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"The. Sky Battle Scene (Jacknjellify's WoTW RP). Needs. To be. Fixed! Help me. Get it. Fixed!” - Firey Speaker Box
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Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds - Sky Battle


At the sky from a far distance, the 163 Meepleian Warship Fighters and 5 Destroyers come out of clouds.

  • Ruby: Wow.. The sky is pretty!
  • Ice Cube: I know, right?
  • Test Tube: The sky hasn’t this blue since...
  • Puffball: Well. Totally, you're right.
  • Shieldy: So what do we do now?

The objects see flying machine silhouettes from a far distance.

  • MePhone4: What the..?
  • Bubble: Hey guys! Look! Flying vehicles!
  • Flower: I don't think those are flying vehicles.
  • Test Tube: Those are flying vehicles.
  • Bubble: They look like...
  • Donut: Umm.. no, they do not look like flying vehicles. MARTIAN FLYING MACHINES!!!!
  • Announcer: Oh. That doesn't right.
  • Test Tube and Scissors: WHAT?!
  • Martian Flying Machine #142: UURRRRLLLLLAAAAARRRRAAAAA

18 Martian Flying Machines come through a cloud and 5 Martian Flying Machines beaming at the hull of Meepleian Destroyer with Eyed Heat Rays.

  • Bubble: Oh noyo!
  • Spongy: Uh oh!
  • Alert System: Hull damage warning at 5%. Self Healing activated.
  • Party Hat: These are dangerous! We must fight them!
  • Shelly: AND from below!
  • MePhone4S: Let's blow all of these martians to HELL!

The objects get weapons and going up the stair to roof-like floor in outside.

  • Firey: Prepare to be BOMBED, you evil flyers! *throws grenade at machines, causing all 5 of them to blow up into pieces*

More martian flying machines come flying towards their direction.

  • Firey: Things just got worse. Take 'em all down!
  • Test Tube: If you want to destroy us, then destroy THIS! *hits close flying machine with bazooka*
  • Puffball: Eat this! *shoots rocket launcher at the flying machines, destroying 3 of them*
  • Bubble: *drives tank and blows up 4 flying machines*
  • MePhone4S: *Shooting with Meepleian vulcan gun at Flying Machine* Come on! You son of a b***h!
  • Shieldy: INCOMING KNIFE!!! *Jumps onto flying machine and stabs eye window of a flying machine*
  • Ruby: Nice aim, Shieldy! *uses pulse gun to destroy 6 martians*
  • M&M: *snipes one from afar* BOOM! Headshot!
  • Flower: Woah, nice aim! Watch this! *shoots 8 machines with a dual pistol*

A flying machine suddenly aims a missile at the Meepleian Destroyer.

  • Alert System: Hull damage warning at 5%. Self Healing activated.
  • Firey: Oh great. Keep on fighting!
  • Bubble: *drives tank and blows up 4 flying machines* I think that's all of them!

Suddenly, Leafy enters the Meepleian Warship Fighter.

  • Leafy: Are you guys seeing this?
  • Baby Bottle: Leafy!
  • Flower: How did you?
  • Leafy: Sky battles are always easy to perceive, aren't they?
  • Baby Bottle: You have a good point there.

Another missile hits the Meeplian destroyer.

  • Leafy: How do we keep being hit?
  • Firey: Whatever we are doing, it's not working!
  • Leafy: Wait... you saw Ruby using the machine gun, right?
  • Firey: I've tr-
  • Firey: What?

Suddenly, Martian Hanger Ship releases 3 Martian War Machines on the roof-like floor of the Meepleian Destroyer.

  • Firey: Nothing good can come from this. Shelly, Slurpy, Party Hat, Ruby and Mephone4, take down the Machines on our roof. Rest of you, maintain your positions.
  • Ruby: On it!
  • MePhone4: Don't worry, I'm calling backup!
  • Firey: Backup?

Two of Martian Tripods destroys Thrust Engine of Meepleian Warship Destroyer with eyed Heat-Ray.

  • Alert System: Thrust Engine on upper side destroyed.
  • Firey: Oh no...
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