Splattershot is an OC by Blue Tennis Ball.


Splattershot speaks with indecipherable high-pitched gurgling, sounding in someways like real words. She is usually a friendly person, but she has a weak spot: the tank she carries on her back.


  • She is based off of the Splattershot, a weapon from the third-person shooter game Splatoon.
  • Her pose was made by Cillilll
  • She has an ask page.
  • She was sent a form to be recommended in Object Lockdown, so there is a chance she will appear in an episode!
  • Bokurei stated that making an ask page about someone who can't speak English and talks inaudibly (like Splattershot) was "absolute genius."
  • Splattershot is the first video game weapon-related character created by Insanipedia. The second is Wispon.


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