Spikey Square is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Spikey Square is a blue square. Technically, he’s not a Square since he has a lot of jagged spikes on his body, but he’s still a square since the abundance of spikes in a line could be counted as a line. Spikey Square has glowing red eyes, an indicator that he’s a bad person. He can usually be seen with a knife in his hand or on his back, since he has the power to stick it to his back. Spikey Square has both arms and legs.


Spikey Square tried to look out for others by creating another alliance with different goals to the goals of Evil Blaster’s Alliance and White Spoon’s Alliance, but they failed. This turned him into an evil person with hatred for others. He can get very aggressive, fighting his enemies and usually stabbing them with his knife. He has some care in him that can only be seen when he’s alone, since he hates the company of others.


  • He was originally going to have claws, but he didn’t need them to be powerful.
  • He is friends with Black Domino.
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