Sprinkle is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Since Sprinkle is just a pink sprinkle, there’s not much to him. The most fascinating part about him is his size. He’s smaller than Pea and Baked Bean! He is only 0.2cm tall, which is possibly the smallest OC on the entire wiki.


Sprinkle is similar to Pea since they’re best friends, but Sprinkle isn’t mean to people as much. He is actually helpful and is able to spy on people. The one thing people dislike about him is that he needs to be recovered a lot. The only people who are friends with him are the people who have the sanity to recover him all the time.


In The ButterBlaziken Show!, Sprinkle appears in the episode Toy Cars. He plays with his toy cars with Pea, who also plays with them. So far, that is his only appearance.


  • He likes the YouTuber, TheOdd1sOut.
    • He also likes watching unboxing videos.
  • Confirmed by the creator, he has no gender, but he uses male pronouns.
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