Spikey Emerald Pickaxe is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Spikey Emerald Pickaxe is based off of an item that players of Minecraft have longed to be in the game - a Spikey Emerald Pickaxe. It’s like any old pickaxe, but it’s green. However, this pickaxe has green spikes around the part used for mining. He has arms and legs.


  • His mining Efficiency is slightly higher than the diamond pickaxe.
  • His durability is just below the diamond pickaxe’s.

Knowing this makes this tool a glorified golden pickaxe.


Spikey Emerald Pickaxe, like Medally, is a bragger. However, he brags about stuff in his Minecraft worlds. When you’re around him, he’ll say stuff like, “Guys! In my Minecraft world I have a stack of diamonds! It’s all done in survival!” or something like that. Lots of people dislike him. Even a gullible, naive person like Crystal Towery can see right through him.


  • If angry, he can set himself ablaze.
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