Cloud Controller Skysward, or just simply Skysward, is a mysterious tennis ball who controls the clouds. They are Insanipedia's friend.


Skysward was born 10,000 years ago, but it was never shown, mentioned, or hinted how they were created. Rumors assume that they were born in the clouds, like Injusticey.

According to her in the cancelled part 1 of Just a Tennis Ball Roleplay., they are best friends with Insanipedia ever since she was born.



Skysward knows Insanipedia and is friends with her since her birth.

Status: Friends


Skysward shows friendship with Injusticey.

Status: Friends


They do not know anything about Braxien.

Status: Neutral


In "Just a little tennis ball roleplay," Skyward electrocutes Baseball because he was an imposer.

Status: Enemies


They do not know anything about Oshawott.

Status: Neutral


Skysward is god-like, mystical, and mysterious. However, they are very timid, and get scared really easily.


  • They are friends with Injusticey for a lot of reasons.
    • Coincidentally, they have similarities, such as
      • Being born in the clouds
      • Having something to to avoid being killed (In Skysward's case, it is cloud shields)
      • Being friends with Insanipedia's OCs in a roleplay (in Skysward's case, she is friends with Insanipedia)
  • "Skysward" is not a pun on a SpongeBob Squarepants character named Squidward.
  • They are one of the two mysterious characters that have god-like properties (Skysward controlling the clouds}. The other is Prototype-1, who is the first object to be created.
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