A picture of her.

“You’ve been nothing but a bummer and a burden to our team!” - a quote by her in CFOS 6: Gobble It Up

Spikey Ruler is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Spikey Ruler’s body is a yellow ruler, but vertical and covered in sharp metallic spikes. In the middle of this body is her face. At the bottom of her body is her legs. Just below her face, are her arms.


Spikey Ruler is imaginative - she always helps out people in a sticky situation by coming up with a creative solution. When people reject her ideas and/or don’t allow her to be in charge, she becomes sad. This is because she believes her help is necessary and that they’ll thank her if she helps.


In CFOS (Clash For Object Supremacy), Spikey Ruler was a team captain of The Imaginators. She, however, isn’t well-received by her team because in CFOS 3: Fire Away Your Fears, she was nearly kicked out of the role of team captain. This was because the team thought that Broken Bone would be a better team captain.

In CFOS 6: Gobble It Up and onward, Spikey Ruler loses her creativity and starts to become a ruder leader, often not partaking in challenges and using her team to win. She also becomes quite irresponsible, as she forced Broken Bone to make her breakfast. What’s strange is that 3 episodes earlier, they were self-aware about Spikey Ruler’s leadership skills. But as they’ve gotten worse, they’ve cared less and less.

Later that episode, she tries to expel Broken Bone from the team for trying to expose her. However, he got his revenge by telling Question Box about what she did. Their team is then up for elimination, where she was eliminated with the most votes.


  • She was originally going to be a boy.
  • Spikey Ruler originally had no spikes, but ButterBlaziken230 wanted the character to be a bit more unique.
  • Spikey Ruler often causes damage with her spikes and her large size. She feels really bad when she damages something.
  • Spikey Ruler works really well with Match and Pencil.
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