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Snare Drum is a female contestant in BFTPITS. She was taken by BFODR Offical.


Snare Drum is always there to make sure that everyone is feeling great and isn't in pain. She is nicknamed The Mood Healer for her great ability to make almost anyone happy. If she sees someone that got hurt, she will always find something to heal them. She is also a little comedic as one of her ways to make someone happy is to make them laugh. Snare Drum doesn't mind whatsoever being played like an actual drum. Her best friend is Onigiri and she is also very good friend with Rubber Spatula. She is the leader of The Anti-Death Alliance who she created to avoid as many deaths as possible but it mostly fails miserably. The alliance contains Onigiri and Rubber Spatula. If she gets hurt really bad (emotionally or physically), her voice will change from a cute somewhat sweet female voice into a grumpy male voice and she will become crabby and depressed. She was friends with Onigiri since she was very young and is friend with Rubber Spatula much more recently. Snare Drum isn't annoyed by Onigiri's stupidity and Rubber Spatula's fear of bugs. She is also a fan of arts.


  • Her personality change if she get hurt is a reference to the version of Snare Drum from The Insane Battle of Objects Rebooted. This Snare Drum is almost always grumpy and nothing like the normal personality of BFTPITS's Snare Drum.