Sorry you can see the horn from Glitched Spider Zombie.

Strawberry Slushy is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230, and is Strawberry Juice’s younger sister.


She has a similar design to Strawberry Juice. However, her straw part that’s inside the drink cannot be seen from the outside. She is also a slushy instead of juice. The final difference is that she has a transparent plastic lid which has a hole for the straw to be put in.


Most of the time, she can be seen standing in the middle of nowhere. Nobody knows what her personality is apart from Strawberry Juice. She has seen Strawberry Slushy watching the news, and watching The Walking Dead out of all things. However, this does not tell you much about her personality.


  • -1, being the weirdo he is, drunk from her.
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