Bomb.

Just in case, Doras are the most weakest enemies in the game. Doras don't have an attack and hence give no or VERY little stat boosts.

Because Gengars are basically Stage 2 of Gastly, that doesn't mean they are like Gastlies which have the ability to attack and do strong attacks. Their only attacks are basically Shadow Balls. (for Stage 2, think of the TCG)

Helmets are basically the same thing as saying Metalls. Only difference is they attack with a gun. Same goes with Fake Stuffwells; they're the same thing as saying Mimicuties but with way more OP attacks.

The $h4tm3m3 (yeah I decided to change the S to $) is basically a reference to Mr. Yokai's saying "Digimon is 100% better than Pokemon" because $h4tm3m3 says "P0K3M0N $UCKS!!!" and throwing plenty of Fiery Fastballs which look like Pokeballs but ripped up.


  • EnemyFest - It's either a Burrbo Fest, a Target Fest, a Winter Melon Fest, an AKEE Fest, or the RARE COP PENGUIN FEST.
  • Shrunk to Size - You're shrunken down to size!
  • Easy-Learner - You get to learn a different stat BETTER.
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