And Pie died

"And Shape Battle is dead!" - Bottle

Shape Battle is cancelled. Be aware that future updates on this article are unlikely to be seen, and additional information should be accompanied by a source to confirm it.

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NOTE: Shape Battle is cancelled, so if you are waiting for Episode 5 then stop waiting because Pearce F. has lost interest. So all the original videos of Shape Battle are deleted and reuploaded on The Graveyard of YouTube's channel. If you want to know more about PDDRMANimationPro, Here's the link:

About the show

Shape Battle is a competitive reality show created by PDDRMAnimationPro. 17 contestants compete for 1 Million Dollars.


(Host) Microphone - UltraToons

(Co-Host) 3D Cube - 100dcx

Blueberry - TheRobloxLegoGames

Indigo Triangle - TheRobloxLegoGames

Plum - emwgflamingfire

Blue Circle - PDDRMAnimationPro

Bottle Cap - PDDRMAnimationPro

Brown Rectangle - PDDRMAnimationPro

Grey Hexagon - PDDRMAnimationPro

Orange Pentagon - PDDRMAnimationPro

Orange Rectangle - PDDRMAnimationPro

Red Circle - PDDRMAnimationPro

Round Square - TeenChampion/PDDRMAnimationPro

Tokey -PDDRMAnimationPro

Gold Square - SammyShinx

Green Ball - Kalasi97

Cracker - JayBud

Green Pentagon - JayBud

Pizza - KillAXCool

Strawberry - DesuUsagi

Yellow Square - tBlizzi


  • Tokey used to be Voice by CampsandGames and Orange Pentagon used to be Voiced by TheOrangeLoveAnt but both Voice Actors were changed to Pearce F. for personal reasons, same as Round Square and several others.
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