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Shampoo is a male contestant in BFTPITS. He was taken by PeachFan55's Laptop Channel.


Shampoo is a super weird contestant. He is so weird that most contestants have a hard time describing him. He loves fashion but doesn't care about other's appearance and doesn't clean himself often. Some of the things that he says he loves to do sometimes becomes stuff that he hates and vice-versa. He always runs with his mouth open and there is even more weird stuff that he does. Shampoo's liquid is stated to be one of the best shampoos ever (but he doesn't care). He likes getting a little bit of attention and loves prices. He prefers new technology and dislikes the old ones and likes to say: They are soooo million ages ago!. He isn't afraid of calling out others and isn't scared of calling them stupid or other nasty things. He loves eating weird stuff that is mostly inedible. Despite all of this, he is somewhat smart and is shown to have a lot of talent at stuff like maths and music. Shampoo sometimes talks about random stuff that nobody cares about and he does this because that is his best way to socialize with others. He is sometimes mistaken as a female and Shampoo doesn't mind it. He dreams of being best friend with Match.


  • He is one of the three team captains, the other two are Discy and PDA.
  • He has an alliance with Ice Pop.