Scissors is a female contestant on Brawl of the Objects. She was eliminated in episode 3.


Scissors is a very mean contestant. She is prone to rage fits, hates everyone and everything, and doesn't care about anyone else. Her bad attitude ultimately led to her early elimination, where she (reluctantly) became the princess of Dream World. She is shown to be self-centered as shown in episode 2.


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Human Names

  • Sarah "Olivia" Klav (MixelsFan1973)

Where Scissors is From

  • Baghdad, Iraq (MixelsFan1973)


  • January 8, 1992 (MixelsFan1973)

Jacknjellify's War of The Worlds

Scissors confirmed to be protagonist and has become a savage, and does whatever she can to stop the war.

Jacknjellify's Shelly & The Beanstalk

Scissors appears as a giant who attacks anyone who dares to trespass upon her lawn.


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