Spider Key is an OC created by ButterBlaziken230.


Key’s body is in the shape of a cartoony grey key. He has two arms, one on one of the points, and one on the side. He has several legs that he somehow controls.


Spider Key is very bossy, and if he gets the chance, would become a team captain. He’d take it to the extreme more than any contestant in Clash For Object Supremacy has done. Also, he likes to use his excess of legs as an excuse for things. This Personality makes people dislike him. He doesn’t have any friends, because his past friends he bossed around too much, and they didn’t want to be his friend.


  • Spider Key is actually a slow runner, despite all of his legs.
  • His mouth was originally going to be the keyhole.
  • He was originally going to be yellow, but ButterBlaziken230 thought it was unoriginal, as many key characters were yellow before.
    • Some of these characters include Key from Challenge To Win And Key from The Strive For The Million.
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