Snowman Is An OC Made By Engie49


Snowman Is Composed Of Two Snowballs,Coal,Sticks And He Wears Blue Top Hat.


Snowman Is Intelligent And Kind. He Seems To Have A Very Severe Case Of Pyrophobia,Which Is The Fear Of Fire.

He Refuses To Get Near Firey,Sun,Fireball,1000 Degree Knife,Oven,Volcano,Or Any Other Fire/Lava/Heat-Related Characters.

He Is Friends With Any Ice/Snow-Related Character,Like Snowball,Ice Cube,Ice Flower,Ice Ball,Snowflake,Icicle,Ice Cream,Popsicley,Freeze Ray,And Snowglobe.


  • His Favorite Holiday Is Christmas.
  • He Is From Canada(Possibly).
  • He Is Afraid Of Firey.
  • He Has Brown Arms,This Is A Nod To How Snowmen Have Sticks For Arms
  • He Always Wears Blue Top Hat,Despite Blue Top Hat Being A Different Hue.
  • He Is One Of The Two Characters Made By Engie49 To Wear A Top Hat Clone,The Other Being Yellow Yoshi.
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