Star Sticker is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Star Sticker is a small sticker. On the back of him is some sticky substance that allows him to stick to walls. This makes him quite good at parkour, along with Hook. One of his points is folded into him (this was originally going to be his arm, as he was originally going to be armless). He has both arms and legs.


Star Sticker has tried to impress people, but has always failed. All he wanted to do was see the reactions of audiences when he was entertaining people. However, most people don’t have any interest in what he has to offer, driving him to being a mediocre person who doesn’t really have many friends. He is very critical about other’s work and can get into rages.


  • As of his creation, he is the 7,750th page.
    • This is actually not true, as the page was going to be that number, but during his creation, a mass-Deletion took place. He was only page #7,743.
  • He is somewhat good friends with Glasses Case.
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