Snow Brick, labelled The Jock, is a contestant in UCOAO (Ultimate Crossover Of Animated Objects) (A Future Object Show) and one of BloxTheLoco2900's main OCs, Snow Brick was one of the first characters to be designed of UCOAO


Snow Brick is notorious for being a brutal jock, and being way too aggresive and getting in arguements constantly, specially Wood Ball, he is extremely rude and gets angered easily

After he got flied away with hacks by Hacker in the first episode on the challenge, it took him long time to come back, Dictionary didn't saw this, and she, and other of Snow Brick's teammates (like A BFDI) thought Snow Brick abandoned the team (BFB reference), so she started to act mean towards Snow Brick, Snow Brick, trying to make things better, started to plan strategies to prove Dictionary wrong, making him more nice, helpful and smart, and he continued like that, making him and Dictionary to be friends again

This Nice, Helpful and Smart personality continued in the rest of episodes, however, he still gets in arguements with Wood Ball, and still hates him with all his soul, but he improved that since Wood Ball got eliminated


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