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If you are looking for the casino battle see Slurpie (Casino battle)

Slurpy is a female contestant on Brawl Of The Objects. She is legless. She got eliminated in episode 10.


Slurpy is a bit different than the others, in the fact she doesn't have legs. However, this doesn't stop her from going out in the game. She's willing to step up when she has to, but this has led to her being seen as a threat, and she doesn't have as strong of a connection to the other girls except Shelly.


  • Slurpy is similar to wheel from Challenge To Win In some ways.
    • They are both legless.
    • They are both females.
  • Slurpy is the only Legless contestant on Brawl Of The Objects.
  • She doesn't like to be called 'lifeless' as proven in How it All Began.


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