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The Sonics seems to be driving in the car and then the Sonics arrives in Clara J. Object High School.

  • Sonic: What is this building?
  • 2020 Sonic: It's probably, Clara J. Object High School. Right guys?
  • Baby Sonic: Yes it is!
  • AOSTH Sonic: Let's just go in there. Right?

The Sonics moved their eyes to looked at AOSTH Sonic.

Cut to scene of Sonics enters Clara J. High School.

  • 2020 Sonic: Whoa! Man, this place is so cool!
  • AOSTH Sonic: Oh yeah man! Do you see this school place Sunky?
  • Sunky: yey

Cut to scene of Suzie-Anne Milano seems to be holding mirror and she holds on left with Sonics behind.

  • Suzie-Anne Milano: *Gasps* What are these?

As four girls (Karen, Alexa, Lucy, Lexi) appears.

  • Karen: Oh my gosh! Are you kidding me?
  • Lexi: I guess.
  • Alexa: Uhh... What?
  • Lucy: Do you see that?
  • Alexa: See what?
  • 2020 Sonic: Sonics.
  • The Girls (Suzie-Anne Milano, Karen, Lexi, Alexa and Lucy): Ohhh.
  • Sonic: Hello girls, we are Sonics.
  • 2020 Sonic: (Off-screen) And i wear a dress.

Cut to 2020 Sonic wearing school girl outfit as a funny scene.

  • 2020 Sonic: I love this one!
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