Spade is lazy, Self centered and rude. He thinks everything will be handed down to him and lets his sister do all the work and pay all the rent for him. He is very apologetic and will apologize for his actions. He cares for his sister deep down inside.

Spade can also be very picky, demanding Bucket to buy him a new couch the second he doesn't like it, he has his reasons, as he says he might snap in half due to the couch being "too hard" for his structure, however this is probably and excuse, as he shows no pain relaxing on the couch later on.


Spade is a plastic red spade with a big handle and flat scooper.


  • Spade is the main character of MO.
  • Spade is the first character to be introduced
  • Spade is the first character to get a line.
  • He also had a music video called "My Name Is Spade". Link:
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