Star Wand is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Star Wand is in the shape of a pole, with a yellow star with his face on it. The pole is yellow and pink. On this pole are his legs and arms.


Star Wand is a magician that believes in magic. He has lots of friends, but his skill is used to play pranks on others. Blue Tetramino says he’s friends with him, but his only interaction with Star Wand are telling him to do magic tricks. One day, Star Wand will get his revenge, but he’s too polite to do anything to hurt him. Star Wand’s nice nonetheless, and likes to educate people about magic.

The Great OC Race

Star Wand is pretty good at Great OC Races. In The Great OC Race, he came 4th. He had an Escape Ticket which he used to kick Blue Tetramino out of the Safe Zone. In The Great OC Race 2, he rejoined (was eliminated in Round 3), and came 3rd.


  • Star Wand dislikes Harry Potter.
  • Star Wand’s Star turns white when he’s using magic.
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