Sticker aka Too Clingy is a contestant of Fight for It. 1 2 3 Go!


Sticker is a white to navy gradient with a pinkish "AIA" on the top right on a yellowish white base.


Sticker is very clingy to people she likes and friends, she hates being neglected and fights for attention JUST so she can interact with her friends.

Due to her clinginess, she can be seen as a pest or annoying, and as much as she gets upset about it, she still keeps the same "poker face"

She acts like a "tsundere" towards Map due to how (quoted by her) "annoying and ridiculous the words that comes out of his mouth"


  • Sticker is one of the minor soccer related objects as the gradient sticker that she is, is a reference to the Tottenham Hotspurs 18/19 kit.
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