—Speed Dicey, Deviantart

Speed Dicey is a female contestant battling on Object Tribute, a show that is yet to come out. She also has four legs.


Speed dicey is a light blue monopoly speed dice. Her top has two legs running which resembles the monopoly man running. On her left side (her point of view), she has 3 dots resembling the 3 on the dice. On her right, she has a bus resembling the bus on the actual game speed dice. On her back is a big single dot resembling 1. On her bottom is yet another bus. Her face resembles the 2 on a dice (eyes being each dot). She has four legs to maximize the level of cuteness.


She is a sweet but anxious little dice. She may not seem like much but she is a massive fan-girl of Dr. Strange (Marvel) and has the same abilities (like the portals and all that stuff). She is also very curious and adventurous

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