Test Tube's Night Solo - Still Awake (Parody of Portal's "Still Alive")

Still Awake is a Portal "Still Alive" parody, where Test Tube watches six characters fall asleep, then time travels to see her 1:40 AM sleeping self.

What Test Tube Does

  1. She hypnotizes Marshmallow's eyes with a vortex.
  2. When Cheesy is lying in bed, she puts a benadryl tablet in his mouth so he falls asleep.
  3. She tells Paper to go to someone better, though tricking him with the Sandman so that he falls asleep.  Then she gazes at him.
  4. She turns off Lightbulb, who then falls asleep because she's not bright.
  5. She watches Nickel doze off to sleep in bed.
  6. She shoots a laser with her finger putting Suitcase to sleep.
  7. She time travels to the middle of the night and gazes at herself sleeping!


This was a triumph.

I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS.

It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.

Dormant-esque Science

We do what we must

because we can.

For the good of ev’ryone who hasn’t fallen asleep.

But there's no sense crying over every mistake.

You just keep on trying till you run out of cake.

And the Science gets done.

And you make a neat gun.

For the people who are still awake.

I'm not even angry.

I'm be-e-ing so sincere right now.

Even though you just gave me a sickness

And put me in my bed, and turned out the lights all over me.

When you did it hurt because I was so happy for you!

Now these points of data make a beautiful line.

And we're out of beta.

We're releasing on time.

So I'm glad I’m lying down.

We found potions in this town

for the people who are still awake.

Go ahead and leave me.

I think I prefer to stay inside.

Maybe you'll find someone else to help you.

Maybe my Sandman



Anyway, this cake is great.

It's so delicious and moist.

Look at me still talking

when there's Science to do.

When I look out there, it makes me gaze right at you.

I've experiments to run.

There is research to be done.

On the people who are still awake.

And believe me I am still awake.

I'm doing Science and I'm still awake.

I feel FANTASTIC and I'm still awake.

While you're dozing I'll be still awake.

When you’re asleep I will be still awake.


Still Alive vs. Still Awake

The lyrics to this song are similar to the lyrics of "Still Alive", edited to be about sleep instead of death.

Differences Between the Songs
Still Alive Still Awake

"Aperture Science"

Aperture science is what Portal uses for the death.

"Dormant-Esque Science"

"Dormant" means "sleeping", and dormant-esque science makes people fall asleep.

"For the good of all of us except the ones who are dead"

"For the good of everyone who hasn't fallen asleep"

"Even though you broke my heart and killed me, and tore me to pieces, and threw every piece into the fire"

The singer explains how the victim tried to kill her.

"Even though you just gave me a sickness, and put me in my bed, and turned out the lights all over me"

The singer says the victim tried to make her sleep.

"So I'm glad I got burned, thing of all the things we learned of the people who are still alive"

"So I'm glad I'm lying down, we found potions in this town for the people who are still awake"

In both cases she's saying she's glad the victim did that to her because she just learned how to do it to others.

"Maybe Black Mesa"

Black Mesa is a deathly game.

"Maybe my sandman"

Mr. Sandman is a fictitious character who really gets you to sleep soundly.

In both cases, the singer said, "Feel free to leave me and visit someone else you'd rather see", suggesting an example, however tricking the victim because it would harm him the way she wanted.

"It makes me glad I'm not you"

If she looks at a dead body, she'll imagine being the dead body herself and she'll be lucky this isn't true.

"It makes me gaze right at you"

Someone lying asleep is easily gazed at like a peace symbol.

"While you're dying I am still alive, and when you're dead I will be still alive"

"While you're dozing I am still awake; when you're asleep I will be still awake"

Dozing means starting to fall asleep.

"Still Alive"

"Still Awake"

(the obvious pair)


Inanimate Insanity Fan Animation Test Tube's Big Solo


  • The blankets have been rounded on the edges, and the pillow is a miniature of Pillow (just like miniatures of Rocky, Pencil and Rubber were used in Inanimate Insanity).
  • I might actually gaze at someone sleeping.  I don't know how to explain my view in words.
  • The time traveling was inspired by a Calvin & Hobbes story.
  • It uses my assets because my asset eyes express the topic more easily.
  • This video was influenced by the video to the right.
  • The X's with Z's on them mean the characters are eliminated from the list because they're asleep.
  • When an X-Z is used to remove a character from the list, the character has a sleeping face when the X-Z lands on him/her.  This idea took some time to come.
  • The time machine she uses to look at herself sleeping is the same as the one displayed when she sings "we're releasing on time".
  • There is an exact 50-50 gender split among the characters put to sleep; the males are Cheesy, Paper & Nickel and the females are Marshmallow, Lightbulb & Suitcase.
  • When Test Tube says, "Maybe my sandman", Sandy (a rec. in BFS) shows up.


Test Tube is open at the top, but when she's lying down nothing spills.  This happens when she sings "so I'm glad I'm lying down" and when she looks at her sleeping self.

Paper's body is flipped when he turns to face the other way, but neither of those bodies is his back.

Also, the objects may look unfamiliar in my assets, because of the long arms (when I made those assets it didn't occur to me the arms should be short), etc.


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