Sonicblaster203's Game

Characters:           Firey (BFCK Pose 2).pngYoyleberry (character).pngPin (New BFCK Pose).pngClover.png379px-Ice Cube Pose (1).pngSouly.pngCauliflower.pngGolfBallPose.pngPickle Pose.pngACWAGT Marshmallow Pose.pngBlocky (New Pose 2).pngMatchPencil Pose (1).pngBalloon Pose.png200px-AppleCreation.pngPaintbrush Pose.pngACWAGT Knife Pose.pngTennisball BFDI.png200px-HD David.pngDora Mouth Open.pngSnowball Pose (1).pngSalt Pose.pngPepper Pose.pngACWAGT Trophy Pose.pngACWAGT Tissues Pose.pngACWAGT Cheesy Pose.pngACWAGT Microphone Pose.pngTestTubePro.png200px-BoxBoxIdle.pngLightbulb Pose.pngYellow Face Smile 1 Talk0003.pngBlack hole idol.png110px-Evil Leafy.PNGKite.png

Episode 1 (The Start)

Globe (Host): Ok, its time to Start.

Globe (Host): There are 34 Contestants.

Globe (Host): So the teams are...

Pepper: Oh! Uh, can i be a leader?!

Globe (Host): NO You have to win the challenge.

Pepper: F**k!

Globe (Host): Ok, The challenge is a Race, First and Second are the leaders.

Globe (Host): GO!

Salt: Hey Pepper!

Pepper: What?

Salt: Tag! Your it!

Pepper: >:3

Trophy: Move out of my way! *Shoves Kite*

Kite: Hey what was that for?!?!

Apple: Marshmallow, Isn't That box weird?

Marshmellow: ...

Lightbulb passes infront of Blocky*

Pencil: Wait up match!

Match: Ok... *Slows down*

Pin, Ice cube, Blackhole and Kite pass infront of Pencil and match*

Firey: Darn i'm In last!

Paintbrush: Yay! I Won!

Globe (Host): Paintbrush is the first leader. Lets see who's second.

Test tube trips on box*

Test tube: Ow!

Tennis Ball finishes Second*

Globe (Host): Ok. We have the leaders, Tennis ball and Paintbrush.

Globe (Host): Paintbrush sense you won first, you get to choose first.

Paintbrush: Ok, I pick Lightbulb.

Lightbulb: Ya!

Tennis ball: I pick.... Uh Golf ball!

Paintbrush: Apple!

Tennis ball: Icy!

Paintbrush: Marshmallow!

Tennis ball: Pin!

Paintbrush: Balloon! NOT i pick Test tube instead >:D

Balloon: HEY!

Tennis ball: I pick, Salt.

Paintbrush: Blackhole, I guess.

Tennis ball: Pepper.

Paintbrush: Pickle.

Tennis ball: Kite.

Paintbrush: Knife i guess.

Knife: Finally!

Tennis ball: Microphone.

Paintbrush: Pencil.

Tennis ball: Cheesy.

Paintbrush: Match

Tennis ball: Blocky

Paintbrush: Yellow face

Tennis ball: David

Paintbrush: Evil leafy?

Tennis ball: Dora

Paintbrush: Box...

Tennis ball: Trophy...

Paintbrush: Snowball

Tennis ball: Tissues...

Paintbrush: Souly

Tennis ball: Callyflower

Paintbrush: Clover

Tennis ball: Firey

Paintbrush: Yoyle berry

Globe (Host): Ok thats it! Now time for the real challenge.

Globe (Host): The challenge is Rock climbing challenge! With teaps... >:3

Globe (Host): Go!

Tennis ball: Come on! Climb!

Kite: Ugh i hate this thing...

Trophy: GET OUT OF MY WAY! *Punches Dora*

Paintbrush: Trophy!

  • Pin makes it to the top*

Pin: Yay!

Globe (Host): Wow. That was quick.

Globe (Host): Team Paintbrush lost. So Viewers vote someone off on team Paintbrush.


Episode 2 (Survive with a Yus!)

Globe (Host): Guess what time it is?

Firey: Elimanation time already? (AGAIN)

Globe (Host): Yes. We have 6 Votes. Lets get started.

Globe (Host): Objects Safe with 0 votes are....




Pickle: YUS!



Yellow face!

Test tube!



Yoyle berry!





Evil leafy!

Globe (Host): Now its down to Blackhole and trophy...

Globe (Host): THE LAST ONE SAFE IS!!

Globe (Host): Blackhole!

Globe (Host): Trophy, you are elimanated.


Globe kicks trophy into solitary confinement*

Globe (Host): Time for the next challenge.

Lightbulb: Wow that was dramatic...

Globe (Host): The next challenge is a Survival. There will be a fan trying to suck you in. You have to survive it. Last one standing wins it for their team. Go!

Pencil: Guys i have a plan! Who can grab on to these bar thingys stuck to the ground!

Match: Good idea!

Match and pencil grab one*

Snowball: I dont need your plan i have my ow-

Snowball gets sucked in*

Golf ball: Why is evil leafy just teleporting near the fan?!?!

Tennis ball: I Dont know... Shes weird.

