Star bows

star bow is an OC created by epic lunch box

his personality is cool and everything about is epic

he's pretty awesome at skateboarding he likes to have a great time at sports he can a saxophone super awsome he can even rap his life is epic in every way he will keep going for the win even if he has to go on his own he usually fights people that bother to bully him he will always try his best on stuff he can do he was originally a contestant on an object show his creator made called object meltdown but it got canceled but the creator decided to bring it back after that the creator had a hard choice on if wanted to change the gender or not but he was fine with that star bow is the epic guy who always wanted to meet bow from inanimate insanity he wanted to meet her and become bow's boyfriend so he couldn't sense she died which made him super sad when doh was around he got angry when they replaced her with doh and he hated him but when saw the episode where bow was a ghost he was so happy his hopes and dreams came but he went to the background once without being seen and went in the mansion he isn't seen or known in the episodes but he decided to be hidden from the episodes and even bow, marshmallow, or apple knew he was there but he decided to keep hidden so once he decided to be the epic guy and be cooler and epic than usual so every day in that mansion he stay hidden from the mansion he sees bow, apple, and marshmallow around there while hidden but there are times he skateboared in the masion almost caught by them so he stayed hidden from them and just kept coming with idea's and never let it in his head but he knows one day they will him and he knows that masion will have it's first male living there for the entire yay and year

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