Spring is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Spring is a small curled piece of metal that can move vertically very quickly by bouncing it’s curved body. This metal wire is blue, but is slightly purple, depending on the way you look at it. The one important thing about this OC is that he’s ButterBlaziken230’s first limbless OC. Despite having 120+ OCs at the time of Spring’s creation, a limbless OC had never been created. At least, this is what was believed. Turns out that Mechanical Claw was made before this guy.


Spring is an excitable and eccentric person who is pretty hype. He doesn’t do crazy things to get out his energy unlike Gibberishy (who is actually friends with him). Spring often gets annoyed and bullied by Evil Blaster’s Alliance, but he’s been seen to fight back. Whenever he fights back, he gets a massive confidence boost that suddenly makes him think he is the coolest guy alive. He often gets mocked for thinking this.


  • The second limbless character was planned to be Rope, but the idea was scrapped...
    • ...until BFN2 made Rope for himself.
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