Icecube: Oh no! Help penc-

Icecube gets sucked in*

Pencil: Wait what?... Nvm.

Blocky: Why do i have to be in this without ERASER!!! Or pen...

Balloon: Beacuse your a bunch of!

Balloon gets sucked in*

Globe (Host): Times up! Wait i did not mention that >:D But lets see who has the most left...

Globe (Host): Looks like paintbrushes team is up for elimanation (AGAIN)


Episode 3 Wuz up

Globe (Host): Ok we have our votes. Objects safe with 0 votes are...








Test tube!



Yellow face!


And Yoyle berry!

Safe at 1 vote is...



Its down to Evil leafy and Souly....

The last one goes to Souly!

Evil leafy is elimanated.

Globe (Host): Next elimanation there will be likes for prizes. So the challenge is a Fighting tornament! All the characters will battle at the same time Paintbrush's Team V.S Tennis ball's. GO!

Snowball: I Don't need help for this challenge!

  • Snowball Puches David of the plate*

Dora: No yo no! (Spanish for no not me)

  • Snowball Punches Dora off the plate*

Everyone on paintbrush's Team starts beating up people*

Globe (Host): Wow that was short.... So Team Paintbrush wins!

Globe (Host) Lets go to the elimanation.


Pin: Come on guys get to the elimanation go go!

Blocky: Whatever....

Globe (Host): Time for the elimanation! Come on! Globe (Host): Ok. Lets see who got the prize. Beacuse we added prizes.

Globe (Host): The ones who got 0 votes are...

Everyone exept for TB microphone Pin and Firey.

Firey: Yes! I Might get the prize


Tennis ball: Not to loud turn it down!

Microphone: Ok sorry.

Globe (Host): The objects with one vote are... Microphone firey and pin!

Globe (Host): Tennis ball, you win the prize?

Tennis ball: Oh boy! What is it?

Globe (Host): You get a voodoo doll of Snowball!

Tennis ball: Yay!

  • Pokes a needle through it*

Snowball: OW!

Tennis bell: Heeehee!

Globe (Host): Ok to the elimanation. The objects safe with 0 votes are... Everyone exept for Dora, David, Blocky, And GB!

Blocky: What no! I WILL NOT LOOSE THIS AGAIN!!!!!!!

Globe (Host): Safe with only one vote is... GB and blocky!

Golf ball: Yes!!!!

Blocky: WOOT!

Globe (Host): Its down to Dora and David. The last one safe is.... DAVID! Dora you are elimanated!

Globe (Host): David had 2 votes and Dora had 3, So we had a total of 7 votes for each one.

Globe (Host): Ok time for the challenge! The challenge is a video game making challenge! I will judge.

Tennis ball: Uh i pick... David! Go make a game!

David: Aw Seriously?

Tennis ball: Yes seriously.

David: Aw Seriously?

Paintbrsuh: Uh... Who wants to go i cant diecide!

Apple: I'll Go i guess.

Paintbrush: Ok go for it!

Globe (Host): Ok so apple and david. Get making!

10 hours later.

Globe (Host): Uh david i give it a 4/10...

David: Aw Seriously?

Apple's turn.


Globe (Host): Ok! I give it a 7/10!

Globe (Host): But that was only the first part. The second one is... a Slender challenge!

Globe (Host): You will survive. Ready? Go!

Yellow face: Guys! LETS FIND A PLACE TO HIDE!!!!

Firey: Shut up yellow face this is slender! He might hear us!!!

Later... Beacuse it was a long challenge.

Globe (Host): Ok paintbrush's team wins! That means we have to do the tie braker.

Globe (Host): Like always you will have to brake a neck tie! Go!

  • Snowball try's to rip the tie*

Tennis ball: Oh no you dont!

  • Kicks the doll*

Snowball: Ow! F**k!!

  • Snowball Kicks Tennis ball*
  • Paintbrush rips the tie*

Paintbrush: Yay!

Globe: Ok tennis ball's team is up for elimanation! Again!

Episode 4 Don't be a shame

Globe: Ok so safe with 0 votes are everyone exept for Firey and Blocky.

Globe: The last one goes to.....

Globe: BLOCK! The users probably voted you of firey for already winning.

Firey: No please!

Globe: Nope.

Globe: The Prize Goes to.... Microphone!

Microphone: Yes!!! I Cant belive it!

Globe: Your prize is a Bowling ball. You can hit anyone with it in challenegs!

Globe: Speaking of challenges. Lets start the challenge!

Globe: In the challenge Tennis ball's Team will try to climb up the mountian while Paintbrush's Team will Throw water balloons down at them. Go!

Golf ball: Tennis ball! Whats that doll thingy you have there

Tennis ball: No time lets climb!

  • Kite Gets hit*

Kite: Ow! Ahhhhhh!

  • Kite falls down*

Paintbrush: Take this looser!

  • Drops Water Balloon On Golf ball

A few hours later...

Globe: Looks like Tennis ball's Team looses!

Blocky: This is all your falt!!!

  • Kicks tennis ball*
  • The doll falls in the water*

Tennis ball: Hey! Ill get you for that one!

  • Starts rolling down hill*

Globe: Anyway... Vote!

Elimanation Order

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