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"I think I know what's going on, you bought Shooty, didn't you!" - Golf Ball
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Shanoa Lattice(Shooty) is OJ dormitory's student made by Laclale.


She seems to be painful when heading forward because her head is a muzzle. Also, her ability is "extensive field of view", "hot water injection" and "underwater breathing". So she can act normally in the water.


  • Her roommate was best friend and they entered with a general frame together.
  • She became 3D in Y2, her ear became big like a fin due to Bilocyte's gene, and further scope eyes were generated.
    • Her arms and legs also became thick and thick, with sharp objects like fins on the back of the head and arms.
      • She also made double gender voice.
    • The scope eyes are facing the front where the original eyes could not cover, and that sight is connected to the vision of the original eye.
      • The fin's ears are false eyes. Because there are only three eyes that can function.
      • She also awoke to "the eye of truth", but this can only be used when not mimicking.
    • This was due to the development of the past from the act of Mr.Yokai at the time of plotting, and because of that, the first year has continued to mimic all the time.
      • The mimetic time is much higher than a certain demon student, and the personality of Bilocyte was changed from violent things to a part of her cocky side by her personality.

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