Shadow, or Red Circle, aka The Mastermind is a contestant of Fight for It. 1 2 3 Go!


Shadow is a red circle who can manipulate the lighting and shadow properties of himself, turning him into literally just a shadow.


Shadow is an impulsive and manipulative individual who uses his powers to his own advantage, this results him to winning things unfairly and losing friends.

Despite having lack of friends, he pushes his actual friends aside, saying that his doings will just hinder them which results in hindering his work.

Shadow is also very smart, doing anything to get out of sticky situations if he can.

He's also described as creepy due to the fact he can turn into the shadow of others and follow them around.


  • Shadow used to be useless
    • He used to just be an oval with transparency.
  • Though his name is Red Circle, he prefers to be called Shadow.
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