Searching for Love

Chapter 1- Needle & Pencil

~Needle is sitting sadly on a tree branch~

Needle: *Sighs*

Pencil: Hey Needle! Whats wrong!

Needle: Pencil! *Sighs* Coiny asked me out earlier today, but Snowball did right after him! I don't know who to choose!

Pencil: The thing is someone asked me out today...

Needle: Who?

Pencil: *Sighs* Pen...

Needle: Pen?

Pencil: Yea I know!

Needle: Everyone knew it! He showed so much affection towards you! So did you!

Pencil: *Looking nervous* It's true, I always loved Pen...

Chapter 2- Coiny and Firey

Coiny: *Sighs*

Firey: Hey Coiny, even though I hate your guts, why so blue?

Coiny: I asked Needle out today...

Firey: So...?

Coiny: I'm nervous she wont accept!

Firey: Well, Leafy accepted mine!

Coiny: DUH! You 2 were made for eachother!

Firey: Well, you guys are both metal...?

Coiny: *Facepalm*

Firey: Heh heh... Sorry.

Coiny: Oh no! Match and Teardrop! They are right there!

Firey: OH NO! RUN! *Firey and Coiny run away*

Match: Like, OMG, what was that for?

Teardrop: *Shrugs*

Chapter 3- Teardrop and Match

Match: *Sigh*

Teardrop: Whats wrong?


Teardrop: Whoops!

Needle: Ha ha! You owe my 20 bucks, thank you!

Teardrop: Grr! *Gives her $20*

Match: The thing thats wrong is... I think I love Eraser...

Teardrop: Eraser? Wow.. Who would have guessed?

Match: Not funny! I just... Uhhh...

Teardrop: I understand.

Match: Thanks for being so understanding, TD.

Teardrop: I have a crush to....

Match; Who?

Teardrop: Errr.... Blocky...

Match: Blocky, who would've guessed?

Teardrop: Touche.

Match: Ha!

  • Match and TD walk away*
  • ==Chapter 4- Blocky, Eraser, and Pen==
  • Blocky: Hey Eraser!

Eraser: Huh, what is it?

Pen: Yeah, like what.

Blocky: Errr, Its just... Teardrop has been making goo goo eyes at me.

Eraser: How can you tell?

  • Blocky shows Eraser and Pen a picture of TD in a tree with binoculures looking at Blocky*

Pen: Uh... wow.

Blocky: I think she's in love with me.

Eraser: Lucky, no girl likes me!

Pen: Yeah, not true.

Blocky: Yup.

Eraser: Like, who?

Blocky: Duh! Match!

Pen: Yep!

Eraser: Sh- she likes me?

Blocky: Yeah she does.

Pen: She's probably to scared to tell anyone.

Eraser: Well I guess EraserXMatch wouldn't be mad. I like fiery girls.

Blocky: What about you Pen? Do you like anyone?

Pen: Yeah, duh, isn't it OBVIOUS?!

Blocky: Nope.

Eraser: Nuh-uh.


Blocky: No offense, but thats about as obvious as Teardrop and I.


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