This Camp Features 20 contestants competeing for Dream Island.This was A camp to celebrate ScienceStorm1's 10,000 Viewers. But, Sadly this show is cancelled

Battle For Dream Island Camp

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January 1st, 2013





Challenge 1

The Speaker Box had Gather The 20 contestants and Are Ready to compete. There First challenge is to guess the characters The Host Is thinking by Using the description provided. People with a score 5/5 getting Win tokens and People with a score 4/5-3/5 being safe. While People who didn't do the Challenge Up or have a score less than 2/5 up for Elimination. These Contestants Had to sent In Pm not Comments

Results 1

Finally The Results Came .Gelatin, Book, Eraser, Pin, and Nickel Got Win Tokens. While Bomby, Pen, Needle, Blocky, Flower, Golfball, and Fries are Up For Elimination .Viewers Had To vote In Pm Not Comments.While There was a Surprise In the way.

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