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"Hey! That's stealing, you know!" - Suitcase in Inanimate Insanity
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Sponge, labeled The Tough and Absorbent, is a contestant on Object Oppose and was a member on Team Ever Glue Stix.


Sponge, a square-shaped cellulose sponge, enjoys sports and other outdoor activities. Shown in Race in Order, he is sometimes competitive through competition. He is athletic, but not bright, mentioned by Gear in episode 2 of Object Oppose.

Object-Oppose Sponge Pose


  • Sponge was going to be a cube, but he's a flat.
    • Mostly all sponges are flat.
  • Sponge is similar to Trophy from Inanimate Insanity.
    • They are both jocks.
    • They both competitive.
    • They both have arms and legs.
    • They were the first member on their team to be eliminated.
  • Sponge is also similar to Paper from Inanimate Insanity.
    • They're both flat.
    • They're got eliminated first before anyone else.
  • Sponge used to be the only contestant that has arms on Team Ever Glue Stix before Cookie came.
  • Most sponges are shape like rectangles. Unlike Sponge, he's shaped like a square.
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