Steely is a Mary Sue object made by Memekai.


Her personality is the same as a Mary Sue; doesn't fight with a sword, is weak but manages to beat up strong enemies, pretty much she's perfect. Has lots of friends, and basically, when she's eliminated, EVERYBODY EXCEPT MEAN CHARACTERS SCREAM ABOUT HER ELIMINATION. Like, WTH?!?!?! However, Kabloom seemingly proves that everybody loves Steely because she seems to sprayed herself with "Love Juice". Kabloom hates her when she's not around.


None yet.


Same as a Mary Sue.


  • Steely is officially not Memekai's mascot, but Memekai decided to make one. If he makes an object show Memekai eventually wants Steely eliminated early in the game. Mostly for being a Mary Sue.
  • Steely is the first Steel object not to be circle.
  • Steely is probably Memekai's least favorite OCs along with Lord Voldermatar.


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